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20-11-2009, 19:58
Ok, so mastodon armour allows you to come back to life with 1 wound at the end of the phase as long as it's not combat.

My question, do persistant effects remain? For instance does he still retain -1 toughness from the skaven spell wither? Is he still slowed to half speed if killed by anvil? Does he still keep any effects of spells cast on him by butchers?

The way I see it: he dies, everything ends, then he gets his we'll be back thingy

Any thoughts/opinions? Or anything in FAQ I missed?

20-11-2009, 20:39
In my opinion a real simple question answers your question.

Was the unit/model that was affected by said spell removed from play?
Meaning was it picked up and put into your so-called dead pile off gaming board.
If it was, then the spell now, has no additional effects as the model is gone.
Most notably, something like the Green Knight whereas he is removed from play and then he comes back later with his special rules. Cheesy character btw just like a steam tank - never gives up victory points.

Da GoBBo
20-11-2009, 20:45
It gets a bit technical here, but "restored" (which is the word used, not "come back to life") indicates the thing restored (the Ogre character) was not entirely gone (by nature of the word restored). Any spell affects would therefor still remain in my opinion.

20-11-2009, 20:55
Technically, remains in play spells are not canceled if the unit it is cast on is wiped out.

Similarly, none of the other effects says they stop working if the victim dies.

Thus by the letter of the rules these effects still remain (this is probably also much simpler ruleswise).

20-11-2009, 21:00
Da GoBBo,

The phrase in the OK book is 'restored to life on 1 wound'. I would agree with you if it was just restored, but it is restored to life indicating that the model was in fact dead. How are you restored to life while still living? In my interpretation of the rule all effects would be lost both positive and negative.

Too bad I can't give the armor to a opposing vampire lord. :D

Da GoBBo
20-11-2009, 21:13
Crap, that's sort of true. So lets put it like this. There's a big fat corpse with a spell clinging to it. No reason to assume the spell's gone, as Avian said, so when the corpse is revived, the spell is still there.

Also, a remain in play spell will only sease to exist under certain circumstances. The effected target disappearing (and comming back for some reason) from the game is not one of them.

20-11-2009, 21:23
This becomes more interesting for me because the only character I would put this on would be a hunter which can't join units and if he dies the sabtertusks are immediately removed from play. So do the spells and the sabertusks stay around since the unit was destroyed?

I haven't used a hunter with the armor because the ranged attack, while nice, doesn't seem to be that effective. Not trying to be a pain just trying to understand what would happen in this situation.

Da GoBBo
20-11-2009, 21:40
They feast on a corpse which is instantly resurected. In my group, you would get to keep the sabertusks. Ruleswise you would loose them. The armour kicks in when the wearer dies. The tusks are removed from play when the wearer dies as well. Clear as day.

20-11-2009, 21:49
You have it backwards, it is the Sabretusks that "are immediately treated as casualties" while the armour restores the wearer "at the end of the phase".

20-11-2009, 21:57
That was why my confusion. For a space of time the whole unit is gone from play aka wiped out. I was just trying to get different peoples reasoning/logic for this situation in case it ever came up in my game group.

21-11-2009, 11:16
So the general consensus is that the spell/effect/whatever stays in play because it doesn't actually say anything ends when the model dies?