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05-12-2009, 07:09
Last night was veterans night at my local club, and I took my Dark Elves out and fought a 20 power dice Tzeentch list. My list was:

Dread Lord on Cold One, full shield, Pendant of K., Hydra Blade, Potion of Strength
Cauldron of Blood
LvL 2 Sorc, scroll, dagger of sacrigice
LvL 2 Sorc, scroll, darkstar cloak

2 X 5 harpies
18 warriors, shields, full command
2 X 10 crossbowmen
5 Dark Riders, full command, crossbows

2 X Cold One Chariots
5 Cold One Knights, full command, banner of murder, ring of hotek
5 Cold One Knights, full command, banner of +d3 combat rez on charge


My Opponent had:

Blue Scribes
2 X Herald of Tzeentch, both with flames and something else

2 X 39 Horrors
2 X 12 Bloodletters

5 Flesh Hounds

Terrain: 2 forest on the right, 1 forest on the left, the middle was clear, and had hills on my opponents side in the center.

Deployment: I was keeping a strong center for ld 10 bubble from my general due to all the stupid I would go through, and for the ring of hotek bubble. When he deployed Kairos it was pretty out of the way, but he finished first and I stuck my dark riders to go face him. His Flesh hounds were extremely threatening, smack in the middle of all the juicy stuff, with more charge range than me. Here s a diagram...

Kairos - Bloodletters - Horrors - Flesh Hounds - Horrors - Bloodletters



Dark Riders - Crossbows - Knights1 - Chariot - Chariot - Knights2 - Crossbows
----------------------Harpies - - - - - - - - - Harpies - Hydra
-------------------------------Cauldron - Warriors

Turn 1

I won first turn. Dark Riders get cauldron ward, and move out between Kairos and a wood to shoot the large target. Crossbowmen1 move up 5 inches. All cold ones move 7 inches, keeping the line, and crossbows2 move forward to aim at the bloodletters. The harpies move forward to block any charges from the flesh hounds, and the poorly deployed Hydra just sneaks up behind the knight. Warriors sneak up and follow the chariot, and the cauldron moves forward 5 inches. My 7 power dice to his 12 dispel dice, and my proximity to the ring sees me not even trying to cast. Shooting takes out a Horror on the left and a Bloodletter on the right.

No charges thanks to the harpies. Kairos moves back to avoid the riders but still be able to shoot them. The right Bloodletters moves a little. Magic I burn a dispel scroll to save my dark riders from a 3d6 missle, they still eat a d6 missle and lose two of their numbers, and Kairos miscasts his third spell with snake eyes. The rest of magic cuts down a unit of harpies down to 1. Everyone passes their panic tests, and the ring is unfolded as the horror units both miscast. Shooting finishes off the last Harpy on the left side.

Turn 2

Cauldron gives the dark rider unit extra attacks. My general misses his stupidity. Everyone else is fine. The dark riders charge Kairos, and just barely make their 18 inch charge. The last harpy unit decides to move up 1 inch in front of the fleshhounds, being careful not to be seen by any horrors unit, and angle themselves out to be in a front charge, but so that if the hounds charge they will be placing themselves in a flank charge position for half my army. The Crossbowmen1 move forward a little to get better shots. the Cold Ones line up again, meeting the generals unit. I give up magic again. Shooting sees a wound off the hounds from crossbomen1 and 3 Bloodletters on the left die too. Hand to hand the cauldroned up riders manage 2 wounds on kairos, who returns nothing, and a break test at -4 sees him dissipating off the battlefield. The Dark Riders over ran off the table.

There was a 10 minutes gap of disbelief from my opponent at this point, and I thought he was going to quit then and there, but he was a great and kept playing.

The Horror units wheeled slightly to be able to magic missle my harpy unit and let his dogs free. His right bloodletters turned around to discourage my returning riders next turn to harass his Horrors, and his right bloodletters did a short wheel, facing the bulk of my army. Magic was completely concentrated on the harpies. Hotek saw him miscasting 2 or 3 times trying to anhilate them, and his herald in the right horror unit lost a magic level and took a wound. In the shooting phase the flamer weapons finished the harpies and killed 1 knight in my general`s unit.

Turn 3

The Cauldron bestowed 1 extra attack on my general`s unit. Stupidity at ld 10 sees the Knights on the left wander forward, missing a charge on the horrors that moved up to kill the harpies.... Combined charge by both chariots on the Fleshhounds misses by half an inch, but they end together having moved the same distance all this time. The general`s cold one unit does succeed a frontal charge in the horrors on the right though. The Dark Riders come back, and move to the bloodletters flank. The Hydra, finally flee, sets up a counter charge on the flank to try and disuade the fleshhounds from taking my chariots, and my warriors holding my sorceresses move up to face his right bloodletters. I do take magic this time, and blast 3 magic missles at the Bloodletters. Two magic missles see it trough, leaving 5 Bloodletters standing. Shooting on the right takes another two out. Shooting from the left Crossbowmen kill 4 horrors, and 1 bloodletter falls on the left from the shooting dark riders. The knights in combat with the horrors kill the herald and knock down a rank from the disgustingly huge unit, winning the combat by 1.

The Hydra doesn`t disuade the charge from the fleshhounds, and they charge both chariots at once, who stand to fight, mostly due to not wanting to roll over the warriors. The left Bloodletters reposition themselves to get my dark riders out of the flank of the army, and the right bloodletters, down to 3, ready themselves for a charge on my warriors, if they make it that far. The scribes jumps between my left knights unit and my chariots, hoping to hit something good against my left knights. Magic kills 1 knight in each knight squad, reducing my general`s unit to 3. Close combat sees his horrors on the right succeed 5 5+ saves! He doesnt wound, but I lose that combat by 2, but with a base ld of 10, the unit stays.The fleshhounds manage to take two bites out of the right chariot, but do nothing on the left chariot. The elves on top do manage to get 1 wound 3, but the stars of the fight were the cold ones, who did 3 wounds on the dogs! They lose 1 wound during the break test, and are down to 2 dogs

Turn 4

This time the Cauldron gives 1 extra attack to the unit of knights on the left. Stupidity is not an issue. The Hydra flanks the 2 remaining dogs. The left Knights charge the left horrors. Magic sees that only 1 Bloodletter on the right is standing, which the crossbowmen take out. The crossbowmen on the left take take 2 wounds out of the scribes, and the dark riders, that moved up to the flank of the bloodletters again shoot down 2 more bloodletters. In combat the generals unit takes out another solid rank of horrors, leaving only 2 and a half lines after the break test. The hydra makes quick work of the dogs, and over runs into the scribes. On the left my champion challenges his herald, who flees in back, and the 4 knights take out 2 solid rows of horrors.

End and reflections

At this point my opponent gave me the game. a turn or two of knights to horrors, assisted with now free chariots would have finished the game with a wipe out. This was one of the scariest lists i`ve faced, from a magic stand point, and i`m glad I decided to bring the ring over. I usually don`t hold it, but I figured knights are expensive and I was going to keep everything bunched together to get stupidity at ld 10. That didnt turn out to work too well, I still failed 2 important stupidity tests. I was also lucky with my early Kairos death. I completely outmanouevered him with my Dark Riders and harpies. I felt a bit bad for my opponent though, with his heavy magic and my ring, it was like we played rock-paper-scissors, and he picked rock, and I picked paper. Knights with no magic defense and I would have been a goner

End Result: Massacre for the Dark Elves!

06-12-2009, 14:41
Against this heavy magic the ring is indeed a bit OTT, but hey, with "normal" magic defence you'd been zapped to pieces.
The Dark rider move was very good, and illustrated why regular lords of change are better than Kairos (yes he's the best mage blabla)

nice rep all in all :)

06-12-2009, 14:56
Wow man congrats:D
That was a disgusting Daemons list...
He had incredibly bad luck with his dice though, the risks you take with that many power dice.
And you did completely outmaneuver him:)
Always good to see Daemons go down in flames....not flaming flames mind you, just the magical ones:p

06-12-2009, 15:05
Always good to see Daemons go down in flames....not flaming flames mind you, just the magical ones:p

Personally I like it when they go down in both, especially when they use a list like this.

Thanks for the report.

07-12-2009, 00:26
I'll favor a bunch of murderous Dark Elves over some crazy magic heavy daemons any day. I love Warhammer for the unpredictable magic, war machine, and combat results. Guess all you want but it might be all for naught at the roll of the dice. :)

07-12-2009, 10:17
Nice rep, a well played game, you definitely outmanoeuvred your opponent :)

maze ironheart
08-12-2009, 13:28
Congrats on the win is nice to see a deamon player who dose not give up just because his 2 headed bird dies.

11-12-2009, 05:57
Against this heavy magic the ring is indeed a bit OTT, but hey, with "normal" magic defence you'd been zapped to pieces.
The Dark rider move was very good, and illustrated why regular lords of change are better than Kairos (yes he's the best mage blabla)

nice rep all in all :)

With that list, the Daemon player deserved to face a list containing the ring of hotek...

11-12-2009, 19:19
Funny thing is, if the Daemon player had played even remotely decently or rolled half-well then he'd have absolutely murdered the Dark Elves, even with the Ring. All he has to do is pick these spells with one head:
Dark Hand of Death
Burning Gaze
blah blah
Then he's casting 4-5 little magic missiles a turn on a 3+ with +2 to cast. And he can re-roll a dice once per turn so what the heck was he doing miscasting on turn 1 in the first place?

It's also just crazy (almost unbelievable) that the Dark Riders managed to kill Kairos. All he has to do is say "challenge", and only the champion gets to fight. With a 3+ ward getting 2 wounds through is lucky in the first place, given he gets to re-roll one of them as well.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see a Daemon player not having a clue how to use his army though ;) Well played to you at least!

13-12-2009, 16:00
Heh, my opponent is usually a 40k player. He's also got some really bad luck, i've seen him miscast 3 times in a game where he only had 4 levels of magic. He's a great guy though, and he always makes for great games, even with "broken" lists.

14-12-2009, 06:54
Can not believe karios did not challenge when you charged him. He might have mitigated the damage you did and not be testing at -4.

14-12-2009, 20:07
Thanks for report Kaubin, good game and a snappy defeat of the Demons. How do you find the Cauldron, is it worth taking? Ive got one but never played with it and would be interested to hear your thoughts?

14-12-2009, 20:26
I think the cauldron is more than worth it personally. I haven`t had a game where it didnt pay off, and it makes your elves as strong as Warriors of Chaos. The stubborn is really good too. The only thing about the Cauldron is that it works best if you`re going for combat units, and even better if you have khanite units. So I rarely go shooty heavy with a Cauldron, Shades and Bolt throwers just don`t synergize with it at all.

The three units that benefit from the blessing are Dark Riders, Cold One Knights and Witch Elves. Corsairs and blocks of Warriors are pretty good too.

Dark Riders with the blessing though are pretty intense though, and have pulled through for me more than once, killing units worth twice their points. Killing blow lets them flank heavy cavalry and get away with it, and the extra attack with hatred and the horse usually makes sure that infantry doesn`t get a response.

Cold One Knights turn into poor-man`s Chaos Knights. 2 str 6 attacks and 1 attack str 4 on the charge is great for breaking and beating anything in the game. Stupidity and only a charge length of 7 are a bit of a drag though.

Witch Elves with extra attacks, a hero and a champion pull out about 30 attacks with hatred and poison, not to count the stubborn. With Killing blow they can clear away knights and characters. The stubborn really makes a difference if you miscalculate, they can hold up the enemy for a while.

Not to count that the Cauldron itself is a beast to fight, is semi-immuned to shooting, and people seem to think that because it`s a war machine it`s easy to take down. Well worth the points in my opinion.

14-12-2009, 21:01
Well thanks for the quick and thorough response, looks like I will have to give it a go in my next game. Think I have shyed away from it, not having any Kananite units, but seems like it'll be worth experimenting with. Ta!

16-12-2009, 22:57
hey guys
I was thinking of a dark elves list and came up to this

Heavy armor
Sea Dragon cloak
Cold one

Repeater crossbowmen x10

Harpies x5

Corsairs extra handweapon x10
full command with seaserpent standard frency

Shades x5 with greatweapon, lightweapon
assassin with Rune of khaine D3 Attack

Cold One Knights x5
full command


What do you guys think can it be good?