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25-11-2009, 21:12
I am thinking of starting a new army and my choice is empire.

Do you think this would be a good starting force?

Captain, Full plate, Greatweapon and Doomfire ring

Warrior priest, Heavy armor, Barded Warhorse, Shield

24 Swordsmen, command (Captain goes here)
detachment of 9 Halberdiers

10 Crossbowmen

10 Huntsmen

5 Knights of the inner circle (Warrior priest goes here)

5 Pistoliers, musician


10 Falgellants.

This should be a few points below 1000 points. What do you think?
I am playing to have a good time, winning comes second.

27-11-2009, 14:40
No replys yet. Is it that bad?

27-11-2009, 15:00
I dont know if it helps but my old empire squad used Greatswords over Flagellents. Not saying they are bad but they kill themselves to get any real effect. With just 10 of them, you could (if you rolled perfect everytime) kill most of your on squad in 3 rounds of combat. Not to mention they are weak and get hammered by most anything.

27-11-2009, 15:37
What are you trying to do here? Your list looks fun enough but it seems scattered. Try developing a purpose for your army. The empire has many options for army list building. With such a small force other armies can build lists that give you a lot of trouble (i.e. fear, terror, mobile units, etc). You could hold your ground and shoot up opposing armies before they march up to attack your units. You could even hook up a Warrior Priest list. :) My personal favorite. I am new with the Empire too though. I like the idea of giving your captain the dragon bow for a stand and shoot with a 3+ to hit and a S6 wounding. That'll take something out and surprise your opponent. Plus it gives your captain something to do for cheap. I favor the Greatswords as a unit that will usually hold and bring the pain. Flagellants are fun but they will be tricky to use with Frenzy. Hope this helps.

27-11-2009, 16:17
Recently I have been using Greatswords as a parent unit with detachments of Swordsmen and Crossbowmen, posistioned right, you charge with the greats and the swordsmen can hit the flank, that alone can debilitate a unit in combat.

Empire also has a good Wizard Hero for cheap if you need spellcasting.

27-11-2009, 16:31
This looks like a fair and fun list, though you might like to reconsider the doomfire ring.
Right now you have two bound spells, and nothing else. Since your opponent has two dispel dice min, you'd not get those off often. Either take a magician or drop the Doomfire ring.

27-11-2009, 16:53
I would drop the doomfire ring for reasons stated by Gargobot. Had you taken TWO warrior priests to lead the army (Which is what I normally do for armies under 2000pts) then I would give both of them bount items. In your case save the 25pts.
I would use those points to put the Captian on barded warhorse with a shield to give him a 1+ armour save, now he's solid!
I would also look at dropping the Inner Circle upgrade. Why? With mounted warrior priest to lead them Knights have charged and destroyed 5 Fleshounds with no sweat, and then overan into another unit of fleshounds and destroyed them too!
I used 6 Knights with warrior priest (with a musician) and charged 20 Plauge Monks with a furnance, and they killed 7 models on the charge! If it wasnt for me failing 2 toughness tests I would have won the combat v's a big block of infantary so yeah, not bad!
By dropping inner circle you might have enough points to upgrade the mortar to a cannon - large template is nice but str 3 with no mods to armour saves? Nah, not for your one and only warmachine - take a great cannon so you can now destroy tough units/monstors.
Flaggellents - keep them! Point them at the scariest unit on the other side and hold them for a turn or 2 - this will allow you time to train cannon or knights hitting them in the flanks!
Good luck and welcome to the lands of Sigmar!