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21-11-2009, 06:56
well i want to make a dwarf combar army that doesnt use the anvil, i know that this is possbly not the best idea but still, i want to try it. this is what i have come up with to start off with.

Dwarf lord=293
Shield bearers
Rune of resistance
Master rune of spite
Rune of cleaving X2

Rune of spell breaking
Rune of fury
Master rune of gromril
Great weapon

rune of stone
Rune of spell breaking
Rune of fury

BSB-Strollaz’s rune

20 warriors=205
Full command

20 warriors=205
Full command

20 longbeards=315
Full command
Master rune of grungni

10 quarrelers=110

15 rangers(quarrelers )=195

10 slayers=110

18 hammerers=246
Full command



basic idea is that the slayers and hammerers stay near the longbeards to benifit from the ward save, the warriors will probably go next to the hammerers, leaving the slayers out on the side. the rangers will try and take out any range the opponent has, the quarrelers are there simply just to shoot at things :D.

what do people think?, how could i improve it?

21-11-2009, 07:19
As a former Dwarf player, I'm quite interested in how this has stood up in play-testing?
One thought though... you don't have any ranged high strength attacks, so players with things like a 'Thirster or Dragon will simply avoid your Lord and pick on the ordinary warriors. I always find the copter works best in a shooting orientated army, combined with an Anvil against cavalry. So, my suggestion would be to maybe drop the copter and take a pair of S7 Bolt Throwers instead with Engineers? Also, with the Strollaz rune, I reckon Thunderers would be a better bet, equip them with shields and deploy and Strollaz them as far forwards as possible. Finally, I'd recommend trying to fit an Organ Gun, purely because while they are new-fangled and unreliable (as unreliable as Dwarf artillery gets...), they also give you a 24" bubble in which nobody is going to want to put skirmishers, light cavalry etc.
One technical point- the Runesmith with the Great Weapon and Rune of Fury doesn't get the benefit of the Rune of Fury unless you give him the rune that specifically lets the 2 combine, so you need to drop one of them (I'd say drop the Fury).
Also, give the BSB an armour save, in my experience BSBs tend to receive a lot of attention and making them more durable tends to pay off.
Aside from that I guess the idea is for the Longbeards and Hammerers to soak up charges, then the Warriors counter-charge, while the Slayers guard a flank and the Rangers lurk/pick of wizards/war machines?

21-11-2009, 07:48
well, i havnt had a chance to playtest it yet, i am hoping to get a couple of games in over the next few weeks though.

and i agree that the compter might be a good bet for shooting based army, but i was thinking more along the lines of killing off war machines, baiting fanatics ect..

i agree, i think i am relying on my lord way to much, he only has movement 3 after all :). i think i will throw in some bolt throwers. :D

how do i give the bsb an armour save?, i cant take a shield and i am unable to take runic items if i have a runic standard.

woops, forgot about the whole greatweapon/runic item thingy, but why drop the extra attack?

and yep, you got the tactic right :D. hopefully that is what happens :D

21-11-2009, 08:16
I'd have thought master rune of challenge would be a must for a combat based Dwarf army. As has been said big flying gribblies such as the thirster can really mess you up. The master rune of challenge can be used to force he big guy into combat with your lord (can't remember if units that are immune to psychology are immune to the MRo challenge).

21-11-2009, 08:53
2 runsemiths are a bit overkill IMO, but it depends on your magical environment. If you keep them both remove their weapon runes and give one of them the MRo balance, I would always take this rune.

Your infantry blocks are a bit small and dwarf rangers are sadly useless. With this in mind I would bulk up your main blocks to 25.

The BSB is as armoured as he can get, no sheild option and he cant take armour runes. As such he will probably die but thats a trade of for the strollaz rune.

A couple of bolt throwers would be useful.

Its not a bad list as it stands though.

A gyro is even more useful in an offensive army, not only can they march block etc their steam gun murders T3 infantry, things like swordmasters who tend to be in units 7 wide are easy prey to a steamgun.

Units immune to psyc are immune to the MRo challange which limits its usefulness considerably.

21-11-2009, 11:40
woops, forgot about the whole greatweapon/runic item thingy, but why drop the extra attack?

I reckon drop the attack over the great weapon for a couple of reasons:

1. You don't want the Runesmith in one of the blocks that are meant to be charges, you want him counter-charging. If he's in a unit, you'll already have a load of attacks as well as SCR, so 2 S6 attacks will, I think , do better than 3 S4 attacks
2. If you drop the Rune of Fury, armour the Runesmith up (so he can't be killed easily by a suicidal ogre bulls/fast cav unit) and give him 2 runes of spellbreaking and the Master Rune of Balance it gives you 6 dispel dice, your opponent loses a dice and you have 2 scrolls. Makes having a 2nd Runesmith fairly obsolete, depending on your playing group. For the points, you can tool up with Bolt Throwers, maybe a cannon, maybe an organ gun