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21-11-2009, 03:01
Hey all this will be my first ever battle report for a game scheduled for tuesday, it will be a friendly game at the Sydney battle bunker using our favourites.

our lists are to be revealed before the game but I do know he will be using a giant, some chosen and likes to use warrior blocks with mark of nurgle.

my list is as follows:


Wizard lord - Level 4, Imperial pegasus, doomfire ring, grey wand, power stone


[General] Warrior priest - Heavy armour, shield, van horstmans speculum, sword of might

Battle wizard - level 2, dispel scroll, dispell scroll

Battle wizard - level 2, rod of power, ring of volans


23 swordsmen - command, 2 detatchments of 5 handgunners

10 handgunners

20 flagellants - prophet of doom


6 knightly orders - command, inner circle, steel standard

5 outriders - champion, musician

great cannon


Helstorm rocket battery

Helstorm rocket battery

the plan is quite simple shoot and magic him to death before he massacres my poor infantry.

27-11-2009, 06:16
Had a great 2 games, the first was an absolute massacre so we got him to get a new list and have another go.
I'm afraid my camera ran out of batteries as i was about to take pictures so I only have crude scribblings to report from so bear with me :P

my spells were:

Level 4: Spirit of the forge, transmutation of lead, distilation of molten silver and rule of burning iron (idea spells for this game)

level 2 (caddy) rule and commandment of brass

level 2(rod + ring) rule and transmutation of lead

His list consisted of:

Sorceror Lord - MoT, Disk, power familiar, 3+ ward from range (gateway and other spells he never got to cast)

festus (buboes, curse of the leper)

10 chosen (rolled fear causing)

2 16 man blocks of warriors - MoN

5 marauders - MoN

5 knights - MoN, frenzy banner

3 ogres - MoN

Giant - MoS

on my half of the battlefield there was a tower a few inches in to the left, 12 inchs infront of the tower was a forest, the center was mostly clear, a small cluster of rocks was to the middle right minimum distance from the center point.
on the right side of the battle field was another larger set of woods.

looking from my side of the board on the left flank I had the great cannon opposite his giant which he promptly deployed his marauders near (he was very scared of the cannon :P)
in the tower on the left in my deployment zone i put my 10 man handgunner unit with the rod of power/ring wizard
near the center 1 inch back from his deployment limit he deployed his warrior blocks and chosen (festus included in the chosen) between them.
My combat blocks were deployed opposite his, my flagelants in the center flanked by the knights and swordsmen (warrior priest and other wizard in the swordsmen unit.
his sorceror lord was deployed hidden from the cannon by the woods.
on the far left flank was one helstorm next to my level 4 on pegasus, the other helstorm was protected by my infantry blocks with los through the center. my outriders were positioned between the far right helstorm and the knights near the center, the chaos knights were positioned opposite them next to his 3 ogres.

I won the turn roll and chose to go first maybe not the best tactical move, but anxious to open fire.

Empire Turn 1:
My lines remained mostly stagnant with only a few infantry blocks shuffling to prepare to receive the charge of knights and armoured infantry. my level 4 flew out of the charge arc of his knights but in range to start casting his spells.
the magic phase started with me firing a distillation onto one of his warrior blocks attempting to draw his 5 dice pool to cast spirit of the forge later, he let it go killing a few warriors, then my lord miscast ending the magic phase. I lowered my head in shame before boasting 'my cannons will make up for it'.
my great cannon aimed for the giant, it missfired and exploded, bum.
the helstorms fared better one getting a direct hit on a warrior block killing 7!! (rolled all 4+ on the partials) the 2nd one misfired on a 6 allowing it to shoot next turn.

Warriors Turn 1:
everything in his army surged forward eager for blood, knights and ogres prepping to charge my knights next turn should I make a poor move.
his magic started with him failing to cast gateway and festus' buboes being dispelled.

Empire turn 2:
my knights declared a charge on the ogres in front of them failing their fear test the rest of my movment phase saw my level 4 landing looking down the flank of all 3 infantry blocks of warriors/chosen and my infantry blocks again shuffling to recieve/make charges next turn.
my magic phase began with me using the ring of volans which had law of gold stored in it on the chosen, my opponent scared of spirit of the forge let it go failing to realise festus regen/poison is a magic item. I rolled a 5 destroying the item for the game. my 2 level twos casted rule on festus my opponent let 1 go which cast on 11 and dispelled the other cast of 5, it took festus to 1 wound. I then declared using the doomfire ring, seeing i would hit the front rank of all 3 infantry blocks he dispelled it with 1 dice. I then cast ditilation killing 5 warriors and cast spirit of the forge on 4 dice for a total cast of 20 (4 5's were rolled) wiping out is knights. I make my swordsmen block unbreakable, all panic checks are passed.
shooting saw my handgunners in the building take 3 wounds off the giant, my outrides killed another 4 warriors with lucky 6s to hit and detachments killing 3 chosen thanks to the law of gold cast. helstorms all scattered wildly hitting nothing.

Warriors turn 2:
he declared charges with his ogres on my knights falling short, and moved his giant to charge my infantry blocks which I had repositioned to receive in the front arc, all the other infantry blocks moved dangerously close to getting within charge range of my infantry.
his magic is neutralised scrolling a 5 dice gateway (1 scroll left) and dispelling buboes with dice.

Empire turn 3:
I declare several risky charges, the swordsmen charge his chosen, my knights charge his ogres and my flaggelants charge his center warriors unit all are in range (barely) there are no other movements.
my magic phase begins with me casting transmutation on his chosen and ogres I then attempt spirit of the forge on 3 dice which is dispelled. distilation kills all the remaining warriors from the depleted unit my 4 level has been targeting all game.
Shooting sees my handgunners take another 3 wounds off the giant, killing it!! thier cheers are cut short as the giant falls onto the tower crushing 6 of them the outriders have no targets in range and the helstorms dare not shoot so close to their own men.
the warriors priest accepts festius challenge causing 1 wound to the sorceror which is enough to kill him. The swordsmen kill 1 chosen and in return only suffer one wound thanks to transmutation of lead (a flurry of 3s in the to hit rolls not enough needing a modified 4 to hit)
the chosen are chased and ran down by the lowly swordsmen.
The flagellants martyr getting all 3 bonuses killing 6 warriors, no attacks back are possible and the warriors flee aswell to be ran down (runty empire infantry, yeah right).
in the ogre combat rubber lance syndrom kicks in only wounding 1 ogre, the ogres kill one knight, combat holds.

Warriors turn 3:
my opponent seeing all his big units dying and losing his level 2 sees my level 4 killing his level 4 more and more likely, so in an effort to save him he charges my outriders confident he will survive. the stand and shoot fire does nothing
magic sees gateway fail to cast and treachery dispelled.
the sorcerer and the disk kill one outrider, the outriders kill nothing. A draw until i remember the musician the sorcerer lord passes the break test.
the knight/ogre combat sees the knights cause 4 wounds despite having only hand weapons the ogres kill one more knight but it isn't enough they break and are killed. with only 5 marauders left who have only killed a few swordsmen so far and a sorc lord we decide to resolve turn 4 combat to see how he goes, the sorcerer fluffs his attacks and is chased down by angry outrider.

Result: Empire Win - Massacre

keep in mind the previous game was even worse for my opponent, several people watching the game gave my friend some very helpful pointers, most of which were GET HOUNDS, more cavalry and if your going magic, get heaps.
ill say again this is a very friendly based game my list is made of what I enjoy using not what i think is most effective.

Thanks for reading, the next game is schedualed in a few weeks 2250 this time, and my opponent promises to crush me now he knows my play style and favorite units.

Volker the Mad Fiddler
28-11-2009, 15:53
Thanks for the report. I would generally advise against magic heavy Empire armies, but it worked out in this case. Keep the reports coming.

29-11-2009, 05:40
Next battle against my m8 is scheduled for a fortnight on Wednesday, we are again using our empire and warriors armies but with different list and at 2250 points.

My list is as follows:


Arch lector - War alter Dawn armour, van horstmans, enchanted shield, sword of might


Battle wizard - level 2 dispel scroll, dispel scroll

Battle wizard - level 2 rod of power, ring of volans

Captain - BSB, full plate, great weapon Griffon standard


23 swordsmen - command
*5 handgunners
*5 handgunners

24 spearmen - command
*5 archers
*9 halberdiers

10 handgunners

20 flagellants - prophet of doom


6 knightly orders - command, inner circle, steel standard

5 outriders - champion, muso

Great cannon


Helstorm rocket battery

Helstorm rocket battery

my expectation is my opponent will take alot more magic, or at the very least much more magic defense and be better prepared for my firepower, im taking the war alter to throw him a curved ball. I've never used one before but the rules look pretty fun.

29-11-2009, 08:32
Solid lists! Almost no dupes! Also the War Altar is the best thing in the Empire list.

4+ Ward, Str 5 impact hits, MR 2, Lvl 5 Lore of Light Spell and Unbreakable for 100 pts? Also the guy has the best statline for Speculum and 100 pts of magic allowance in addition to two bound spells!!!