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Boondock Saint
18-05-2005, 13:35
Alright, to start this off, some of you may know me, maybe not, in any case I am a pretty good Warhammer player and for a long time enjoyed dominance in my gaming group. However, of late, a friend has bought Lizardmen, and although I can still win with my VC's, my TK's have rarely won. Now, what I am asking for is advice in taking down that army...

Here is what I usually run (bare bones)

Tomb King in Chariot
Liche Priest
Liche Priest
Liche Priest with Casket

20 Archers
20 Warriors
5 Chariots

4 Ushabti
2x1 Tomb Scorpions

Screaming Skull Catapult

Here is what he usually runs, although it may be a little different, he rotates stuff and I may have included extra points in (bare bones):
Frog (Slann lvl 4-5)
Skink Priest
Saurus Hero (the name escapes me)

16 Saurus Warriors
16 Temple Guard
2 X 12 Skink

3 Kroxigor
2 Salamanders


Anyway, my model range is limited for Tomb Kings, however, if someone suggested a model switch, then I will have to test it out before I go buy some new ones.

Thanks guys.

18-05-2005, 14:03
His army doesn't look that strong. I am no khemri player but i do play lizardmen and i have a long history of thrashing/being thrashed by a khemri army. Basically he rules the movement and combat phase, you are both equally matched in the magic phase and this is where your problem comes in. Khemri need to rule the magic phase, if i was you i would try to neutralise the skink priest, this way he has 4 dispel dice (7 max depending on items) this means you have 4 spells and the casket. Now with all your liche's other then the casket mounted one i would be moving stuff, if you can get off a couple of movement spells in the magic phase then you will be ruling the movement and magic phase, plus with ushabti and chariots you can get a good hold in the combat phase.

His skinks can be shot by your archers, the salamanders can be easily neutralised by tomb scorpions, his krox can be easily taken by usabti (Just keep the chariots away from both them and his jaguar scar vet, if he is running one) use the catapult to knock down the number of saurus or temple guard before hitting them in the front and flank. The key to winning the game for you is to rule the magic phase and get the right units to match up. Get the slanns unit in the front and flank. Remember the slann must be in the temple guard unit and he cannot leave it until they are all dead, use this to your advantage, knock the unit down to 5-8 temple guard then auto break it with fear. Easy as that :D

18-05-2005, 17:32
Riddy is correct here. I too play alot of Lizzie, TK battles. I am the Lizzie player though.

I often have trouble with the Tomb King lord with the destroyer of eternities. My friend puts it in a unit of grave guard with that special reform banner. He knows all the rules for reform and often gets into flanking positions. He usually targets my units with the most points like a huge unit of temple guard or saurus and auto breaks them with his movement spells.

To counter this I usually equip my slann with a staff of sorcery to +2 to dispell and I play mostly defensive shooty magic to weaken his troops.

He make good use of his tomb swarms too and often beats up on my skinks or salamanders and lone priests. My Jaguar scar vet is particularly nasty with a great weapon or a d3 wounding weapon.

But I reckon that his stegadon causes you problems. To focus on that, you may want to use lots of tomb swarms or slow it down with a bone giant. Remember, the stegadon is like 265 points. It is pretty nasty but expensive too.

Boondock Saint
20-05-2005, 10:51
Thats precisely the problem, sometimes he even takes another skink priest, but he doesnt take any items for them besides dispell scrolls, usually after casting all my stuff, I wont get an important spell off until about turn 4, and by then he has covered a pretty big section of the board.

I toyed with the idea of dropping the king in favor of a High Priest, but it's sooo expensive.

22-05-2005, 11:49
Can you not just screaming skull the stegadon?? Should be too hard to hit him as he is pretty big! And then won't it be 2+ wound with d6 wounds if u get a hit. You also would mince all the little skinks on its back if you hit it. Try taking 2 and hammering his line, plus you can just sit their doing the shoot twice spell till you get it off. That v lethal so he'll need to over use Dispel dice or risk you getting a cheeky shot off.

How about dropping the casket for a high priest. I think caskets are just too easy to kill and if your oppenet has lots of dispel dice then the high casting role of the high priest will be more useful then an extra bound item (Even thou if you ever did get it off would be fantastic against lizadmen)

23-05-2005, 04:52
I play TK, and have a few Lizard games under my belt. I say keep the casket. You need to dominate the magic phase, and the casket is one of those items whose worth cannot be calculated in points. It's a psychological tool, and can make your magic phase infinitely more effective by allowing your other spells to get off while your opponent is saving his DDs for the casket. At the very least, it provides a nice anchor for your force, and when paired with a catapult your liche will never be at a loss for a spell to cast. Even better, in an ideal world (that being one where your opponent is foolish enough to let that thing go off), you can easily cause some panic tests in his skink units. Other than that, I might split the archers into two units of 10 to maximize firepower. Maybe add more skeleton blocks. From there, it's up to your dice rolls and tactics. Good luck.

30-05-2005, 03:22
Hehe, för that Stegadon, I shot it with my Gr.Cannon and only managed two wounds... bleh... Then one of my handgunner units (10) got a shot at it, at short range, and hit with 3!!! Only Three.... I need 3 sixes to take it down... ANd what the hell did I get... I got 3! 3 of those dices turned out to be 6:s!!!!! Hooray... Now all he could do was to manage 3 6+ Armour Saves.... he didn't have what gods he may have with him... Like Magnus the Pious said.. My God is always with me. Or, a frequently used comment since that... Ready! Aim! Fire!!! (of course with the appropriate movement... )

30-05-2005, 17:54
Well IMHO I would drop the Chariots and trade them instead for a Unit of Tomb Guards.
The killing Blow can get rid of the Saurus or temple guards. you are both equal in Magic, but he got the stronger CC punch. I don't play against Tomb Kings but I got beaten by Vampires and their Grave Guard and the Tomb Guard are much alike. It's frustrating seeing your beloved Templeguard getting cruched by sone boneheads because the got that little killing blow.
just my 2 cents

03-06-2005, 19:17
Not to mention that you can summon back your tomb guard and can't summon back grave guard >< .

Take Kalita.. *I think I spelled it wrong but TK players know who this is* All those poison shots.. Mmmm

I'm not a fan of TK chariots.. yeah it's a unit but eh only d3 wounds blah blah I rather drop them for another unit of archers if you use Kalita or maybe a Bone Giant. Those things cause so much damage its not funny. My friend runs two bone giants together along with a army standard bearer so he'll get the +1 combat res and well.. having 2 giants in combat at once is going to really hurt. He usually munches any unit he comes into contact with.

Verminlord K
05-06-2005, 17:44
I think it can be done with the models you have. Your going to have trouble with the Slann and his Temple Guard, but you can destroy the rest first. The casket can still work on the skinks, so placement is very important. A Lvl 4 slann is realy tough to out magic, as they are suppose to be the most powerful. But the right combination of Incantations and a few hidden items can draw out the dice to let you get to somethin better. If he has the choice between letting you shoot twice or possible flank charge a unit, he'll have to decide which is worse. And remember, attack in numbers. Fear means he'll flee without a test if out numbered and defeated. He'll see this coming and have to react. Getting the opponenet to react is one step to victory.