View Full Version : Lizardmen 2K first list

21-11-2009, 16:35
I realise that its a bit of an eggs in one basket list but would it work?
So Is it any good- is chakax worth it? And what would you include to get to 2250/ 2500 tops?

Slaan Mage Priest 350
Focussed rumination
Soul of stone

Chakax 335

20 Temple Guard 391
std and musician
Plaque of dominion

3x15 saurus 594
Std and musician

3 Kroxigor 165

2x12 Skink skirmishers 168



21-11-2009, 17:11
hmm i dont think chakax is worth his points because he makes temple guard unbreakable but they never break anyway i like the list though you do need to drop 3 points maby add some terradons to kill war machines and marchblock

21-11-2009, 22:38
imo you need to focus a bit more, you dont have any particular strengths, a very basic magic defense will counter the slaan alone, and a shooting heavy army could prove a problem. i dont think you need quite that many saurus, i agree with wolfmother on the terradons idea, also maybe some saurus cavelry, i would replace chakax with a skink priest to back up the slaan and a scarvet to go with some saurus or chuck him in with some saurus cav for a hard hitting counter attack! skinks on the flanks, saurus cav ready to pounce when the enemy hits your brick wall of saurus/temple guard?

Bard Harlock
22-11-2009, 00:15
I'd drop the Kroxigors and bump the Saurus blocks out to 3x18 Spears block 6 wide and 3 deep. I am assuming in a 2K game you are not really relying on the Slann to get much magic off with this build, but rather to counter the other side.

Chakax is great. His ability to challenge nearly anything and win is beautiful. Forget Always Strikes First and enjoy enemy always strikes last. This as your core surrounded by 3 tough blocks of Saurus and some skirmishers to redirect and funnel will be pretty mean.

You will be susceptible to strong shooting armies, but using the skirmishers as screens and anviling into them with Saurus and then flanking with the hammer TG unit should decimate nearly any unit you'll see in a 2k game.