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23-11-2009, 08:44
I usually play Lizardmen but over the last three years I have been steadily increasing my tomb kings army.
However I have played 1000pts with them and been owned several times (I really don't think TK compete that well at sub 1000pts).

So a brief question before I being, does Khalida count as my mandatory Tomb King/Prince ?

Also which of the three priests would you make the Heirophant?


Khalida 420pts
She gives my archers poison which is great, and she can smite the Skull Catapult every turn.

Liche Priest, Steed
Everyone needs some magic

Liche Priest, Cloak of the Dunes, Hieractic Jar
Flying around and getting that crucial incantation in.

Liche Priest, Casket of Souls
Making sure the enemy has to waster time dispelling my COS, giving me time to get more magic in


10 Archers, Poisoned Arrows
A strong core providing good ranged assistance (more if being smited)
10 Archers, Poisoned Arrows

10 Archers, Poisoned Arrows


4 Chariots, Musician, Standard, Mirage Standard
A solid counter attack unit who can weather enemy fire before striking back

20 Tomb Guard, Full command, Banner of the undying
A very strong unit who can slug it out with the enemies elite, and sucking up enemy dispel dice.

Tomb Scorpion
A unit which can guard my archers or go on the counter attack


Screaming Skull Catapult, Skulls of the Foe
Panicking Enemies units and targetting enemies regeneraters or ethereals, Khalida will be smiting it.

total 2003pts

23-11-2009, 14:25

Yes Khalida is a king for purposes of army selection (source: TK FAQ; Chariots are core and one unit of skeleton warriors can have a magic banner).

The priest with the cloak is your best bet for Heirophant. Mobility is the key to survival.

Other thoughts:
The icon of Rakaph is the banner of choice for the Tomb Guard. Mobility is more important than raising for this unit. Drop the skulls of the foe to make this switch. The skulls are of limited utility against all comers due to the prevalence of ITP armies.

Carlos the Craven

23-11-2009, 17:33
Another tactic is to auto-smite a large unit of bowmen. I tried 30 of them, thats 60 poisoned shots a turn...from bows, always hitting on 5+.

It was against a skink blowpipe horde, so I didn't feel too bad...

23-11-2009, 20:18
Tombkings are supposed to be getting redone in 2010, so if you are thinking about buying any models, I would suggest wait to see if any new ones come out. Also, the army book will probably change abit which might affect what sort of army you feel like fielding in the next edition.

23-11-2009, 21:35
Welcome to the fold!

First, Tomb Kings struggles mightily at under 2k. The lack of a Lord choice really limits your tactics and it's easier for quite a few opposing armies to pretty much negate your magic phase, such that it is. My first game was at 1500 vs. High Elves and I couldn't get any spells off with any consistency.

Jumping to 2000, things improve greatly. Rule 1: Don't put your Hierophant on the Casket of Souls. The standard HieroLP set up is your second Liche Priest. I sometimes give him the Cloak and the Collar of Shapesh since I don't really like the idea of him being hit with spells like Conflaguration of Doom. But it depends on what army you're facing.

I would suggest if you are going to run your third Liche Priest on a Skeletal Steed you may as well give him a Wound Bunker in the form of 5 Light Horsemen. At least they can shoot and move along with the Priest and if you give him the collar, you can potentially bounce any wounds he may take onto one of his fellow Horsemen, then heal the unit next turn if possible and you can spare the Incantation.

All in all, not a bad 2K Khalida list from what I can tell. The only questionable thing I see is the Mirage Standard on the Chariot unit. I've always found the Banner of the Sacred Eye to be more beneficial. I like my characters hitting most enemy units on 2s and even the skeletons will be hitting on 3s against most enemies during the first round of combat. They key with Chariots is to try to break whatever you charge quickly so I like to stack the deck to make the skeletons more likely to hit (and the Chariot of Fire for impact hits if you aren't running a special character). It really is too bad we can't give the Charioteers flails.

I'd also suggest having a dispel scroll in there somewhere. Our magic defense is very suspect for such a magic reliant army. I almost always have 2 scrolls (or 1 scroll and 1 brooch) just in case. An untimely Flames of the Phoenix can really ruin your day. The Casket helps here as it saves me from having to even worry about 2 additional spells per game on average. Supplemental to the Casket is that I almost always try to send my Scorpion to off the least protected enemy caster on the board. You get rid of their casters and you'll have a much easier time winning in my limited experience.

24-11-2009, 00:21
Thanks for the advice guys:D