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02-12-2009, 06:33
I`ve been considering making an all cavalry goblin army that was relatively reliable and that used psychology against the opponent, and came up with this list.

Azhag the Slaughter 450

Goblin Big Boss, Wolf, Great Axe, Light Armour, Horn of Urgok 93

Goblin Big Boss, BSB, Wolf, Amulet of Protectyness, Ulag's Akrit Axe 122

Level 2 Goblin Shaman, Wolf, Sneaky Staff of Stealing 152

Characters - 819

18 Wolf Riders, Spears, Shields, Full Command 282
19 Wolf Riders, Spears, Shields, Full Command 296
9 Spider Riders, Short Bows, Full Command 156

Core 734

Wolf Chariot, Extra Wolf, Extra Goblin 66
Wolf Chariot, Extra Wolf, Extra Goblin 66
Wolf Chariot, Extra Wolf, Extra Goblin 66
Wolf Chariot, Extra Wolf, Extra Goblin 66

Special 284

Giant 205
Giant 205

Rare 410


the whole idea is to get two strong blocks of character-assisted wolves with chariot back up. Azhag makes the army less prone to animosity, and can choose the spell Death and Darkness to allow an army to take a terror test at -4 leadership, while giving troops around him a stunning 10 leadership if the Horn of Urgok goes off as well. Even if it doesn`t go off, it`s still an incredibly mobile army, and those goblins and chariots are likely to get the charge off, and win some combats with static 6 CR (with the bsb).

The giants are there to give shooting more targets as well as get in more terror causers, and they each have the possibility of holding down a block to themselves with stubborn 10. Hopefully the list will be fast enough to deal with war machines before they kill everything.

02-12-2009, 07:13
this will not work.

but if you try it, be sure to include some small units of fast cav, to screen, redirect and block the rest of the other army.

02-12-2009, 17:02
So would I be better off breaking up the spider unit into 2 units of 5 and adding more small spider units?

Also, i:m wondering if I shouldnt turn my other two heros that are fighty goblins right now into shamans, so I can insure that I over-power my opponent in the magic phase and get off the - LD spells.

Idle Scholar
02-12-2009, 17:11
Yes and probably. Actually on the second vary it depending on the opponent.

02-12-2009, 18:05
your lacking screening units - I play an all mounted Empire army with 5 units of Knights (5 strong), 4 units of fast cav, steam tank, and all mounted characters.
I have a 1+ save v's your 4+
I have 4 units of fast cav - you have one really big one
I have a steam tank....you have goblins

I have a really tough time with the army, all cav armies are very delicate. In order for yours to really pull off some gaming I'd forsee the need for AT LEAST 4 units of fast cav, 5 strong, musicians, and armed with bows. These will be your workhorses - screening your army, redirecting the enemy, using them to tie/slow down the tougher units.
Double giants is good but they lumber forwards 12" per turn so they wont be effective until turn 2.
For Mork's sake dont split the giants up! Run them in pairs so the enemy HAS to concentrate his firepower at them leaving your extremly fragile army alone!
The wolf rider units are also pretty huge! With a 18" charge you should be hitting flanks if your using the army properly
the fast cav units move 1" away from the enemy and anlge themselves so they have to be charged from the front, but in doing so the enemy is now exposing his/her flanks to the wolf riders. At this point its flank crushing time! You should have outnumber, flank, 1 rank, standard with just 10 wolfriders and whatever characters join them. I would take no more than 12 wolf riders and have a frontage of 6.
Azhag - he will be tricky as he's a large target and might get picked on - you might be better off using the giants to act as mobile terrian to hide him until he's ready to pounce on the enemy
Squig hoppers/pump wagons - these units can be deadly but the squig hoppers make you lose a charriot - but a unit of 10 is fierce! WS4, str 5, 2 attacks EACH, thats crazy, and they are ITP.
Split the spiders into units of 5, musicians, bows - no other command options rer'd
Shaman - he is useless on a wolf - he has to join a fighting unit which means sooner or later he is in combat - forget that! Stick him on a chariot - that way he zooms around and if he does go into combat he is now Unit strength FIVE as he is mounted in chariot so he can break ranks on his own, and he'll do impact hits - NICE! :D
You also have a special slot freed up so you can take Squig Hoppers or boar boyz (But I'd wait for summer as I hear the new boar boyz come out then), so squig hoppers it is!!
I also would have made one of the bosses a BSB with the raggdy bannor to re-roll panic tests, combined with ld 9 from azhag it means a strong chance your boyz will hold their ground as you bait & flee with the fast troops.
And finally - while Azhag would be the choice in terms of terror monstor, flying, leadership, magic, he is prone to being stupid - if that were to happen he'd just fly forwards and drool - and knowing greenskins it'll happen when you want it not to happen!
maybe consider the venerable Grom the Paunch to lead the army?
It fits the theme 100% as he is
1) Goblin
2) Mounted in huge charriot
3) You have another charriot!

Thanks - and hope I didn't ramble on for too long

03-12-2009, 05:55
Thanks Jind, that was actually incredibly helpful.

I see I have a lot of work to do on the list :p
I will definitely add more fast cavalry units with spider riders, and put my shamans in a chariot. I had considered it, although str 7 attacks scare me a little. Im still not sold on the smaller wolf units due to the simple fact that static 5 CR is really appealing as a long time Dark Elf player looking for a change, but i`ll definately try both.

I had considered squig hoppers, I wanted two units, that is, until I saw that the metal models were 7$ a piece, and im a fan of plastics. My main motive for going with Azhag is because he was 50 points cheaper than my shaman build on Wyvern, was a combat lord, and is the only way to have access to the lore of death.

I will definately make some changes when I have time, but thanks again for the help.

03-12-2009, 07:01
Your more than welcome Kaubin, its nice seeing people still playing the game for the reasons I love the hobby so much - they like a theme and go for it!
Wish you all the best, looking forward to the revised list

05-12-2009, 15:24
Well now that i'm done my german research paper and spanish essays, I finally got around to modifying the list with the suggestions I got. I still fit in 4 chariots, added some squig hoppers, and added more fast cavalry. Unfortunately I had to cut down on the wolves, and they wont be counting on static combat rez anymore, they'll actually have to kill stuff now :O

here's the modified list:

Azhag the Slaughter 450

Goblin Big Boss, BSB, Wolf, Amulet of Protectyness, Ulag's Akrit Axe 122

Level 2 Goblin Shaman, Chariot, Horn of Urgok - 190

Level 2 Goblin Shaman, Chariot, Sneaky Staff of Stealing 200

Characters 962

4 X 5 Spider Riders, short bows 280
10 Wolf Riders, Shields, Spears, full command 170
11 Wolf Riders, Shields, Spears, fullcommand 184

Core 634

Wolf Chariot 60
Wolf Chariot 60
8 Squig Hoppers - 120

Special 240

Giant 205
Giant 205

Rare 2246

So what do you think. Better? I'm still not sure about the second wizard though, but if i'm going to concentrate on casting to get the terror spells, I think i'll need to draw out as much stuff as possible.