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28-11-2009, 06:55
i'm planning a chaos guard army, blood pact veterans, with possible allies in the form of either SOB or GK

my question is whether which allied army would be a better fit mechanically and playwise? Witchhunters or Daemonhunters?

if the general answer is WH...

then I've been seriously considering adding Witchhunters, with one or two sister squads, probably modeled up and heavily armored elite bloodpact guys probably something in appearance similar to the Cog soldiers from Gears of War

would it be better to get a Canoness? or Karamazov(modelled as a crazy bloodpact general "riding" on a Blood Slaughterer?

Captain DD
28-11-2009, 07:10
I hope you're having them as "Counts As" models. Since the GK would incinerate them on the spot.

28-11-2009, 08:08
i thought that was implied, but yes the entire army will be "count as"

veterans will be modelled to appear as bloodpacters
tanks will all be looked and painted as bloodpact/chaos vehicles

the others have already been explained, also, another question, can veterans be given carapace, or no? i havent had a chance to pick up the new dex yet, should be doing so soon though

28-11-2009, 10:45
Vets can get carapace in place of flak, for 30 points per squad. Yes, this is a great idea! I'd use the WH, although both could work well. Especially force weapons, say they're daemonic weapons and you've got some hard-hitting troops to shield your Vets from close combat. Then again, with IG you don't want to tie your opponents up in cc cause then you can't shoot them, and GKs aren't much good out of combat. This is why I'd say go for WH, who can lay down some great close quarters fire as well as fight well in cc for when things get up close and hairy.

28-11-2009, 11:13
Or you could just get Imperial Armour Vol. 6- The Siege of Vraks Part 2 which has a Khornate traitor list in it.

28-11-2009, 12:12
i've seen the list in IA v. 6, while i like it, i'm wanting to run a "regular" imperial guard army with allies

plus it'll be fun to do conversions for the special imperial guard characters

currently i plan on using Space Marine scouts, with packs/bags/pouches and GS webbing to make them look more like armored guardsman with headswaps from the Maximini heads for blood pact. I plan on running a couple veteran squads, probably with chimera transports. "Marbo" will be converted to be a stealth specialist Pacter, Harker(if i decide to use him) will be converted also, not sure on what i want to do for him yet, Straken will most probably be a chaos marine with P-Pistol and Shotgun, not sure about any others yet though

the sisters i will use scouts as the base model, with extra armor on the thighs and chainmail "skirts" for a more armored effect to them. the "canoness" will be Blood Pact warrior who has shown enough devotion to have been gifted particularly, heavily armored(something akin to termi armor, but toned down a bit, thanks to the cape, i forget the name) not sure what kind of weapon loadout i plan on giving "her" yet though

anyone have any suggestion on whether it would be better to go with Karamazov, or a Cannoness?

28-11-2009, 12:36
Ive toyed with the idea of Karamazov as a cult leader, theres so much you could do with that model although for a blood pact force Ive always imagined the Gaur (i think thats their commanders title) would be a regular infantry man with a more detailed mask and fancier looking armour

28-11-2009, 13:52
I'm working on doing exactly what you are right now, though with Nurgle. Using a group of particularly brutal plague marines who instead of bloating and numbness received unholy strength from the plague. Using GK rules for em.

Still trying to decide how I want to do Sisters with them though. Thinking of normal Guardsmen who have become the favored of Nurgle, using the 3+ armor as a sign of Nurgle's affection (Guard version of FNP, if you will).

28-11-2009, 15:57
Tactically, WH are a much better fit than DH.
I've normally seen the cannoness in Guard with WH allies lists, but karzamov is viable, I believe.

28-11-2009, 19:19
i believe i will probably be going to go with WH, after hearing you guys' opinions, i like DH and Grey Knights, but damn if they aren't point sinks!

Lord Cook
28-11-2009, 21:44
From a game play perspective the Witch Hunters would fit much better. From a modeling perspective, only you can judge what kind of conversions you're interested in or capable of.

29-11-2009, 04:59
I'd personally go with Karamazov, a cult would most likely be led by just a tainted general. After all, most cults usually start from the leader.

As for Harker, how about an aspiring champion? Most times I've seen/heard of a cult unit (DoW, fluff, conversions), the unit's led by a warrior of chaos. I could just see an aspiring champion with a cursed heavy bolter leading a group of battle-frenzied cultists.

At Mosedeke, that's a great idea! I love hearing new ideas for traitor guard armies, and the 'FNP for guards' sounds awesome:D I'm planning to get my hands on the old LatD list or use the IG/DH codex and do a Tzeentch traitor guard; a few sorcerers (Psyker & PBS/Inq. & retinue) leading a mutant rabble (penal legion/conscripts) into battle, accompanied by bigger mutants (ogryns) and cultists (stormtroopers).

29-11-2009, 10:30
there are some major flaws about the FW traitor army lists.

the main one is that the first one was written for the old imperial guard codex and so you lack all the new toys, pay around 20% markup for nothing AND even lack the acess to the "good" (others would call it broken) doctrines.

I'd suggest you mix the new IG codex with a bit of common sense and add the "ally" rules from the IA books (cult troops from CSM as elites, downgraded HQs to HQs) or just apply the INQ allying rules to CSM (so 1HQ, 1ELite, 2Troops). As long as you stay true to the theme (as in not mixing factions for your allies) noone should have a problem in friendly matches.

on a pure power discussion I'd say take a DH lordinquisitor with the retinue of your choice (mystics, good psychic hood, ability to be decked out for melee and make use of kill-all-FW), a named assasin (callidus combined with PBS is a no-brainer here, as is the culexus for sheer firepower. vindicare can be nice as well but the eversor doesnt fit well, at least for me) and two squads of sisters (preferably without an expensive transport but in a valkyrie/vendetta).