View Full Version : Hive tyrant help.

20-11-2009, 23:05
Hey all, looking for a little help from anyone who has built up a hive tyrant.

Just bought one on the (very) cheap on ebay as apparantly it is missing some parts.

I will have the following bits

Legs - One piece each
Tail - two pieces (larger piece that legs join to & long thin tail end)
Torso - three pieces (middle bit & piece for either side whch arms join to)
Arms - one piece each, sword & whip
Head - one piece
Spines -one little tab of spines.

I am aware that i need a plastic MC sprue for the second set of arms. Is there anything else missing? From looking at a pic of the finished model i think that is all i need but i would like to know for sure.

Many thanks in advance.

20-11-2009, 23:34
The description sounds like everything, but it's always hard to tell without pictures. Get some blue tack and do a dry fit- if the final result looks like a whole model (minus the MC arms) then it's probably complete.

21-11-2009, 00:02
Each of the legs has 2 small metal talon things, one on either side of the hoof. Those come separate and have to be attached. Maybe that's what you meant when you said it came with spines, but I figured I just point that out.