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Vote Kantor
21-11-2009, 08:58

I plan to start my first fantasy army (have had 40k for a while) tomorrow, it will be a Warriors of Chaos list, with as little slannesh as possible. Main opponents will be Lizardmen and Empire.

Just wondering if there was any units to specifically avoid or must haves. And a little advice if you could spare it.

Thanks everyone.


21-11-2009, 13:50
hi CAM :p

i know its not needed here.. but congrats on starting fantasy finally.

as little as i know about WoC, consider the battalion, they come with 2 core (compulsory in under 2k(the amount gets larger as the points go up), also a hero level character is needed, this can often be converted from the battalion

good luck

Oh the army book would be a good purchase to.

21-11-2009, 16:14
My advice is this. Don't waste points on lords, don't field units of warriors in more than 2 ranks, buy as many knights as you can get. Always use nurgle marks on your units when you fight shooting armies, use slaanesh when you fight demons or undead, don't buy unit champions (they are not worth the points), don't buy standard bearers for you units (unless you are giving them a magic banner), always take the infernal puppet magic item for one of your sorcerers, and lastly halberds+shields for warriors and flails for marauders.

That is a quick summary of how to make a solid WoC army. You can obviously play whatever you want, but these guidelines tend to make your army alot more solid and efficient.

Good luck!

21-11-2009, 16:52
Against both Empire and Lizardmen I'd consider a Hellcannon (not at 500 pts, obviously, but once you get a few points) to put the pressure on those pesky Stegadons, Steam Tanks and War Altars.

21-11-2009, 20:53
chaos knights are gnerally a must have for WoC and mark of Khorne is usefull for new players

21-11-2009, 22:07
chaos knights are gnerally a must have for WoC and mark of Khorne is usefull for new players but you MUST use hounds to screen them ,otherwise you'll get lead round the table...

Vote Kantor
21-11-2009, 22:12
Okay, Thanks Everyone.

Im going out to start with the army book at some point today, and will likely buy at least a squad of Warriors. (I will also be using skeleton warriors as marauders).


(maybe I should get the rule book as-well)