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20-11-2009, 17:04
So for all of you who haven't read my posts im in a campain. you know taking territories start small make your army bigger... ect. Now in this Campain we had to draw our armies...well i drew orcs and goblins. now im good at the tactica but i dont play alot of tournement, and though the campain is going ok for me i felt massive swarms of orcs needed a punch. so in our campain different lands give you different equipment you can use. all land gives you various amounts of army points, some give you acsess to war machines, others monsters, and all lists even if you have the land must follow the ususal guidelines for your points(if you have 5 monster slots and only legally allowed 2 in you2000 points you'll need a bigger army before you can use it). However you can trade your access slots amongst each other and i happen to be in one of the only areas on the map that can gain magic items. So i figured the punch i need should be magic items. So tournement wise...
What are the best magic items to use for greenskins, and why(or is it worth just giving them away for more army points and saying screw 'em. I appreiciate the help, thx

Drakcore Bloodtear
20-11-2009, 17:46
Well for Magic item's Shaga's Screaming sword is a great weapon to use and when your lord is on a Wyvern it just makes him harder

Akrit axe, Martog's Basha Are also a good choice so is spiteful sheild

Wollopa's one hit wonder is good but i've never tried it so i can't judge

Best boss at is alright protection not as good as other army's wards but good enough

Aneaky stlin & Magic mushrooms are good to go

IMO I always field horn of Urgok

kicking boots & Iron nashas

Tricksy trinkets are good against DoC or Brett's

Bauble id supposed to be good but I have not used it and by the looks of things can be stop by magic or shooting

Mad caps are good for that reliablilty

Finally all banners are alright but Spirit totem is a must

Hope that helped

20-11-2009, 18:35
Sprit Totem is at the top of my list. Sneaky Stealin' is nice, and anything that improves leadership (depending on what's in your army).

If you've got enough points to run the kamikaze-gobbo, the Tricksy/One-Hit combo is effective.

I've gotta say though, the Pigstikka is my favorite magic item in the game, if only just for the name. :D

Da GoBBo
20-11-2009, 20:39
Yes, the spirit totem is great, but if I recall correctly it is hard to get a lot of magic in this campaign (as it should be). The spirit totem is therefor not a mustbuy. If I may say so, I don't think you should focus on magic items at all. An O&G army is allways short on special slots, so if you can get something during this campaign that will you to have more special slots than you amount of points allow, you should allways take that oppertunity.

In my opinion, items to boost your magic abilities have allways been the most usefull. Even in your low magic campaign, that still holds true. If you are really limited in your choice of items, I would probably go for a boost for that one shaman you have. Meaning any bound spell item (itty ring, horn of Urgok) but even the idol of Mork. This last one is not particularly good, but I think it can really shine in this campaign of yours.

You can also choose to go with theone tricj ponies, meaning the brimstone bauble and the one hit wounda. It's just really usefull if you throw it on a chariot and want to blow up something big. I can imagine though it would work only ones during the campaign, rendering it quiet useless.

Personally I don't like allmighty weapons all that much. If you do choose to go for a weapon like Shaga's screaming sword, please put it on a wyvern (or a boar -pigstikka-), so you can make the best use of it.

A banner would be a very good choice. Both of their 25 point banners are awesome, but if you can only use them ones in the campaign, you shouldn't bother with a banner at all.