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Lord Damocles
21-11-2009, 20:51
Evening all!

I have a feeling that this was asked a while ago, but my search-fu has failed me, so here's my question:

Does the current Imperial Guard Chimera Kit come with the track guards, smoke launchers, searchlight etc. included?
I have a feeling the vehicle accessory sprue was removed from the kit when the latest codex arrived, but the box art still shows these pieces.

Thanks in advance.

21-11-2009, 21:09
As far as i know as seen as the Chimera hasn't been recut yet it still comes with them. The new LR and Hellhound do not though.

21-11-2009, 21:37
Currently, the accessory sprue is still available with the chimera/basilik/leman russ box

However it is missing in the LR Demolisher box.

I'm not sure on the new hellound and variants box though, still haven't bought one.

Seems like they're packaging all variants, or most of the variants in one box. Maybe they'll release a chimera/basilik box.

21-11-2009, 22:48
Yes, the Chimera isnīt recut yet :cries:

After building the excellent new Hellhound I ordered four Cimerae, and was very disappointed to find the old sprues, annoying tracks and all (and they were in new boxes, with the photoshopped pic).
At least that gave me the tank sprues ...

Borginator, the Hellhound kit doesnīt have the accessory sprue anymore.

Lord Damocles
21-11-2009, 23:08

So it seems that only those kits which were re-cut had the accessory sprue taken out of them.

Best stock up on Chimeras now then... :D

22-11-2009, 00:58
I don't know about that, the difference in detail on the side panels is so incredibly massive between the old chimera and the new hellhound, that it may be worth waiting for the new box before buying more chimeras. I've been buying up the Hellhound side-panels from eBay to "upgrade" my old-school chimeras.