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02-12-2009, 12:23
Hello, this is a Warriors list I'm going to play quite soon, there will be some changes eventually (when my second disc and more hounds arrive), but are there any glaring issues with this at the moment?

1 Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch, Disc, Level 4, Puppet, Goldeneye, Dispel Scroll, Conjoined Homoc @ 415
1 Sorcerer of Tzeentch, Level 2, Book, Dispel Scroll @ 190
1 Exalted Champion of Tzeentch, Collar of Khorne, Sword of Might, Favour, Barded Steed, Shield, Battle Standard @ 216

12 Warriors of Slaanesh, Full Command, Halberds and Shields, Rapturous Standard @ 264
5 Horsemen, MoS, Flails, Light Armour, Musician @ 96
5 Horsemen, MoS, Flails, Light Armour, Musician @ 96
5 Dogs
5 Dogs

5 Knights of Tzeentch, Musician, Standard, Blasted Standard @ 290
5 Knights of Khorne, Musician, Standard @ 260

2 Chaos Spawn @ 110

Total: 1997 points, 47 models

The low model count does disconcert me a little. For the future, I have some more Hounds, another Disc for the sorcerer coming up and 20 marauders from the batallion to build, what should be dropped/added?

Is the equipment ok on the characters?

Going to 2250, shuffling the marks and adding a Hellcannon seems a choice, though it doesn't help the numbers too much.

02-12-2009, 13:31
Why no enchanted shield for the lvl 4?

Also if you're willing to be a bit more stripped down to address the model count you can take all the upgrades off your knights, drop the champion and the rapturous standard in the warriors and the musicians on the horsemen and buy a third unit of knights. Its a bit drastic because all that stuff apart from the warrior champion is useful but its an option.

02-12-2009, 13:54
Points concerns mostly, what would I free up for the 15 points? though I've been considering dropping the homoc (haven't used it before though).

02-12-2009, 15:44
Warrior champion? Seems a perfect swap.

06-12-2009, 16:30
Warrior champion? Seems a perfect swap.

Ended up doing that, though it did nothing in the game! (the only thing that shot at him was a cannon, which negated his save anyway but his 3+ ward deflected that one, luckily)

I generally have upgrades for the knights, though maybe the Khorne ones need it less (Standard + Blasted Standard was really good on the Tz knights as well).

Picked up another box of warriors, so might try 2x12 warriors sometime. Still don't know what to do with my marauders (block or 10 'detachment' style guys).

06-12-2009, 18:40
Loads of my opponents don't bother shooting him with the 1+/3+ save because they're not willing to pour fire at him all game. Although they do go after my mounted 2+ save guys quite ferociously. Against regular opponents it has an effect in that they take the view he is unkillable at range and it gives him a free license to fire and manouvre.

I have run both and find the 10 man detachment with GW and MoS or MoK to be the best bet. The 25 man blocks with MoS don't do a huge amount, they just take longer to die. Actually sometimes they die faster.:rolleyes:

07-12-2009, 21:37
Now my 2nd disc has arrived, I might do the following (taken off the warrior champ already):

- Dispel Scroll on Sorc. Lord
- Light Armour on Horsemen

+ Disc on Sorc.

I want to squeeze in 5 more dogs though, are 2 x 10 enough? it feels better with 3 x 5.