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20-11-2009, 06:00
Ok so i watched a guy the other day play oandg in a tourney. I gotta say he played sub par and brought some strange choices. he came in second though and i was intrigued could o and g actually win a tournament with 7th ed rules. Im writing this up for hate mail and feed back, seeing that you get alot of hate when you mention o and g, but you get alot of rules checks which helps tourneys on saturday in calgary this is my list......2250pts

6 units of 25 shield bearing orcs with light arm standard and musician 900pts
2 units of 5 squib hoppers 150pts
2x giant (of course) 410pts
4 spear chukas 2 with bullie 150pts
black orc war boss (lord) 154pts(hvy arm,shield)
black orc big bos battle standard bearer 116pts(hvy arm,shield)(banner:morks spirit totem)
orc shaman 100pts(dispell scrollx2)
goblin shaman 100pts (staff of sneaky stealin)
any remainder will be added to orcs.

objectively if i roll good spells i will place the wizards with the chukas w/bullies and clain table quarters, flank with giants and have my bsb in a unit in behind the other units my lord will either be there too or will be in the front ranks depending on hawkland rifles and such.:cool: will act as cavalry on the side be hind my lines runing back and forth and charging any one who breks through my lines. Im hoping to be able to nerf magic in there phase by having 9 dispell dice due to the totem, and ill have 8 to use. spear chukas will be placed in between units on the back so they can see. waiting for waaagh! till 3 or 4th turn. ok see you there.

20-11-2009, 06:01
oh and please give me feed back

20-11-2009, 15:59
Nice plan with the chukkas hold table quarters. Never thought of that before.

It's a cool looking list but the thing that seems missing to me is some real punch. I know you have the giants and the squigs for that roll but they are unreliable.

You arealso missing any kind of fast cav or other bait/redirecters which could lead to taking some nasty charges on the nose.

Dropping one unit of the regular orcs could get you some fast cav.

20-11-2009, 16:41
ok if i drop a unit i have 150 to play with that'l get me 2 units of 5 spider riders with standards. i will take misicians if i have the points left over. no bosses though. i was also thinking because i have the squibs and they charge 360... i could save my self 75 points from one unit of spriders and dock off another unit of 25 reg orcs and...take a unit of 15 black orcs with a standard and musician give them the resolution banner and place my bsb i there giving an effective cmd banner+bsb+resolution banner+2 ranks=cr of 5 just like the reg orcs if you count out numbering. making them a wrecking ball.plus waagh! is always gunna pass for em. I also think the staff is a bit overkill... but if i do take it out it'll be for more black orcs make them 20 its tough to say in the tournemnt scene you have to fight dark elves and dwarfs both are very different stratagies. I know the chukas will shine agianst hevey armor... but ward and regen like nurgle will be a pain in the A. Whats your thoughts on fighting demons and mortals of chaos.?

20-11-2009, 19:08
Don't give the spiders standards! Just musicians! Banners are just free point to the enemy if they are caught.

I'd avoid black orcs... regular boyz are a better bang for the buck.

Fighting deamons really depends on the build, but by far the toughest one to face is the LD bomb.

Mortals is a fairly easy match up for orcs since you will out number them so badly and your warmachines can tear them apart. Only if they are fully mounted are they a problem and then that's when you need the fast cav to slow them down.

20-11-2009, 22:53
but then wheres the punch you were talkin about? mabey i need some fanatics? and the squigs are very conditional im mean against gun line im pretty hosed... what do you think

Da GoBBo
20-11-2009, 23:13
...... BOAR ........ CHARIOTS ......... they absolutely kick ass.

River Trolls with an Orc big boss on a boar?

I have used black orcs to great effect. When you call the Waaagh! they will go for it. Nasty surprise for your opponent. They are expensive though, so tend to draw attention. Nothing wrong with 12 black orcs if you can spare the special slot. Combined with the banner of butchery that's pretty nasty. This units tends to die soon though for some reason :)