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25-11-2009, 17:12
If a hero has Favor of the Gods and his unit receives the blessings of the Warshrine, would it be rational to assume the roll for the entire unit can be modified by +/-1?

Golden Eye of Tzeentch: given 2nd brb errata equates "missile"=ranged attack (both magical and non-magical), can we assume the Golden Eye provides a 4+ ward vs. all attacks not made in close combat? This would include then EotG Burning Align, all Spells which do ranged wounds (rather than characteristic tests or close combat wounds like Bladewind) as well as odds and ends like the Casket of Souls in addition to typical "missile" attacks like cannons, archers and warpstone/gunpowder weapons, correct?

The most up to date AB files state a level 2 WoC wizard with the Book of Secrets is then a level 3, that is incorrect right? BoS doesnt raise the level of wizards, only provides 1 additional spell+1PD.

25-11-2009, 19:19
1) no. i believe it only works on just the characters EOTG roll,, so if the hero was on his own and you used a warshrine on him then you can change the roll.

dont forget,, heros/lords that have joined units dont get EOTG bonuses from the unit either :(

2) again.. no lol,, youd get a ward save against everything in the shooting phase and spells/items in the magic phase that specifically say they are "magic missiles"

3) yes,, lol he is still level two

25-11-2009, 19:48
Characters that are part of units definitely do get the Eye of the Gods benefit when targeted by the Warshrine (assuming they are in the unit when the shrine is fired during the shooting phase) from the WoC FAQ. And it states characters lose the benefit if they leave the unit with the blessing (which wouldnt make any sense if they never had it to begin with).

The issue with the Favor of the Gods is because the wording of the item: "After rolling on the EoTG chart, the bearer may add or subtract one from his roll."

Im fairly certain that "his roll" would be considered "The roll" for the unit from the shrine given the FAQ.

25-11-2009, 20:16
Agreed. A hero can modify the roll given to his unit by a warshrine. However, a hero in a unit of chosen with the favour cannot (as it does not affect him).

25-11-2009, 20:57
which is why most people I see using the item gives it to the champion who is a part of the unit, can take magical items and therefore should make it possible to reroll.