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20-11-2009, 04:45
Ok, so here's my current 2000pts of DEs, consisting basically of models that I like as well as trying to remain competetive (I know these things are all comparative, but compared to some of the armies I face in my group, like tooled up 'Thirsters and Stank/Popemobile combinations, this isn't too bad in my opinion):


Master- HA, Shield, SDC, Cold One, Sword of Might, Pendant- 160

Master- Lance, HA, Shield, SDC, Cold One, BSB, Hydra Banner- 214

Sorceress- Dispel Scroll, Ring of Hotek- 150

Sorceress- Lv 2, Dispel Scroll, Focus Familiar- 185


10x Repeater Xbows-100
10x Repeater Xbows- 100
6xHarpies- 66
5x Dark Riders, Musician, Repeater Xbows- 117
Assassin- AHW, Manbane, Rune of Khaine- 146

(my Deathstar :D)
8x Cold One Knights- full command, Standard of Hag Graef- 291
6x Shades- 96


War Hydra- 175
2x Bolt Thrower- 200

I think this is still a competative army, but doesn't go magic/shade heavy, and has a couple of weaknesses.
But I really really really like the idea of a massive Cold One cavalry charge, as well as the idea that there's an assassin lurking somewhere, hired by at least one of the masters to kill the other...

But anyway, any comments welcome

20-11-2009, 04:47
Also, can someone please clarify for me- if a sorceress is within 12" of the Ring of Hotek, but deploys her Focus Familiar so that it is OUTSIDE the 12" bubble, does she miscast on a roll of a double when using the Familiar for range/LOS or not?

20-11-2009, 07:55
I like the idea, will both masters be going in the CoK unit? If so you risk putting all your eggs in one basket, and if that 'basket' fails a critical stupidity test etc then thats game over, also your army is very contrasting, decide what you want it to do? eg- Mobile, drop the crossbowmen for dark riders, bolt throwers for a second hydra or the other way round, obviously its good to be balanced but you dont have enough of anything to be balanced, your opponant will just pick you off one unit at a time, starting with the CoK

20-11-2009, 10:54
In my oppinion you are missing some meel as JamesVarney
if yor COK go stupide you are scewed you enemy will go straight to your ranged units and kill them( 1hydra is not enough to bound ALL his units). I'd drop 1 master (don't realy see the point in having 2 anyway) and 1 unit of x bowmen ( personally don't like them), what would leave you with 260 points. Whith those you can give your mages sacrafice daggers and maybe darkstar cloak (boost the effective ness of your soceress greatly) and add 200 points meel units( speermen or a second hydra).

20-11-2009, 11:20
I like the ultimate "Scroll Caddy" idea. It will take your opponent by surprise.
Your Deathstar CoK have no protection from magic or shooting. I like Darkdooms suggestions or consider dropping the Assassin - and buying a few more CoKs and splitting into two units or drop a 2 knights and get some Black Guard. The Std of HG and the Hydra Banner are an awesome combo - keep them together.
I do like the Sacrificial Dagger, though you need some spearmen for it. Go aggressive with your 2nd lvl mage, Sacrificial Dagger of Tome of Furion backed with a Power Stone say.

20-11-2009, 16:04
Cheers guys, I'll think about those points and put another list up in a bit

20-11-2009, 22:40
HG standard in a unit which should almost always charge (thus strike first except against HE) doesn't seem like a very good idea to me.

21-11-2009, 07:04
HG standard in a unit which should almost always charge (thus strike first except against HE) doesn't seem like a very good idea to me.

True... except that I've found that in the past the block is quite clumsy in tight spaces, and can be out-manouevered and charged in the flank or rear, especially if it fails a crucial Stupidity test. This happened once against WoC, I got suckered into a charge trap, then he managed to get a unit of 5 Knights into the back of the unit.
However, due to the combination of the banners, I killed 3 Knights before they were able to attack... but yeah, a beter option would probably be to simply learn to use my movement phase better!
I aslo find it quite helpful against Dragons and 'Thirsters and the like, but in the end I think you're right- once people realise how mean the block is, they simply don't fight it in a re-match, and is therefore a a massive points sink.