View Full Version : orcs 2250 for upcoming tournament

bazragh elfburna
02-12-2009, 14:42
Black orc warboss
Shagas screaming sword, best boss hat,hwy armor, enchanted shield, Wyvern.

Black orc Battle Standard
Martogs best basha, collar of zorga, charriot

Goblin big boss
wolf, triksys trinket, one hit wounda, light armor

Night goblin shaman
2x dispell scroll

21 night goblins
3 fanatics, short bow, musician

5 wolf riders, musician, spear

5 spider riders, musician, spear

21 orc boyz, shield, full command.

2 x spear chucka, bully

10 squig hoppers

Goblin charriot

12 black orcs, full command, Waaghh banner



Should be 2250 on the dot

Some tactical advice or any kind of constructive critisim is welcome, characters how ever can not be changed due to army composition rulez for this particular tournament dont allow me to go abowe 849 pts for chars.

Rest can probably be modified somewhat, I repeat any advice is more then welcome.

02-12-2009, 17:13
hey fellow greenskin
well, for some reason the army looks so small! I like the set-up on the warboss, he's a mean son of a gun
shame we have no extra points as it would have been better for the shaman to be in a chariot as once he has used his scrolls he is useless!! at least in a chariot he can smash things apart with a fierce 18" charge!
AAH! Giants - you got two of them, I see. I personally prefer more troops over giant - he is a whooping 205pts, thats another unit of orcs and a rocklobba - pretty good deal if you ask me.
I would also prefer to see my BSB on a boar and with morks totem to get some much needed magic defence as otherwise it will be just pure horror taking on the enemy magic phase.
If you could find the points it would be good to have both gobbos on chariots - for sure the scroll caddy as he is pretty useless once he burns the scrolls, at least this way he can run around casuing impact hits
And you will feel the pain of having no rock lobba - the work horse unit of ANY orc & goblin horde, its just too good a unit to leave at home!

bazragh elfburna
03-12-2009, 06:37
Good idea for btsb I might take you up on that, however this army at least as I play it either smashes everything by round 3,4 or loses horribly.
2 giants are just too mean to not include in the army, and to be honest its been at least 4 years since I last used my rock lobber, I find the threat of chuckas to dragons and other big stuff just too good to pass up, while the lobber is powerfull it can missfire and I lost a unit due to sheer bad luck, no thanx I got enough trouble with animosity:D