View Full Version : Creating a Non-Cheesy VC Army (Mousillion/Cursed Bret based)

22-11-2009, 11:38
I have hit somewhat of a dilemma.
I love Undead, in all it's myriad of fantasy forms, and I love Vampires, from the World of Darkness kind through to the bestial (and frankly quite silly) Dusk till Dawn type - love em all.
So, obvious choice for an army (which is relatviely easy to paint) is VC - great!
Except... I want a challenge, I don't want something I can point and click and I especially don't want people to start calling 'Cheese' every five minutes (well, unless it's the rare occasion I enter a tournament - then it's all fair game :D
So I've done a bit of looking around, and have hit the conclusion that VC are 'broken' down to their massive amounts of magic and raising/IoN all the time. With that in mind, and with giving myself some conversion opportunity - I'm wondering if a Cursed Mousillion (If that's the correct spelling) will alleviate these issues enough to get over the inherent problems.
I've also heard the army idea bandied around a lot - but strangely not seen very many project logs (although I may have just missed them, I can be incredibly un-observant at times!)

The overall (admittedly, initially brief) army idea is that a particulary selfish, spiteful and powerhungry Bretonnian Lord has been turned and, while I imagine him to be somewhat of a powerhouse in combat (but somewhat magically underrated) he doesn't wish to share any power - therefore being the only Vampire in the army, he'd then be backed up by a Wight Lord and probably a couple of necromancers (he'd need someone to raise the troops!)

So, in summary, my queries are:
1) Will a Mousillion (Curesed Brettonian) army prevent the issues of Over Poweredness for VC?
2) Has anyone got any interesting ideas for these conversions? Blood Dragons (and Blood Knights) are obvious, as are Black Knights and a lack of Ghouls/Wolves/Bats in the list - lots of skellies and Zombies as troops backed up by the knights should be order of the day (using Bret/Wight parts for the Knights)
3) Is this army still going to be relatively competitive? I don't want to just give all my games away for the sake of fluff - while I like a challenge I still want to be able to win!
4) Is this too Cliched? It wouldn't be too hard, for example, to swap the basic idea for a Chaos undead army (Vampirised Chaos Lord anyone?) for example?

As always, opinions, comments critiques - but please lots not try to turn this into an are/aren't/why VC overpowered - we all know there's enough of those!

The Red Scourge
22-11-2009, 13:05
Try it out, and change it if it becomes boring. Thats the easiest way :)

22-11-2009, 13:10
Lot of time and money to buy, convert, paint and try it out only to change it though later...
I try to do as much research as possible before I commit otherwise I don't get anywhere!

22-11-2009, 13:17
It's kinda funny, but Mousillon/Bretonnian VC armies are a bit cheesy - in that they've been done so many times before. :D
It should be a little more fair without all the super-magic hoobajoob that people like to take. You'll have a bunch of CC monsters though, and it WILL look good. Bret VC armies usually do. The other nice thing is that there should be plenty of pics on teh interwebz to stoke your creativity.