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25-01-2006, 23:00
Hey guys. i was thinkin about startin warhammer and i was wonderin if you guys could tell me...

1. are the rules better if so how much do they vary.:confused:
2.how differently do the armies play.:confused:
3.is it hard to find an opponent.:confused:

25-01-2006, 23:16
1. better compared to what? Compared to 40k? From my experience and opinion, yes. Again.. it's just a matter of opinion, but I used to be a long term 40k player since 2nd ed.. now I'm strictly Fantasy. I definitely like the ruleset for fantasy because it actually rewards strategies and tactis more than just building a strong army list.

2. Varies. Some armies play very similar, other's very different. Fantasy definitely has a huge variety when it comes to armies.. especially since it doesn't suffer from Space Marine syndrome.

3. Depends on your area. I have close-knit friends that play it. SO we're our own regular opponents.

25-01-2006, 23:23
Okies, I'll do my best to illuminate some of this for you.

The rules are fairly simple to learn, but can be difficult to master. There are quite a few contradictions and inconsistencies between different sources. A great resource is posting questions you may have on Warseer :)

Most of the armies play significantly differently from each other. Some do have certain similarities of course, but in the main even two of the same armies played by two different players have quite a few differences.

It certainly can be. Do you have any friends who play? Is there a local community of players? (likely found at the shop where you buy stuff if you're not buying from the web) I know from personal experience that you can always teach new players once you've gotten a little experience yourself, sometimes it's easier to make new players then find ones, depending on your area.

Hope this helps, hope you decide to join the cult...I mean club :)


25-01-2006, 23:47
your looking a totally different game compared to 40k....

Its about manouvers and flank charges more than what model holds what wargear.... get down to your local store and try both out... staff will teach you all the basics....

As everyones said... armies vary greatly... even the same army can be cmpletly different when lists are composed by different players....

opponents? no harder than 40k really.... at my game group it tends to be the older players into warhammer than young uns... but not a problem....

26-01-2006, 00:09
Hello there, knight721.
Maybe nobody told you yet, but proper english is most welcome and a requisite for posting on Warseer, maybe you should have a look at the FAQ. This also concerns the proper typing of "thinkinG", "wonderinG" and the like. It just makes your postings much more comfortable to read and people will take them more seriously.

On to your questions:
1.) I also got into WHFB not so long ago, before that I've been playing 40k since 2nd edition. The ruleset of WHFB seems to be more complete and more solid than 40k's and the units' special rules (from the army books) seem to be more characterful to me and make more sense. The rules of 40k and WHFB used to be more similar, nowadays that 40k got "streamlined" (:eyebrows: ), not much of that is left. But the basic game mechanics are the same.

The whole game is also more rewarding I think as you can actually see the progress you're making. I'm convinced that WHFB involves more tactics than40k, which adds much to the game. Of course, this is all from a very subjective point of view and maybe I will have gotten tired of WHFB and come back to 40k, but as it looks now, I'm pretty ambitious to become a somewhat good general and lead my druchii to victory.:)

2.) As some posters mentioned it above: There are some armies which are quite similar and some which are totally different, just like in 40k. But WHFB has one huge advantage (armies-wise) over 40k: It doesn't suffer from Space Marines. They were one thing that got me quite frustrated about 40k, along with some others. But 40k is just flooded with SM-like armies, SM fluff, SM releases. I haven't seen such an extreme emphasis on any army in WHFB. Sure, there are hypes if a new Army Book is released, this is GW after all, but the Hypes wear off after 2 or 3 months.

3.) This depends strongly on your location. There are 40k areas and WHFB areas. Just ask around at your local GW-stuff retailer or GW shop if there is any. I'm pretty sure that there will be WHFB players if there is a supplier.

27-01-2006, 15:33
I got it sorry i didnt know you guys wanted proper english. ill use it next time... any way thanks for the help. and keep the posts coming.

27-01-2006, 16:16
Good man.

1. Warhammer rules are more complex than 40K rules in my opinion. To win a game of Fantasy you need to use some thought, whereas in 40K it's much easier to use a simply "stand still and shoot" or "charge forwards wildly" tactic. Not that an experienced 40K player won't be just as skillfull, of course, and I don't wish to detract from 40K as a game; it's just that Fantasy is, in general, harder to get the hang of initially, because things aren't as simple as the unit with the best stats and equipment wins combat.

Basically, Fantasy takes some getting used to - I would suggest watching some games or having someone help you out initially, rather than launching straight in.

2. There is more variation in every phase of the game, and there is an extra phase (magic) that you don't get in 40K. For movement, you have Dwarfs, who are to all intents and purposes stationary; then there are Brettonians, who have entire armies of cavalry, or Beast of Chaos that can all be skirmishers. Shooting is less effective, but you can make very shooty armies (Empire, Skaven, Dwarfs) or armies that truly have absolutely no shooting (Khorne, Lizardmen). Close combat isn't entirely to do with how good you are at fighting, but again there is a lot of variation in the combat prowess of different armies.

3. I would find out how many players are in your area before you start playing. In some places finding games is reasonably easy, but in other places you may be hard pushed to find an opponent.

Crazy Harborc
27-01-2006, 22:55
IMHO, WHFB is more mental. More thought is needed, not just lucky dice rolls. It is a fully functioning "wargame sustem" with magic added.