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20-11-2009, 05:40
I just had a rematch match today against the High Elves. Last time I had a major victory against this player using a chariots and Cold One Heavy Cavalry list. This time I was using a minimum shooting heavy infantry list, with my opponent using a spearmen heavy list.

My list looked something like this


lvl 3 sorc, black staff, dispel scroll
lvl 2 sorc, sacrificial dager, dispel scroll
cauldron of blood
death hag bsb /w ASF banner, rune of khaine, manbane


2 X 5 harpies
18 full command warriors
12 full command corsairs, with frenzy banner
8 dark riders, full command, no rxbs


2 X chariots
17 witch elves
10 GW shades



My Opponent had:


2 X lvl 2 mages, with + d3 power dice, + 1 spell
Super unkillable prince, 2+ AS on foot, rerollable save and a 4+ ward save
Some BSB on a horse


2 X 20 spearmen
1 X 10 archers


5 dragon princes
15 white lions


2 Eagles
2 RXBs


I used strong center strategies, and used harpies to shield up my troops, the Hydra on the right flank to shut it down, and the dark riders on the left the try and bust through it, or protect it. My warriors with the mages and cauldron of blood were just sitting it out in the back, where they could be protected by my fighter units, protected by the meat shield, harpies.

My opponent deployed on his side with 2 spearmen troops on the right next to his white lions, with his shooters on the left hill, and his dragon princes on the left, ready to beat the crap out of my dark riders.

After deployment out came my shades. I was hoping they would be my security against war machines and shooters. Unfortunately, his hill didnt have a place for them to pop up, so they just appeared on his right side, threatening his spearmen block.

Turn 1

My opponent won first turn, and all his troops moved forward, the dragon princes getting pretty close to my flank already. Shooting was 100% directed towards my Hydra, and managed to score 1 wound after all was shot and regenerated. He switched his side unit of spearmen to face my shades.

My turn, I gave blessing of 5+ ward to my dark riders, and jammed them in front of the dragon princes hoping to provide a roadblock for them. I recklessly moved my witch elves forward knowing they were ASF, and beat his spearmen in initiative. I charged up his eagles with my harpies so they couldnt mess with my frenzy and hatred, and they managed to hold them off for 2 or 3 turns. I moved my chariots and corsairs to his white lions so they couldnt get charged, but so that the M7 chariots could get the charge on them next turn. Shot up a few spearmen, but rolled quite poorly overall

Turn 2

The HE player charged my dark riders, my witch elves, and my shades. During shooting he concentrated it on my Hydra and Chariot, and managed to wound 1 chariot with all that shooting. In close combat, the shades lost 1 of their numbers, killed 3, but lost the CR game, and were run down by a spearmen unit that did nothing for the rest of the game but contest a table quarter. The dark riders were not saved by the 5+ ward save, and the prince overran in my Corsairs. The Hag Queen of the witch elves unit got to kick off that party, and I tried my hardest to end that prince, but was trumped by his annoying saves. The Prince then reponded by slaughtering 3 of my sisters, and the witch elves retorted by killing the champion, and sacrificing to khaine a whole rank of spear elves. Then was the time to get hit by the spear elves, since they fight on 3 ranks, and they managed to kill one of the witch elves rank. Luckily, the proximity of the cauldron saw them staying in place.

I decided to try and end that Prince ASAP and gave the Killing Blow blessing to my witch elves. The 2 chariots decided to tag team the white lions unit, which proceded to flee, but didnt flee far enough, rolling below average, and were chomped down by the cold one chariot. 1 High elf Mage was down. In close combat the dragon princes killed and broke the corsairs, who ran through the cauldron of blood. The Dragon Princes decided not to pursue. The Hag Queen failed to roll a killing blow, and all 3 wounds inflicted on the prince at -2 AS were easily saved. The price followed up by killing the Hag Queen. The witch elves fought furiously and managed to kill more spearmen, but in the end lost combat again. By a stroke of luck I did manage to end the last High Elf mage with killing blow by normal witch elves. Stubbornness of the cauldron saw them stay to fight though, as the hydra crept by, readying itself to side flank the spearmen, and hopefully save the witch elves.

Turn 3

The Dragon Princes charged the warriors with the sorceresses next. They were pretty far away, so I decided to try and flee, but fled too far and ran off the map by half an inch. Fire was split between my hydra and chariot, each seeing one wound. Close combat saw more deaths on both sides by the Witch Elves and the spearmen. In the end only a champion remained, locked in combat thanks to the cauldrons stubbornness.

My turn and I charged the Hydra into the flank of the prince-charged spearmen my witch elves unit has been fighting off for so long. My wounded chariot tries to charge the archers, who shoot at it, but misses by very little his charge, and takes 1 wound off in the process. The unwounded chariot moves towards a bolt thrower. ASF of the high elves sees the last faithful witch elf off, but does nothing to the hydra, who proceeds to kick ass, and runs and catches the Prince infused super spearmen unit.

Turn 4

The Dragon Princes charged my Cauldron of blood and passed their terror test (dang!). Shooting destroys the weak chariot, but did nothing to the Hydra. The Death Hag destroys the BSB in a challenge, but the attendants gets destroyed by the Dragon Princes.

I charged a Bolt thrower with my lone chariot, and set up my Hydra to be able to ram those Dragon Princes next turn. My corsairs rallied, and readied themselves for the eminent charge that would come after my Death Hag died. The Death hag did die, eventually, and so did High Elf Bolt Thrower, and my chariot overran off the table.

Turn 5

Last turn, and the Dragon Princes charged the corsairs. The shooting took a third wound off of the Hydra, and the dragon princes managed to kill all but the corsair champion, who heroicly responded by killing a dragon prince, and rolled insane courage, preventing the dragon princes from hiding off the table for my last turn, with the hydra ready to ram them in the back!

Last turn, and my Hydra charged the Dragon Princes. The second chariot made it back on the table, ready to charge the archers, and then overruning into the last bolt thrower if we had had time for turn 6. The dragon princes ended the corsair champion, and dealt a forth wound on the Hydra, but the Hydra retorted by finally destroying the Dragon Prince unit.

End Result - Minor Victory for the High Elves!

By the end all I had was a Hydra with 1 wound, 1 chariot and 1 table quarter. The high elves still had 1 Bolt thrower, 10 archers, and half a unit of spearmen, with 2 table quarters. No characters standing on either side.

An extra turn would have probably seen a tie with a full chariot read to finally destroy everything. The flying units just seemed to cancel themselves out, as did the magic. Magic was largely insignificant. For two turns we just cast spells and used up our dispel scrolls, until all mages died by turn 3. I did learn that, painfully, that my list had nothing to deal with heavy cavalry, and the dragon princes were my downfall, unfortunately. I just couldnt stop them with infantry. ASF was really annoying, and I really learnt to hate high elves during this game. I dont think ill be running the banner of hag graef anymore, its a huge point sink to get it into a non-black guards unit (which I will forever refuse to play, due to how bad they were when I started up), and you can achieve similiar results with harpies ability to redirect. The chariots once again pulled through. T5, 4W, 3+ AS is perfect against any gun line, and have only let me down against s7+ dwarven warmachines.

It was an excellent game. Close all the way through. We both made mistakes. I loved how we ended the game with both armies almost totalled, and with no standing significant characters standing after turn 3.

Idle Scholar
20-11-2009, 08:36
Nice report, good clear style though pictures or diagrams are always helpful. Sounds like a good battle as well, with the result in the balance much of the time.

20-11-2009, 09:17
Nice and brutal man. The way a Delf vs Helf should be :D
Way to go. Rotten luck on the loss but it was close.
Better luck next time.

20-11-2009, 10:14
I I dont think ill be running the banner of hag graef anymore, its a huge point sink to get it into a non-black guards unit (which I will forever refuse to play, due to how bad they were when I started up),

Might I reccomend the banner of Haggreaf in a unit of Executioners 7 wide?
If buffed up by the cauldron this unit can commit slaughter on a huge scale.
And killing blow should help with those pesky characters.

20-11-2009, 14:09
Thanks for the report, kudos to you to post an entertaining, close game. Pesky corsair champion.

21-11-2009, 13:04
Might I reccomend the banner of Haggreaf in a unit of Executioners 7 wide?
If buffed up by the cauldron this unit can commit slaughter on a huge scale.
And killing blow should help with those pesky characters.

I heard that this combination was extremely powerful, but i`m wondering if it`s really necessary to have that banner in there. The more I play dark elves the more I realize that they have enough tools to get the charge when they need it, do I really need to use a character who`s the definition of "glass hammer", and who can`t waste heavily armored units.

Also having played against white lions and sword masters, there is something incredibly frustrating playing against multiple-attacked, great weapon wielding, stubborn, AND always strike first units. I always try and make a list that is as fun as possible, and I think that might be too much :p The only time i`ll use Hag Graef is going to be in a Crone Hellbron list, to protect her, or when im facing high elves, so I can cancel out their ASF rule.

21-11-2009, 23:42
Great battle report you had a clear easy to read presentation and a great battle to write about with lots of blood on both sides

23-11-2009, 17:56
Nice close battle between two arch rivals... just the way it should be :)

26-11-2009, 17:15
slaughter for Khaine indeed, to bad the wrong elves won.

COChariots are indeed solid (although my ability to fail those stupidity checks is uncanny)

28-11-2009, 19:16
Nice and good batrep, seemed like a heck of a bloody battle! :p

05-12-2009, 13:57
Sorry for not responding earlier to this thread, i've been awful busy these days. I just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments, i'm glad you all enjoyed battle report, and i'll try to post more.

I just finished another report last night against orcs and goblins if you are interested. I drew a deployment diagram too!