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22-11-2009, 12:24
I was wondering how much money do you save buying the battleforce for each army instead of buying the units individually and also how many points do you get in each battleforce approximately?

I was just interested as I wanted to see which armies are the best value for money for the battleforces generally and also which battleforce is best value for money for points versus purchase cost.

22-11-2009, 12:26
Try adding the same units in the battle force to your shopping basket at gws website. Also space marines will probably always be the best value for money.

22-11-2009, 12:27
Basically you want someone to do all this work for you:


But for 40k.

Asking for points is fair enough, if you don't have all the codex's. But for the money savings, everything's on GW's own website, go work it out yourself.

22-11-2009, 12:32
With Christmas coming up all the battleforces in Games workshop having stickers on them with the savings shown for those buying them as presents and whatnot. Nip into a gaming store and they should have them up.

I believe the Chaos and possibly the tau were good value for money

22-11-2009, 13:23
I have always felt that the existing Tyranid battleforce is particularly good value

22-11-2009, 13:40
I have found that the Battleforces all have a savings when compared to buying each item separately.
If you are looking to save more, try purchasing the Battleforces from an Independent stockist, you can save up to 15% compared to Games Workshop

22-11-2009, 13:45
The battleforces are usually cheap. Some of the other box sets are not. When Planetstrike came out, the Realm of Battle + Bastions bundle actually worked out 1 pound MORE expensive than buying the individual items.

22-11-2009, 14:05
I enjoy compiling data and I already did them like I did for Fantasy, so here:

Chaos Space Marines
598 Points
6.6 Points per $
29 Models
15 Chaos Marines, 8 Berzerkers, Rhino, 5 Possessed

387 Points
4.3 Points per $
17 Models
8 Guardians, 5 Dire Avengers, War Walker, Wave Serpent and a Heavy Weapon Platform with 2 crew.

Imperial Guard
465 Points
4.8 Points per $
29 Models
20 Troopers, 5 Command, Sentinel, 3 Heavy Weapon Teams

738 Points
8.2 Points per $
38 Models
28 Warriors, 7 Scarabs, 3 Destroyers

Space Marines
580 Points
6.4 Points per $
26 Models
15 Tactical Marines, 5 Assault Marines, 5 Scouts and a Rhino

Space Wolves
500 Points
5.5 Points per $
26 Models
10 Grey Hunters, 10 Blood Claws, 5 Scouts, Drop Pod

Tau Empire
623 Points
6.9 Points per $
35 Models
12 Fire Warriors, 12 Kroot, Devilfish, 3 Stealth Suits, Battlesuit, 6 Gun Drones

270 Points
3 Points per $
24 Models
20 Boyz, Trukk, 3 Bikers

Overall the Battleforces seem to be a lot less of a deal than the Fantasy ones, but still worth it.

22-11-2009, 16:33
I was wondering how much money do you save buying the battleforce for each army instead of buying the units individually and also how many points do you get in each battleforce approximately?
None of the battleforce boxes are built to a specific point level, so the total varies from box to box. Generally, if you want everything in the box they tend to be a very good buy, often giving you the equivalent of as much as one whole squad, free.

22-11-2009, 17:59
the nid stuff seperate rings up to 187 with tax in CA. you save quite a bit of money with the box.

22-11-2009, 19:00
The Tyranid and Ravenwing battle forces are especially good value for money, the Nids saving about 24.50 and RW saving a whopping 27 even if it is the older land speeder kit in the box, but they have now added the new bike bases and put the 3rd RW upgrade frame back in the box. Both of those battleforces save at least a 3rd of the cost of purchasing their contents seperately. With Nids you get roughly 500 (and easily more) points and the RW lands you around 400 points once they're tooled up (and if you have spare special weapons this can be increased to about 420 points).

22-11-2009, 19:28
the nid stuff seperate rings up to 187 with tax in CA. you save quite a bit of money with the box.

That's just California sales tax :rolleyes:

It seemed for a while like the newer battleforces were a lot worse than they should be. But I was very happy with the Space Wolf and Skaven one. They really need to take the sentinel out of the IG one and put the Leman Russ (or a chimera ffs...) back in.

But wow, Tau and Necrons have quite a nice deal there...

22-11-2009, 19:36
I was pretty happy with the SW deal (as well as the only other one I've bought, Wood Elves)..
The SW BF basically has a free drop pod, as two pack boxes and a scout box is individually the same price as the battleforce, atleast here in Finland.

Many of the boxes suffer from having things people don't necessarily need in them, even if they were a saving overall. The CSM one is a good example of this.

22-11-2009, 20:51
The value for money tends to vary from battleforce to battleforce. But generally, you get a unit/vehicle free in the battleforce.

Take the Space Marine battleforce for example, you get;
1 Tactical Squad
1 Combat Squad
1 5 Marine Assault Squad
1 5 Marine Scout Squad
1 Rhino
Pretty good value for a little under 50 (48.95 to be exact). So lets compare the price of buying individually

Tactical Squad - 19.55
Combat Squad - 11.75
Scout Squad - 11.75
Rhino - 17.60
Assault Squad - 15.65

Buying them individually its 76.30, so if you buy the battleforce you save 27.35, meaning in the Space Marine Battleforce you get the Assault Squad and Scout Squad for free.

22-11-2009, 21:17
I enjoy compiling data and I already did them like I did for Fantasy, so here:

The problem with the list is: Its missing upgrades. Ive looked at Orks, CSM and in both cases rather standard equipment (adding a Nob with a power Klaw and a bosspole to boys units, giving red paint job to Trukks, giving a Fist to an Aspiring Champion and a Lascannon to a CSM Quad) easily adds another 100 points. Necrons are the exception there.

Generally speaking, the sets are worth it, if you need most of the contents.

22-11-2009, 21:23
personally i think there all good value for money. if you can use the models i'd always pick up a battle force instead of the separate boxes. with necrons for instance you'd get all 3 destroyers in the box for free... i'd say saving 52.50 is a really good deal.:D

22-11-2009, 21:40
Saying that....if you bought it from an online retailer such as Wayland Games (http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/games-workshop/warhammer-40k/eldar/cat_34.html?page=2) or Maelstrom Games (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=cat&cre=min-40k) your looking at a massive saving overall.

23-11-2009, 00:10
Ok, I figure I'll just go through the existing Battleforces and state which units are free in the box. Just to save someone the effort (And also because the above listing is done in $, not or €).

From the GW site.

Chaos Space Marine Battleforce - 48.95/€80.00
10 Chaos Space Marines - 19.55/€30
5 Chaos Space Marines - 11.75/€17.50
8 Berzerkers - 17.60/€30 (For 12 Berzerkers)
5 Possessed - 15.65/€22.50
Chaos Rhino - 17.60/€25
Buying it individually - 82.15/€125, Unit(s) free in the battleforce - Chaos Rhino & 5 Possessed.

Dark Eldar Battleforce - 48.95/€80.00
20 Dark Eldar Warriors - 17.60/€30 for 16 Warriors (35.20/€60 for 32 Warriors)
5 Jetbikes - 29.25/€57.50
1 Raider - 17.60/€25
Buying it individually - 82.05/€142.50, means the Warriors are free.

Eldar Battleforce - 48.95/€80.00
10 Guardians, with heavy weapon - 17.60/€30
5 Dire Avengers - 17.60/€30 (For 10 Avengers)
1 War Walker - 17.60/€30
1 Wave Serpeant - 24.45/€35
Individually - 77.25/€125, Wave Serpeant is free

Imperial Guard Battleforce (both versions) - 53.85/€85.00
2 x 10 Guardsmen - 11.75/€22.50 (23.50/€45 total)
Command Squad - 14.70/€25
Heavy Weapon Squad - 19.55/€30
1 Sentinel - 14.70/€22.50
Individually - 72.45/€100, either the Command Squad or the Sentinel are free

Necron Battleforce - 48.95/€80.00
28 Necron Warriors - 17.60/€30 for 12 (52.80/€90 to get enough for 28)
7 Scarab Swarms - 0.00 (free with the Necron Warriors)
3 Destroyers - 9.80/€17.50 for 1 (29.40/€52.50 for the 3)
Individually, 82.20/€142.50, like its been said, the Destroyers are free.

Ork Battleforce - 48.95/€80.00
2 x 10 Ork Boyz - 11.75/€20 (23.50/€40 for the 20)
1 Trukk - 17.60/€25
3 Warbikes - 22.50/€32.50
Individually - 63.60/€97.50, One box of Boyz, not really much there

Space Marines I already covered.

Space Wolves party force - 48.95/€80.00
2 x 10 Space Wolves - 19.55/€30 (39.10/€60 for the 2)
5 Scouts - 11.75/€20
1 Drop Pod - 17.60/€25
Seperately - 68.45/€105, 1 Box of Space Wolves

Tau Battleforce - 48.95/€80.00
1 Battlesuit - 11.75/€17.50
12 Firewarriors - 17.60/€30
12 Kroot - 17.60/€30 for 16
3 Stealthsuits - 11.75/€20
1 Devilfish - 19.55/€30
Seperately - 78.25/€127.50, Battlesuit & Kroot

Yes, there are some discrepancies with some of the /€ conversions, but I've taken them directly from the GW site, check them out for yourself.

23-11-2009, 00:37
Honestly, I think the Tau, Dark Eldar, and Necrons have the best deals...Eldar is a little odd, as 1 warwalker is a bit useless by itself and 5 DAs are only really useful for the DAVU falcon.

23-11-2009, 04:07
IF you're thinking of playing Tyranids, buy as many of the current battleforce as you can as it has seriously good value.