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29-11-2009, 05:40
The whole concept behind this is the story that Armon was captured by Goblins, and in a twist of fate(story is in the background area of the forums) somehow thru cunning, martial skill, and lots of shiny things has gained leadership of a tribe of Goblins.

His training in Empire tactics and various glittering rewards have yielded a force that is beyond the scope of normal greenskin tendencies. Although he may have to occassionally put down the random would be usurper to his throne, he has led the Gobbos to victory upon victory. In doing so, the Gobbos follow him for now.

Word is that Armon is selling his army's service to the highest bidder, afterall who cares if Gobbos perish in a battle!? And to boot, they are cheaper to hire than typical human mercenaries!

Captain Armon-91 pts
-Full Plate
-Barded Warhorse
-Enchanted Shield
*With a 0+ Armor Save and a nice set of S6 attacks on the charge this guy provides some nice boost to his unit of 11 x Gobbo Knights.

11 x Gobbo Knights-247 pts
-Full Command
*A Unit Strength 22 beast with full command. With Armon in here, breaking a unit should not be too difficult at the 750 points limit.

5 x Gobbo Knights-180 pts
-Full Command
-War Banner
*A nice support of the main unit. The WarBanner provides the much needed boost due to absence of ranks. This should be a nice "little hammer."

10 x Forest Gobbo Huntsmen-100pts
*Great as a march move denial unit!!! I love slowing the enemy down to allow me move into proper positions. Warmachine crews could be at jeopardy due to these guys, but mostly they are 100 points of control. Also hard to hit due to being skirmishers.

6 x Gobbo Pistoliers-132 pts
-Musician, Outrider
-Repeater Pistol
*Fast Cav, pistols, and nasty. Need I say more? With the musician flee and rally is more a reality. This unit can put the hurt on warmachine crews, one characters and can deal with flyers. The option to stand and shoot is also a nicety.
Total: 750 points

Overall the whole concept of the army is to deny march move/control movement and commit at the most advantageous time. That is the plan, now whether it works or not, we will see.

29-11-2009, 18:46
Funky concept! although trying to imagine a gobbo even thinking he can control a warhorse! lol
mmm as for a 750pt list though its fine, you got a massive unit of knights, a support unit, fast cav, and huntsman.
After my tournment yesterday with a fully mounted Empire all I can say is that Outriders is were its at - those guys are devastating! Their range, multiple shots cant be ignored. Especially in a smaller 750pt game - the difficulty I found with the pistoliers is that by the time they get into range of shooting the enemy will be hitting them back at close range and they just drop!
Your magic defence is also going to hurt but it cant be helped as the theme you have taken is more important - the only fighty character that adds dispell die is a warrior preist and he would never lead a bunch of gobbos!
Be cool to see how you convert the models, make sure you post some pictures

29-11-2009, 20:29
very interesting idea, i like it, will be nice to see how you make the gobbo knights look, definately post some pics if you can. not an empire player so cant comment on your set up, but the idea looks nice