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27-11-2009, 00:52
So I picked up the Lizardmen army book and so far I love it so far. The fluff seems interesting but like the high elves it seems to focus of the distant "past". My question is pretty simple I guess, what reason other than countering invaders in Lustria would Lizard men have to fight the other armies of the warhammer world? I can understand Dark Elf and Skaven incursions to Lustria but why would they ever fight an army like Brets for example, or anyone outside their territories?

27-11-2009, 00:56
not all the lizardmen are happy to stay at home and let the world go to hell around them.....
some of the slann want to journey into the other lands for various reasons:

a)kill the other races that werent part of the old ones plan
b)recover stolen/lost artifacts
c)gather information about the world they live in
d)inact some part of what they have divined as the old ones plan

im sure there are more reasons, those are just the most obvious.....

27-11-2009, 01:13
Alot of armies come to lustria in search of riches, that is after all, what the conquest of the new world campaign was about. Plus, Luthor harkon, the vampire, and his zombie pirate army already control a chunk of lustria, so theres a reason for them to fight vampire counts.

27-11-2009, 01:16
Yeah I read that part but lets face it the new world is where the action is, Lizardmen seem to be very "anti-chaos" but other than waiting for things to happen at home they don't seem to do much about it. I'm wondering if there was any sort of fluff where maybe a Lizardmen army crossed to see to sort people out on something.

27-11-2009, 01:30
I don't know that there is any official backround for that sort of thing. I've made up my own, where a Slann has journeyed to the Southlands to rebuild lost temple cities. He is chosen and blessed by Chotec, as is his host. This allows them to survive the desert climates as they march north to uncover lost cities.

My friend plays Wood Elves a lot though...and there is pretty much no good reason these two armies would ever fight. :eyebrows:

27-11-2009, 01:52
Yeah its pretty much the only downside I can see for starting a Lizardman army ever is that while the fluff is good I really don't feel totally like its a world affecting force. Some armies make sense, Dark Elves attack Ulthuan, and have raided the new world, Vampires have small fiefdoms all over the place. Chaos is both sea faring and noted to travel, the Empire is the centre of the action and don't even need to travel, with Bretonnia right next door. Beasts and O&G are pretty world wide. I don't know anything about ogres.... not even a little... but that is pretty much everything. TK may suffer the same sort of fluff set backs as well tho unless you take Barrow Kings into account.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
27-11-2009, 02:16
First off, they fight Brets all the time...or at least used to. Back when I first got started with Warhammer (like 10 years ago) all the pictures of lizardmen always showed Questing Knights ans Errants trying to prove themselves by charging Saurus'. The fluff may have changed since then, but that's how I'll always remember the Lizzy/Bret relationship.

As for reasons to fight (And I'm trying my best not to just repeat WarhammerNoob4ever) there is a Lizardman Pyramid just to the south-east of the Tomb Kings Territory. Actually it's on page 10 of the Tomb Kings book, an when you realize that the "Savage Territories" they refer to are Bretonnia and Tilea and the Empire it seems like a lizardmen contingent sits only a few days/weeks forced march and on the other side of the world edge mounts from the Old World.

The odds that a Lizardman temple exists any farther north and has not been discovered by Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, Ogres, Men, Beastmen, etc seems unlikely, but if you don't mind making up you're own fluff about a Lizardman city with some magical "Cloaking Device" sitting right in the thick of things...

Additionally, you could claim that you're lizardmen are going on the offensive in a pre-emptive strike to stop the constant raids, although fluff-wise this may cause problems since a lot of the raiders live in fridget climates and being cold-blooded means they just can't fight them there (half of them would fall into a virtual coma before they saw battle).

Ultimate Life Form
27-11-2009, 04:27
My friend plays Wood Elves a lot though...and there is pretty much no good reason these two armies would ever fight. :eyebrows:

You are very wrong. The Lizardmen have a very good reason to fight the Wood Elves. Let me explain our cold-blooded thought patterns:

1. Wood Elves are ELVES first and foremost
2. They are not in their designated area (Ulthuan)
= eradicate.

Lizardmen ARE a world-affecting force, in fact they created the world as it is. They are passive most of the time now, but when a prophecy tells them to do something, they will stop at nothing to get the job done. When the Slann decide that there should be a volcano where Altdorf is located, Mazdamundi WILL raze the city and create a nice comfy volcano.

Lizardmen will viciously attack any and all Chaos-related races and everyone who is not where the Old Ones wanted them, which is pretty much everyone to begin with. Empire, Bretonnia and High Elves have many sacred Lustrian artifacts we want BACK. We won't be denied.

27-11-2009, 05:22
The best lizardman story I have ever read was about a lizard army taking a portal to a place and wiping out a bunch of humans, to regain a tiny sacred artifact. The poor humans did not even know what they were there for.

At the end of the story, the skink priest takes the tiny artifact and puts it with the other1000+ identical ones in their temple. I think it sums up their way of looking at things well.

27-11-2009, 07:15
I think I like the idea of destroying a town in order to re gain artifacts especially, based off that story.

27-11-2009, 11:27
Mate of mine has 1k Lizardmen and he's modelled them all with torches and other heat sources, as well as lots of blue-tinged skin. The backstory is they are an extra-cold-resistant artifact retrieval / Old One bid-doing force, who nevertheless still need a bit of warmth...

And yeah, being inscrutable is all the motivation they need to go anywhere and fight anyone :)

27-11-2009, 20:03
If we flip back to 7th edition era fluff (eons ago, I know :rolleyes:) the LM have been active in the retaking of Albion, actively opened gateways to help out during the Storm of Chaos campaign by appearing in the Empire for short periods, and during the Nemesis Crown campaign a large LM army from the Southlands marched north mostly fighting TK and greenskins.

So there are several "official" fluff pieces detailing the LM actively rolling about beating @ss. From your own viewpoint as a player its fairly easy to extrapolate your own stories of why the LM are fighting one of the lesser races.

27-11-2009, 20:42
Beastmen: They're Chaos, they're everywhere, no-brainer.

Bretonnians: The Bretonnian army has gone on a crusade to Lustria, or an impetuous noble has gone to fight the "dragons" of Lustria/seek the grail there. Or an army fleeing from a failed Arabyan crusade has ended up in the Southlands.

Chaos Dwarfs: The Dragon Isles are right next to the Darklands, and the Chaos Dwarfs have a fortress there (Hattuzhan).

Daemonic Legion: See - Chaos. See also - appear everywhere.

Dark Elves: A raiding force sent South into Lustria, or a Lizardmen raiding force sent North into Naggaroth.

Dwarfs: An expedition to/army from the Lost Hold in the Southlands, or Karak Zorn.

The Empire: An expedition funded by a noble/the Colleges of Magic/the Emperor/privately to get lots of gold from Lustria. The place is full of the stuff, after all.

High Elves: High Elves have several outposts in the South of both Lustria and the Southlands, as well as patrolling Albion. They should come into contact with Lizardmen easily enough.

Lizardmen: A conflicting prophecy, corrupted spawning pools, magic, whatever.

Ogre Kingdoms: Ogres travel everywhere, and eat/steal everything. Sometimes even on purpose.

Orcs & Goblins: Greenskins are everywhere. In the Southlands especially. Or perhaps one's got his hands on an old Lizardmen artifact or prophecy.

Skaven: They have tunnels into Lustria, and they have a prescence in the Southlands, Clan Pestilens especially. And they hate each other.

Tomb Kings: Southlands/Royal Embarkation to the West. There was actually an old Nehekaran city that fought skirmishes against the Lizardmen. I don't imagine relations will have improved now that they're dead.

Vampire Counts: The Vampire Coast, attempts to get hands on ancient artifacts, Vampires travelling South from Nehekara/the Silver Pinnacle, etc.

Warriors of Chaos: Myriad of reasons. Raiders from Skeggi, dragonboats from Norsca, Dark Elf-sponsored marauders (Slaanesh?) from the North, any Chaos Lord who decides he wants a Carnosaur/his patron god wants an artifact, etc.


27-11-2009, 20:43
Best reason, you aren't part of the old ones plans! About the only race I can think of that's mostly in-line with the old ones plans are the dwarves who still live in the world's edge mountains. In fact it'd seem lizards would help them reclaim their territory from the greenskin blight, who aren't part of the old ones plans at all.

28-11-2009, 02:27
well anything the slaan says goes. weather interprited right or wrong. heck a slann could pass gas and they though he sail kill. so they go fight.

but you can think and come up with pretty much any reason to fight

28-11-2009, 18:18
You guys are a pretty big help thanks a lot Is there any place I can read about the Lizardmen's role in the Storm of Chaos and Albion?

28-11-2009, 18:57
well the book describes the reason for attacking others to be if the slaan decide that the race had no place in the designs of the old ones.

28-11-2009, 22:40
Ogres and Dwarfs (Not chaos dwarfs of course) are safe I think. Ogres are safe as long as they don't attack Lustria and Dwarfs are safe as long as they don't leave the World's Edge Mountains.

Lizardmen don't do infighting but I guess you can make a battle between the saurus and skinks gone savage in the Dragon Isles vs. Regular lizzies.

28-11-2009, 23:04
Ogres and Dwarfs (Not chaos dwarfs of course) are safe I think. Ogres are safe as long as they don't attack Lustria and Dwarfs are safe as long as they don't leave the World's Edge Mountains.

Lizardmen don't do infighting but I guess you can make a battle between the saurus and skinks gone savage in the Dragon Isles vs. Regular lizzies.

Ogres might be in some trouble as they deviated from the great plan when they started worshiping the great maw. But they're probably very low on the slann's to do list in any case.

29-11-2009, 01:59
In a controversial kind of way, I perceive the Lizardmen as the USA of the Warhammer World....Willing (and powerful enough) to do all kinds of weird stuff in order to preserve their "plans" however misguided they seem to others.

Similarly, The Empire could be perceived as a kind of Roman/Greek setup with all the various City States, and WoC could be compared to the Viking invasions of Britain or Northern Europe during the Dark Ages.

Apologies if this is too political and stuff, but that is the way I paraphrase these sort of things.

29-11-2009, 13:55
GenerationTerrorist, I wouldn't really call Lizardmen the USA of the Warhammer World as they are trying to return the world to the state it was before Chaos came and EVERYONE else is in fact, misguided to some extent.

And I thought it was pretty obvious that The Empire was very close to the H.R.E? Except it's more unified.