View Full Version : Warshrine EotG roll on mounts

29-11-2009, 03:42
The warshrine rules states that "... during your shooting phase you may pick a single friendly unit within 12" of the warshrine. That unit may immediately roll on the Eye of the Gods table..."

On the EotG table, the effects are with reference to "the favoured one".

Here's 2 scenarios to ponder about -
1. My warshrine gives an EotG roll to my lord on dragon - does the dragon get the effects? Consider what might happen if I give a roll to a dragon (or any monstrous/chariot mounts for the matter) which lost its rider.

2. Similarly, my warshrine picks my Chaos Knights as a recipient of an EotG roll. Do the mounts receive its effects? (With emphasis on +1 Str/Att effects since the other effects should not have special effects on normal mounts.)

29-11-2009, 04:10
per the errata, mounts never receive the benefit of the EoTG table. I would assume that would include dragons (2nd page of errata for ref.).

They do however benefit from unitwide buffs such as MR(3).