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26-11-2009, 01:34

Chaos Sorcerer Lord: lvl 3, mark of tzeench, disc of tzeench, rending sword, eye of tzeench, favor of the gods, roar(2d6 S1 hits), homuncculus, dispel scroll, enchanted shield.


Chaos paladin: BsB, mark of tzeench, steed, flail, shield, collar of khorne, book of secrets

Chaos paladin: mark of tzeench, disc of tzeench, flail, shield, torrent of corruption (breath weapon), talisman of protection.


20x Marauders: mark of slaanesh, light armor, shield, musician.

15x Warriors of Chaos: mark of khorne, standard, champion, shield, halberd, banner of 5+ ward vs shooting.

6x Marauder horsemen: mark of slaanesh, axes, musician

6x Hounds

6x Hounds


6x Chaos knights: mark of tzeench


War altar

War altar


26-11-2009, 02:23
If you are thinking that the sword of rending will work with your magic spells it does not work the way you think it works and if you tried that at any of the clubs I go to you would quickly find yourself without anyone to play against. Unless of course you actually mean to hit enemies in the head with the thing which would be foolish even for a fighty mage.

I would drop rending sword and favor of the gods for a 4th magic level.

26-11-2009, 05:58
what about the rest of the army? i dont feel sure about the marauder block

26-11-2009, 08:56
They will be shot to pieces and most will probably die before they get to the enemy lines, but that's what they do best. MoS makes sure they will stick around long enough to be a meat shield or distraction for the other stuff on the table.

Or at least that's what they do for me. I usually run my chosen and a chariot or two behind my marauder block and some dogs, so while the marauders get chewed up pretty good my other little mans usually make it there in decent enough shape.

edit- forgot to add, if you're going to run two warshrines, you might want to think about making those warriors chosen and giving the champ favor of the gods. You could really tool the unit up with three rolls on the EotG table and by the time they get into combat they will be very hard to take down.