View Full Version : hell pit ideas

26-01-2006, 08:54
hello people of games development!

i am currently collecting hell pit, and personally i think the rules are balanced, the most balanced list out of the skaven so far. so i decided to try and expand it. i have some ideas, and wondered if anyone would like to comment on them and help achieve them.

*my favorite: take out throtlings. (wait!) then add a new unit, rat-lings. this unit would be customisable, so you could make your own new unit for your beastmaster! (e.g for mine, skuk-lings, with some sort of toughnening upgrade)

*more mutant mutations. everyone likes mutant rat ogres, and some more upgrades would be great

*custom monsters! make your own beastie. still stupid of course, unless you use the next option.

*giving a packmaster to monsters (expect burrowing ones)

*ghoritch like ogres. fluff would say theyve started to trade for more chaos people, for their brains.

*smaller custom beasties (the abberation comes into this section)

*more moulder like mutations

*allow rat ogres to upgrade to daemon bound ones ( these are mentioned in pre SOC fluff)

comment away