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21-11-2009, 14:25
hi guys,
need some help, i have 2 lists one written by me and one written by a gw staff member, just a quick comment on the 2nd list its quite magic heavy purely because im a a slight magic addict lol :D

corne hellborn
death hag with cauldron of blood,manbane and hand of khaine
death hag with bsb, banner of hag gref,manbane and hand of khaine
noble on cold one with enchanted shield and pendent of kaleith and sea dragon cloak
2 squads of 20 repeater crossbowmen
5 dark riders with repeater crossbowmen
15 executioners with talares of hag gref,bsb and musician
15 black guard with champion ring of hotek, s. bearer and musician
2 war hydras
2 repeater bolt throwers
10 cold one knights
assasian with manbane and hand of khaine

Malekith the witch king
Supreme sorceress w/ upgrade to level 4 wizard 'lore of fire',cold one,armour of living death and pendent of khaeleth
Sorceress w/upgrade to level 2 'lore of metal' with dispel scroll and talisman of protection
Sorceress w/ upgrade to level 2 'lore of death' with power stone and talisman of protection
Master w/ great weapon and cold one
4 units of 10 repeater crossbowmen
15 executioners w/ standard bearer,musician and tullaris w/ battle standard bearer
15 black guard w/standard bearer,musician and tower master w/ sword of battle
2 repeater bolt thrower
2 war hydra

i listed the lores just to show how i would use the models

all comments welcome

21-11-2009, 14:48
I like your list better (love magic 2). I'd add scrafical daggers to your mages and put them in the xbow men units. You might want to drop 1 unit of xbow men ( I don't like them) for mor items or more meel (Cok or speermen) I'd change the executionars to blach guard (I find them mor effective).
The different lores will give you a good defence against most enemies but you might want too have more powerdice to use your differnt spells ( darkstar cloak and dagger).