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22-11-2009, 21:03
Greetings. I'm returning to wfb shortly, got some help with purchasing advice (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4094400#post4094400). I will be looking at joinging a club at a gaming store, but my primary opponent will be a friend using dwarfs.

The last time we played I had very little success, although I know we did some things wrong with list building and rulings. The next time we play I would like things to be more competitive and thus more fun. ( for me at least! :evilgrin: )

Any advice on tactics or list creation for O&Gs taking on Dwarfs would be appreciated.

I'm also looking for some good scenarios for these 2 armies, rather then pitched battles with dwarfs crammed in the corner.


Da GoBBo
22-11-2009, 21:31
It really depends on what sort of list your opponent is running. Shooty, close combat? One thing is for sure, you need beefy, so I suggest you don't expect your units to do much damage. Damage should come in the form of characters, warmachines and chariots I think. Like I said, to give some proper advice, it would be good to know a bit about the dwarf army, and aspecially how it deploys. Since dwarfs are so slow, you can really abuse any mistakes they make while deploying.

02-12-2009, 17:58
OK how about this: What might be considered an "over the top" dwarf list? How many guns constitute a gunline? I'm wondering what would be a list that would be comp'd heavily at a tourney, or cause you to roll your eyes at a friendly game.

The last time we played, it was the corner hill of guns; not to much fun to run at. I felt like, if this was a tournament, I would just hang back and shoot my warmachines; hopefully force a draw.

We may try some scenarios along with randomizing terrain this time. Maybe play the one where only table corners count; that should force the little guys to move ;)

02-12-2009, 19:18
in general playing fantasy you should always do your best (and your opponent should be doing it to) to randomise terrain. Each person placing terrain and scattering it. Then after all the terrain is down choosing table sides. This will help make a more even playing field for each game.

Second orcs and dwarves square off well for beginners. I'll be the voice of opposition and tell you not to try to tailor your orc army to face dwarves. You should pick a few units you like (either the look of or how they play, whatever) then build your army around those units.

For example if you like Black Orcs (one of my favorite units) you could take one or two units of black orcs and a black orc hero as your general. Around this a unit a boyz and maybe a unit of night goblins with fanatics. The boyz bolster your numbers a bit and the goblins can help protect a flank. Throw in a unit of spider riders or wolf riders, these you can send either straight forward as a screen or around the sides to try and flank your opponent. You get the idea, think about how your army will work not about how your opponents will. This is the best way to refresh yourself both on rules and how the orc army works in general.

After you get a couple units that you like think about what characters will help those units work together. Same idea as the units, play around with a few choices.

As for orcs playing dwarves the main goal is to deny him shooting as much as possible and attempt to close the gap quickly. With some good movement, use of cover and screening units, and a well timed waaagh! you can get close enough to charge with only minor amounts of ranged damage.

Keeping your units together presents a block of troops for him to deal with, not the hardest thing for dwarves to do. Presenting two or three areas of attack forces him to choose the biggest threat or he splits his attacks and does much less damage. This would be better for you to, having some fast cav block get sacraficed by blocking LOS or moving round his flank to present a new area of attack will always help you close the gap and take less damage doing so.

these are just some ramblings to try. dwarves shooting alot can be a bit of a boring game, a mixed dwarf army is much more fun to play and to play against.

02-12-2009, 19:22
Well dwarfs are best used defensively so making a scenario that forces them into disadvantage might not be the best solution.

Remember that as the orc player if you see your dway opponent place a hill in a corner you can always through seom trees just in front of said hill. Follow the terrain rules in the book and you can make it work :)

03-12-2009, 17:51
Dwarfs will fight a defensive battle, so he will concentrate all his forces in a corner or in the middle of his deploying zone, I could use a long line of NG archers to screen your best troops, 1 or 2 rock lobbers can do a lot of damage to a compact combat line.

a great orc shaman can help a lot to move fast, if you are able to get the Wagh spell.

A unit of savage boar riders with the wagh banner may charge the first round or 2nd round (use the general wagh, then declare a charge you may get to move from 16 to 26 inches) and they can do a lot of damage, remember that boars from a savage orc unit also have 2 A the first round)

05-12-2009, 22:53
I'm also looking for some good scenarios for these 2 armies, rather then pitched battles with dwarfs crammed in the corner.

Thanks!Put 3 houses within 12" of the centre of the table. Each house is worth d6*100VP's per combat phase it is occupied by a US5 or greater unit. No victory points for table quarters.

This way, the dwarves cannot just turtle up for the win, but neither can the O&G spend too many points on monsters or cav because they will need to dislodge Dvarves from buildings, or defend them at some stage. Conversely, underused O&G units like black orcs and trolls will be more useful for the close fighting.