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20-11-2009, 22:16
First army thread!!!

So this nagging decison of choosing a first army. I know youve proably seen a million of these threads by now, but I noticed none where on the first page so maybe youve missed them? Regardless I would really appreciate some help. I like to play aggressive, an army that can deal lots of damage in CC, racking up kills. weather this is through finess or just brute stength doesnt matter as long as im not sitting in my deploymetn zone, but I dont want a point and click army they need to require at least 10 brain cells. Shooting and magic are important, but I dont want to relay on them to win I want them to support my CC troops. I hate having the same thing as everyother regular joe, so one that allows for variety in lists, lots of choices for units that are viable, and magic item combos. So no one dimensional lists that force you too play one style, I like variety as you can tell, I want to know that if I get bored playing with one style (like say lots of calvary) I can switch to another style (like elite infantry, or super killy lords, ect). I havent looked at all the armies minatures yet, so ill get back when I do and which ones you guys reccomend. Thanks (hopefully)!

20-11-2009, 22:34
If you want one for getting kills then that would mean:

-warriors of chaos
-saurus based lizardmen
-deamons of chaos

At this point I would look at the models for those armies and decide which ones you like more.

No reason to play an army for the rules if you'll just get bored of it ater a month because you can't stand your own models...

Spiney Norman
20-11-2009, 22:37
Despite what people say there aren't very many one dimensional armies (dwarfs are one, possibly Bretonnians, although believe it or not they do have ranked infantry and war machines, they just don't get used very often. Most lists allow for a variety of play, even if some builds aren't quite as competitive as others.

I always choose my armies on the basis of whether I like the models or not, lets face it, whichever you pick, you're going to be painting loads of them.

20-11-2009, 22:54
I would recommend either Lizardmen, Warriors of Chaos, or Dark Elves. All three offer a lot of variety (Dark Elves and Lizardmen moreso in playstyles). As already mentioned.. from here, choose which army that has the models that inspire you the most. Try to imagine the possible themes you can build with said armies.

101st Vostroyan
21-11-2009, 00:08
It seems like you want

-hard hitting cc
-good magic/shooting
-a strategically challenging army, but one that is fun to play
-a force that can be changed to suit your needs and one with many options
-a unique army

Based on these things, here is my list of suggestions, and armys that would not really interest you.

I dont know much about Brettonians, but based on my experience, they can play very aggressively and have a good amount of shooting, but with no gunpowder, so all bows and trebuchets. They obviously hav tons of hard hitting cav, which are a force to be reckoned with.

Deamons are not for you, I think. They seem to be very much a point and click army and one that makes your opponents not want to play you. This army is to many people, extremely overpowered because it goes around the rules that balance Warhammer fantasy, such as armour save modifiers, and not taking leadership tests.

Orcs and goblins have many crazy options, that can make for a different game every time, and combine many aspects of what you are looking for; such as, variety in options, magic, shooting, and with hard hitting cc.

Ogres are a very boring army in my opinion. They dont have too many options and your army has very few models. They do however, hit hard in combat, and have one good shooting unit.

The army that I think best exemplifies what you want is Lizardmen. Lizardmen have a wide range of units to choose from. I absolutely love my Lizardmen army for its character and prowess, as well as my Dwarf army of stout warriors. Lizardmen have amazing magic option that can dominate the battlefield. Also, skinks skirmishers are a must with their large movement rate, and poisoned weapons that can double shot. The blow pipes can take out anything with a staggering number of poisoned attacks. Lizardmen also have their great living war machines such as salamanders and stegadons. Also, their saurus warriors are nearly the match of chaos warriors. The only drawback to saurus warriors is their horribly low initiative. Check out this army further, and you might see that it is what you are really looking for out of warhammer fantasy.

Good Luck

21-11-2009, 03:03
WoC is a good army. A very good army in CC and they can have really good magic as well. Might be a lack of variety, but I dont play them and Ive only faced a couple lists so maybe others could elborate here. DE also fit your bill, verstile good in CC and they can have magic/shooting. LM as well, with again variety CC magic shooting. WE might work too, they can be good in CC and have solid shooting as well. An all orc army might work too. Good in close combat, they can have lots of shots and decent magic. And you have goblins when you get bored of da green onez.

21-11-2009, 03:47
My friend, you have just chosen Dark Elves.

They have good close combat, good shooting, great magic, powerful monsters, and favor the aggressive player. Bear in mind, however, your entire army has toughness three and rarely has a decent armor save, thus you cannot just point and click your units and get kills (though hydras may be an exception).

21-11-2009, 12:02
Alright thanks for the posts they really helped. So I looked a bit into each army and they main three where DE, WoC, and LM. I looked that the models and the DE and WoC really looked cool, while the LM didnt do so much for me. So with that said its down to DE or WoC. The problem with WoC is that every army list I found was pretty similar and it didnt seem like there was alot of variety, you pretty much have to play one stlye, maybe these are just the lists i saw though. DE looked cool and i liked the fluff, but there was alot of metal figures and that can get pricey, definte down side plus it seemed that witch elves,corsairs, and excut. arent used but i really liked the corsair and witch elf models so are bad units or are they used and i was just looking at the wrong lists?So any comments about these questions?

The Red Scourge
21-11-2009, 12:20
Wood elves is your choice. You need to think, as movement is their strength. They've got great cc potential, and all their units have a role to fill on the battle field, so unlike their Dark counterparts, you won't have to choose between cool and efficiency :)

21-11-2009, 12:29
The problem with all the lists you'll find here is that they are most often highly competitive tournament lists. Just because you've only seen one kind of WoC army, or never seen lists with Corsairs/Witch Elves/Executioners/whatever, doesn't mean much if you just want to play for fun.
WoC have a nice variety IMHO. You can go with vast hordes of Marauder infantry, a more elite army entirely made up of Warriors, lots of cavalry (Knights hit REALLY hard and Marauder Horsemen are fantastic), a monster army full of Ogres, Trolls, Dragon Ogres, Giants and such, or take a mix of whatever you like.
DE have a similar variety, as you've no doubt noticed. There are a few metal regiments, but you shouldn't need to take too many. Warriors will do nicely for the bulk of your infantry, maybe get a unit of Black Guard or Witches. As for the models that don't get used much, Corsairs are kinda expensive and don't have a particularly strong stat line compared to the cheaper Warriors but can deal out a bunch of attacks. I'd use them in smaller flanking units if you want to include them. Witches obviously die very quickly to any kind of ranged attacks, but if you get them into combat they get NUTS. Craploads of attacks with hatred re-rolls and poison... they'd have trouble with anything too well armoured, but can carve up light infantry and cav units. Executioners are mostly just outclassed by Black Guard, and I've never used them before. BG have better stats and access to magic goodies which more than make up for the slight drop in strength. Unfortunately most armies have a unit or two that aren't used much because there's something else that can do their job better, but it's worth considering taking them anyway, especially if you like the models.

Warlord Seven
21-11-2009, 22:50
I think that you should consider looking into WE as well. They are an army that isnt point and click, can be very good in CC, have solid shooting and have a decent amount of options. DE,LM, or WoC could work as well. Go for which ever have the best models IMO.