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Dirty Fingers
18-05-2005, 01:31
My main army (along with the ogres)

1 Saurus Oldblood
Blade of Revered Tzunki, Maiming Shield (the +1 Attack one), light armour

1 Scar Veteran
Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, light armour

1 Skink Priest Lv 2, with two dispel scrolls

1 Skink Priest lv 2 with one dispel scroll

16x Saurus Warriors with hand weapons and shields and full command

16x Saurus Warriors with hand weapons and shields and full command

12x Skink scouts with blowpipes and Brave

12x Skink skirmishers with javelins and shields

3x Kroxigors

4x Terradons

3x Salamanders


i'm open to any advice, but i can't/won't bump the saurus units up to 20 or the skink units to 13-15 due to the cost of plastic boxsets and my lack of money. Buying a whole box for the half the models is just too much of a waste for me.

18-05-2005, 05:18
Id suggest you drop the terradons to 3. I have noticed that that is the best size for them so that theyre not too expensive and you can get them out of the enemy charge arc.
Scar veteran should have charm of the jaguar warrior, great weapon and mark of sotek.(even mark of quetzl) And saurus warrior definetly should have mark of quetzl.
And actually Stegadon might not be the wisest thing.. (yeah I know I used to be a steggie guy) I have noticed that its quite clumsy even with the terror and bolt thrower. so you could get nice amount of points from steggie and maybe buy a carnosaur for that oldblood? :P