View Full Version : thunderbolt profile/plan

27-01-2006, 12:53
hey all, as you may or may not know i intend to scratchbuild an imperial thunderbolt fighter for my IG army. so i knocked this out quickly as a rough guide to what i want to do. and i thought it looked nice enough to show you


i love the thunderbolt! its a big bruiser of a fighter with rock hard looks and loadsa hard hitting weaponry. it just looks tough

27-01-2006, 16:07
Sweet. I love the thunderbolt too, especially after reading "double eagle" :D


30-01-2006, 16:59
The thunderbolt is a really nice.
I would love to see more of the detail.
Pics a little small.

30-01-2006, 20:28
well... 699X357pxl is enough for the amount of detail i put in there, ill assume you opened the thumbnail picture up.