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Hattori Hanzo
23-11-2009, 06:53
I am thinking of starting a Skavej army and am wondering what it is about them that other people like? Is it the background, rules or models?

23-11-2009, 07:17
For me, its a combination of all three. I used to never be able to get on board with Skaven, I just couldn't understand why anyone would like them. But that was before I really got into their background, it was William King's Skavenslayer that really gave me an insight to just how hilarious they are. To me, the Skaven - while dangerous - are really no true threat to the world, they are THE mustache twirlers of the warhammer world, forever bumbling about with their apparent superiority, only to have all their plans fail each time - and then they begin blaming each other etc.

This to me, is why they are so great. Completely pathetic in almost every way but all the while ranting and raving about the brilliance of their race. The warhammer world can be a pretty drab and morbid place, but when I have a battle against the Skaven, I always seem to have a hilarious time.

23-11-2009, 08:10
i remeber reading the first army book 16 years ago and loveing every thing in there and haveing a big army but then drink and women took over for a while and i came back with chaos after playing against them a couple of times and getting beaten well thrashed actually.but seeing how mad and fun they are has started to rekindel a love for them

23-11-2009, 08:17
I love their whole concept.

"This probably won't work, infact it will probably kill me, but maybe just maybe it will kick your ass".

23-11-2009, 08:23
Only played against them maybe 4-5 times in over 2 decades
Dont know their rules to honest

But I also want to start them as the new model range captures their mad genious! I have always liked reading any warhammer novel with them (Grey Seer Thanquel v's Gotrek always was good read!) and I love that they squirt the musk of fear!

They are pretty damn cool, lots of potential for themed armies, and they play pretty hard too!

And did I mention I love the new models.....

23-11-2009, 09:07
i like them because the models are awesome.

but i hate them for so many more reasons.

recently, the people i game with have been starting skaven armies because they're easy to win with.

23-11-2009, 11:34
The background and models are great. They are quite easy to paint, so in less than two years my Mordheim warband has grown into a 3000+ painted army.

23-11-2009, 11:59
I love the models and the fluff, at least the little I know.
The only thing that keeps me from collecting them is space.
I have to stop some where, I already have all but two of the 40k races.
There are so many things I would love to scratch build........

23-11-2009, 12:32
"Is it the background, rules or models?"

Like most of the posters in this thread; all three.

Werner's new book "Grey Seer" has a line that sums them up nicely:
"They must remain a myth, ignorance is the best shield the Empire has, the ratkin themselves our best allies against the threat of the skaven. While man remains ignorant of their world, the skaven feel safe to war amongst themselves, pursuing their petty intrigues and vendettas. Given a common foe, given a common purpose, their entire race would unite into a single horde and smother the world of men beneath their numbers. For the survival of the Empire, the underfolk must remain a fable told to children."

The Skaven rulebook is also full of wacky lore and insane rules. Always a great combination of vicious and playful, like a rottweiler puppy that just figured out it has teeth.

The hilarity of making your opponent really work hard for a victory, or the stupid things that your own army does to itself that sacrifices swathes of rats at a time that most other armies couldn't get away with and still have a substantial fighting force.

23-11-2009, 12:36
Like the whole concept, also find them funny. Evil ratmen trying to take over the world.

Reminds me of pinky and the brain series.

23-11-2009, 12:42
Well, I've never even seen a Skaven model in the flesh (I only play with friends, none of which collect the Rats), so I dont know their rules or even their background (other than that they believe they're a superior race and are ruled by a council of thirteen).

However, the models that I've seen look superb - a couple of the new Hero/Lord special character models are supreme, and my favourite Skaven in the Warlord model (looks like it's holding some kind of scythe).
That model alone makes me wanna get a Skaven army.

23-11-2009, 14:01
The new models are a great bonus. Theyre a very unpredictable army. The weapon teams in particular can be either awesome or terrible, and thats nothing to do with the opponent. I like them as an army, but I'm never really sure if being a good player makes much difference to if you win or not, as the difference between everything working, and nothing working is massive, they are like orcs and goblins in that you win if you're lucky (with dice rolls), lose if youre not, though when they do work they are far more devastating than the greenskins are currently capable of, and at theyre best can match just about anything (not daemons, thorek, shadestar)

23-11-2009, 15:13
Well, they were my first army back in the 4th ed I think (when you could attach up to 2 assasins, 2 PWG and a WFT to every clanrat and stormvermin unit)... and then I really enjoyed the fluff and minis (For me, 6th ed minis were a step backwards, while 7th ed are a huge improvement). Back then they were not that funny to play with or against (they could be really nasty indeed).

But when 6th ed book came they became the most funny and enjoyable list of all. Come on, what's not to love of an army with armywide rules like "He who runs away lives to fight another day", "Leadership from the back" and "Life is cheap". I found them the most characterful and funny list of all, more even so than O&Gs. They are such a bunch of suicide cowards you have to love them. They are also the best recreation of the worst things in humanity, not like the empire, and the fact that they are the most powerful of all races but they fail all of their world domination plans because of themselves is very funny.

They are also in my point of view one of the best armies for a game like warhammer, if you want you can do a lot of tactics with lots of blocks of cheap infantry, and altogether depend on your luck with all the strange machines they have. And we have to remember this is a game, and the things make this game so fun is not when you crush your oponent, but when your slaves hold a charge, or when your warpfire thrower explodes and blows half of your unit. Besides, losing with skaven is not as frustrating as it is with other armies... you can always blame someone for "almost" get your plan right!

To be fair, I liked 6th ed skavens more than 7th... I don't feel the furnace and HPA fit with skaven playstyle (altough they fit with the fluff), but now we have the doomwheel back, and exploding slaves... so I won't complain :)

PD: I also love the fact I can shoot my own troops and send half of the army to die :evilgrin:

23-11-2009, 16:06
I love the skaven in every way. I picked them up to be a third army this release (Had always had them on the side but never really serious about them for the last 15 years), but I really didn't expect how much I would come to love the little furry guys.

The models are amazing, all I have to say is THANK GOD! for the new clanrat box. The old boxes were absolutely hideous. I highly reccomend buying boxes a couple at a time so you can use the actually make the clanrat bodies into clanrats and the slave bodies into dedicated slave units. It makes all the difference in looks. And one of my new favorite models is the way the gray seer looks on top of the screaming bell, I love the pose. The only dissapointment is that this army book has more gaps in the model range than any army since 4th eddition! But I feel confident that the gaps will be filled in soon (And please get us new Gutter Runners/Night Runners models!).

The background is also amazing, there is so much there. That is probably what I ended up getting cought up in the most. I was so into the background that I went to ebay and got a copy of "The Loathesome ratmen and their Vile Kin", no cheap purchase but just amazing fluff for the rat lover.

Gameplay wise they are pretty amazing. They have alot of veriety, so much more than the last edition which is what kept me away from them. A supprising number of units that they have are quite playable, with a few exceptions (Vermin Lord I'm looking at you!). And they finally struck the right balance between the "Risk Vs. Reward" playstyle. There are alot of units that are deadly but it's not so terrible when things go wrong. I was talking to a Night Goblin player at a GW tournament yesterday and he says he might switch to skaven becuase he likes the randomness but he doesn't feel like he might as well conceed because his army falls apart if he gets bad rolls like with his night goblins. And the new slave rule that all units around them take damage if they break is the best thing they could have done to slaved. I love playing my best friends woodelves, throwing my unit at his guys, killing like 2 before they get wiped out, then while he's smiling I tell him that his 2 models cost more than my entire unit!

I have to admit that this book is one of the best GW has ever done. I only hope that they put the time and care into making my stunties this amazing and flavorful :)

23-11-2009, 18:34
been playing them since i got in the game, it was the background above all else. The fact they have a 20 yr life span, and no concept of the long term (outside of the council of thirteen) With skaven its go big or go home (and get eaten) a life of constant jockeying for position in a society of backstabbers and doublecrosses, no one is safe. They dont have time to perfect an invention, so once it doesn't instantly kill the user, it's good to go and on to the next project.

I like the dark elf fluff for many of the same reasons, to but too much thinking about the consequences of their schemes, I missed the no-holds-barred, tomorrow may not happen attitude :)

23-11-2009, 19:39
No I don't like them. It's not that I hate all rodents, it's just that I find the skaven fluff so repulsive. I has all the grossness of chaos, without any of the cool. I don't like the models either. Lizard-men look cool, but ratmen? Meh.

23-11-2009, 20:01
I really like the new skaven book, I think it's nicely written and very characterful. This, for me, adds a lot of extra enjoyment to playing with the army. It's a fun army to use because you play it deviously.

The newly released models are excellent and easily convertible. However, the worst thing for me is the daunting task of painting legions of ratmen.

23-11-2009, 20:33
I don't play Skaven, but I've taken to liking them. Pimarily because of the background. I love the thin line between hilarious and terrifying, and the fact that they represent some of humanity's worst traits.

In the Gotrek and Felix series, Thanquol is one of the coolest characters there. His perspective on things is just great reading.

I don't think I'll ever start a Skaven army, but I really like their new army book and look foward to playing against them.