View Full Version : My First War Band, I would Aprreciate Help.

27-01-2006, 00:16
This is my first chaos warband, i am still realatively new to the war band rules and would lbe thrilled if anybody could give me some feed back.

Aspiring champion:
hand weapon + enchanted shield= 90 points

2x knights of chaos= 66 points

14x marauders with shields, light armor, musician, battle standard= 113 points

1x spawn= 60 points

1x marauder chariot (which is actually a modified beast chariot)= 85 points

5x marauder horsemen with flails and musician = 81 points

6x hounds of chaos = 36 points

for a grand total of 498 points.

So, what do you all think? :evilgrin:

27-01-2006, 20:08
Anybody? Does'nt anybody play warbands anymore?

28-01-2006, 15:31
The warband match is in the first week of feburary! Please flock to my aid! Assist! Throw me a bone! maybe some cheese snacks!

28-01-2006, 17:00
First of all, you need to edit the knight of Chaos points cost...

nit picking aside, you'd probably be best dropping the maruaders as everthign else is mounted and so they'll get left behind, for teh points you'll get, upgrade the champion to an exalted and get anothe runit of dogs and possibly a few more Chaos Knights....

28-01-2006, 17:19
So i take out the marauders, then add more horsemen/knights. As for the aspiring champ i will need to sacrifice 20 points to up him to Exalted. Do I have enough points? and how many chaos knights units should i have? and how many knights in those units?