View Full Version : Finding a Cauldron for a converted Cauldron of Blood

20-11-2009, 01:22

I have long wanted to construct a Cauldron of Blood by taking the FW Avatar and exchange his sword for chains, dragging a cauldron behind him along the ground.

Anyone who knows of any suitible cauldrons? Preferably without blood, since the angles would be wrong, since he's dragging it.

20-11-2009, 01:31
Why not use the cauldron that scragg the slaughterer drags behind him... using chains. Seems like exactly what you want.

20-11-2009, 02:20
Yeah, that should probably fit very well! :)

Now to found one without having to buy the whole kit...

20-11-2009, 05:12
i made a quick fun conversion with the oop cauldron which came out so much better than the current the new is just.... yuck.... lol.... but ya i recommend the old one its easier to play around with and have some fun

20-11-2009, 05:49
Look at websites where they sell cake decorations. you may find just the thing listed under Halloween.