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26-11-2009, 14:26
........Word Bearers?

thinking of going off and making another chaos army, ive always played pure nurgle, be it daemons, marines or LATD but i was looking through the witchhunter codex thinking this could make a passable word bearer army

would have a throne of judgment painted up in the WB colours as some kind of high ranking dark apostle, the throne painted in darker tones and made suitably spikey for an apostle

the sisters themselves i could probably get away with counting as some kind of traitor or cultist

saint celestine being some kind of avatar of a lesser chaos god

acts of faith renamed and easily explained the pacts made with daemons by the apostle and his forces?

what do y'all think? ok for a chaos army (that doesnt use the new uber SM codex of doom "cuz it fits the style better innit") or would it just be seen as "oh look another guy who wants chaos sisters? i bet you want chaos tau as well dont you"

model wise id probably be looking at full conversions for most of the army, nothing so obvious as spiky sisters

26-11-2009, 14:33
intresting, but the obv problem is having T3 Word Bearers, unless from what you said above, they wont actually be Word Bearers? if thats the case, then its just a chaos force and not a Word Bearer force.

26-11-2009, 14:38
Unless he uses allied space marines ofcourse...

26-11-2009, 14:41
Unless he uses allied space marines ofcourse...

thats true, but i dont get thats the plan from his OP.

can i sit on the fence, till things are developed a bit more :D

intresting idea at least.

26-11-2009, 14:42
pookie: good call, however IIRC the wordbearers (much like the alpha legion) make wide use of cultists to do the work for them, I could easily imagine these sisters to not actually be sisters at all but be a cult armed by the word bearers

truth be told i didnt think of allied marines at all, the army only exists on paper at the minute but could be somthing to look at in the very near future

26-11-2009, 14:50
pookie: good call, however IIRC the wordbearers (much like the alpha legion) make wide use of cultists to do the work for them, I could easily imagine these sisters to not actually be sisters at all but be a cult armed by the word bearers

cool, i had a idea that youd say that, but.....

it wouldnt really be a Wordbearer force if it was just cultists, imo for it to be a Wordbearers force, youd have to actually have some actuall Wordbearers in there, even if it was a HQ and 5 man sqd, leading the Cult.

but obviously thats just me, and how i see cults etc, i think it certainly is a diffrent way of using the SoB dex without saying you want Chaos Sisters ;) :p

26-11-2009, 15:14
Unfortunately you can't use allied Marines if your army includes any Sister units, but you can use allied Sisters in a Marine army. I like the idea though

Of course if your opponents don't mind, then its no problem. I doubt Marines in a Sister army are going to be game breaking.

26-11-2009, 16:28
Ignore, misread phrase in codex

26-11-2009, 17:20
but allied space marines and Inq Storm troopers (armed cultists?)

it depends how effective you'd like your army to be. Most of the non sister units simply aren't as good.

I don't think you can have The throne of Judgement AND celestine in the same army.

the former works well for your theme, but the latter (when there aren't any other sisters) plays like a mad demon repeating sucide bomb.

So do death cult assassins, the eversor, arco-flagellents ect. (instant demon stand-ins)

I don't think you can improve an Inquisitor to Dark apostle level, or even CSM level, but you could have him as an allied sorcerer.

27-11-2009, 00:26
Euhm, I don't quite get it. You'd like to field a Sisters of Battle army ... and have the fluff around it being Chaos?

Or mix the two together, so using SoB codex for listing and use Chaos icons etc and Chaos Specific stuff for it?

If it's the first: Who cares? It's a SoB army in any sense, noone could complain and it's completely tournament legit. If it's the latter: Expect more resistance to it than even fielding FW models.

Personally, and I think I would talk for most: as long as it's one army-listing and it's clear what-is-what: I couldn't care less about it's looks (as long as it looks decent/good). Making up your own list however, imo really needs some reading-through and/or thought about it.

27-11-2009, 00:31
Chaos sisters that aren't slaanesh lesbians? Sounds good to me.

27-11-2009, 00:41
dante: I see you have found my other post regarding the F word, im thinking sister models using sister rules, the only chaos part will be purely aesthetic and background wise, think sister models with conversions to look more chaotic, essentially im asking about an evil looking sister army

IcedAnimals: done to death, we dont want to go down that road lol

27-11-2009, 00:56
I have no problem what so ever and in fact highly encourage you to collect those sister models and convert the hell out of them.

And yeah Slaanesh sisters are over done. I admit even I have them. However it came about different than "slaanesh makes girls touch each other" My favorite marine chapter in the fluff was the emperors children. Fulgrim is my favorite primarch. So when the time came I proxied my sisters as marines to test out a chaos army in some games with my cousin.

So I never converted the models to be chaosy. And they are still in their imperial colors and always will be. But since I bought the forgeworld KoS and some noise marines whenever I play chaos they are still my basic marines since I matched the actual chaos marines color with theirs (black and red).

Anyways. I hope to see some pictures of your finished work. There are some cool looking scrolls and scriptures you can use on sisters models that will work well for Word Bearers.

27-11-2009, 01:58
<...> im thinking sister models using sister rules, the only chaos part will be purely aesthetic and background wise <...>

I can't see anyone having any problem with it at all then, I personally love those armies. Being really unique background-wise and all. Any army can have any colouring/background because there are soo many "lost/unknown" chapters, at least for space marines/imperial armies.

Personally, I'm actually going for a darker tone Tau myself. Mostly just colours though, those "desert-colours" are getting so boring seeing all the time. Ice stuff is nice/somewhat different, but also done too much/many times imo. As long as everything is identifyable and using a standard codex, not anyone should be alowed to (live to) complain.

Disclaimer for US peeps: Don't go start killing people because someone on the 'net made a funny!

27-11-2009, 02:10
You know what, I quite like that that idea. Perhaps get a box or two of sisters to see if the concept holds any water when applied to a paint scheme and conversions you may do on the models. As a basis though a dark aspostle or cult leader on his mechanical mount leading a group of word bearers/ chaos cultists, with all manner of warp spawned wierdness (bear in mind you could get some demonhosts from the DH codex as allies) sounds good.

An idea on how to make the sisters seem more like 'word bearers'. Use the rules for zealots that were published white dwarf a while back. They are compatible with 5th edition and from what I recall reading are fully tested and 'legal' rules to be used alongside the WH book.

Would make the sisters look a lot tougher in comparison.

He Who Thirsts
27-11-2009, 02:15
I didn't catch what codex you were using... CSM or Sisters?

CSM - just use Sisters as standard marines.

Sisters - I like the idea, Word Bearers and Sisters being Zealous(100) and all. Throw in some allied marines that are actually Chaos Marines models and you will be fine.