View Full Version : 1250 bret for weird tourney

Krueger Condail
20-11-2009, 21:14
so my local gw is having a tourney for all the nooby fantasy players but instead of just playing against each other the first round they play against the vets for more of a learning experience then they play against noobs and vets play vets and finnally they play against the vets again and use all they have learned and see if they can beat them. so with that in mind and i being a vet, i dont want to take a list to mean but still take one that is capable of giving them a good game and one where i can beat the list the other vets bring.

paladin w/ warhorse lance and shield

bsb paladin on warhorse with warbanner and duty


8 KOTR with full cmd

6 KOTR with full cmd

6 kotr with full cmd

10 bowmen

10 bowmen

25 MAA with banner musician

25 MAA with banner musician

1 trebuchet

one problem i have had with this list is the how dominated i become in magic phase so i was thinking about dropping the paladin and some musicians for a damsels with scrolls becasue i do know one of the vets is bringing his vc and he is going to bring 11 power dice in 1250 (personally i think a lil mean for the type of tournament)

20-11-2009, 21:46
If you are there to teach them then why go easy on them ;)

And against 11 PD a single scroll caddie won't do much anyway.