View Full Version : we'll show em & multiple chargers

25-11-2009, 14:51
if i declare a charge with a fear/terror causer against the unit which i have charged from animosity at the beginning of the same turn, does that unit have to test?

animosity happens before declare charges, at start of turn phase.

if your animosity roll is a 6, "we'll show 'em!", you get free d6 movement towards nearest enemy. "if this move takes the unit into contact with an enemy, it is counted as a charge". also, "this extra movement is an exception to the normal turn sequence"

since the animosity move is counted as a charge, and i declared a charge against the same unit in the same turn, is this treated as "multiple chargers" ??? or is the charged unit considered to be engaged in combat before the declare charges part of my turn ??? this also affects b2b maximization

thank you

25-11-2009, 15:08
Fully resolve the animosity of the affected unit- if that brings it into combat with an enemy, then if you charge it a second time with a separate unit in the movement phase, treat it exactly how you would if you were charging something that is already engaged (Because that's what is happening). So if you 6ed an Orc unit to charge an enemy, you'd move them in, then if you flanked them with a unit of Trolls in the movement phase, no fear test would be required for the enemy.