View Full Version : SBG House Rules: 3 ways play and "out for blood"

23-11-2009, 03:22
Want some feedback on 2 house rules we are working on to expedite the game for SBG.

3 ways play: for games of 3 players. everything remains the same except priority determines which order the 3 players conduct their actions (move, shoot, and fight). In 3 way fights all three player rolls and highest win. winner decides who he will try to wound.

"out for blood". one of the thing we have noticed is that too many fights do not result in a kill. thus to facilitate and expedite game wins (important when trying to run a campaign) the fight rules are modified as follows. roll to win the fight as usual, and then roll to wound as usual. if there is no kill, do one more round of fight (and to wound) prior to pushing back the loser. push back is dependent on the second fight. thus each fight is slightly more likely to result in a kill without as much moving models around.


23-11-2009, 08:24
i agree with the first house rule but disagree wiuth the second. Your jsut doing the combat twice jsut to cut down the number of turns there my incressing the combat making it a little more redundant. Remember that 40k and Fantasy will last 6 turns wherst SBG will last 10+ turns.

28-11-2009, 17:09
but the point was to move the game along by making fights more definitive.
hard to play 10 turns in a club night to get a win
and without a definitive win we cannot run a campaign

Whitwort Stormbringer
29-11-2009, 01:22
My general feeling is if you want faster games then you should play smaller armies, but this works too.

Personally, I wouldn't do it because I really like the combat system in LotR. Yes, it's a little slow-moving compared to the other games, but it gives a much better sense of sword-play and the duel that would go on. It also means that winning a near-by fight is very important, so that those models may come lend a hand to their friends. I think it's a lot more intense that fighting in Warhammer or 40k, which is entirely squad vs. squad rather than man-vs.-man. However, this will achieve your goal of quicker, deadlier combat.

29-11-2009, 03:10
Here is a thought I had while in the head, what if like fracas says you incorporate a second fight during the fight phase when no wounds are dealt. Now that puts those warriors who won their first combat at a small disadvantage, so i say let the soldier who won on the first round of combat make a half move without the possibility of entering any control zone or combat even to support. Should really make the out for blood a true moniker for a modified combat system.

29-11-2009, 05:12
My general feeling is if you want faster games then you should play smaller armies, but this works too.

yeah, maybe smaller armies
but this will limit character options