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28-01-2006, 16:24
Reight, given my new-found impetus for actually getting out of bed, I'm going to start a new army on Thursday. I have given myself a choice of two:

A Tomb Kings army from the ancient barrows of Sylvania, complete with decayed pyramid scenery painted in tarnished bronze armour as described in This 'Ere Thread (http://www.dysartes.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2338).


Winter-themed Wood Elves with snowy bases, black/dark blue/dark brown clothes, no Forest Spirits, only Elves, some black-striped camouflage warpaint (is that an oxymoron?), appropriately pale skin (but then what do you expect from me?) and wintery forest scenery.

And no Teh CHeezor5 arguments, they will be dismissed. This is entirely based on fluff, image and models. Elves or Deadies?

28-01-2006, 18:07
Undead all the way. BTW, there was a white dwarf with intricate background and an armylist for them!

28-01-2006, 18:13
Do you mean Heinrich Kemmler's Barrows list? I'm not going to use that, I'm sticking to the Tomb Kings list if that's what I go for, as they are the personal guard of the Tomb King buried in the same manner as those back home in Nehekara, not just sprung from graveyards. Khemrians have far more sophistication and taste in corpses than that... I see the King's guardians as being considered his property, it being a hereditary right to fight for the King, in the mortal world and the afterlife. No common filth skeletons, just those 'tis written that may.

28-01-2006, 18:18
Well, I see. But still do undead, even though everyone wants you to play using pointy eared servants of the fat guy in the North Pole.

28-01-2006, 18:32
I was thinking of making a Santa army from scratch a long with rules for it (like nut crackers are unbreakable and have the killing blow, etc) and playing an unofficial game with my friends, can you picture santas sled running over Archaon?

28-01-2006, 18:40
Shush up about Satan's Little Helpers, blighters cost me a fortune in slug repellent. Elves know full well Santa Klaus did indeed exist, but despite popular representation as the mascot of the Naggarothi soft drink Khaela-Mensha-Cola became a Daemon Prince of Nurgle and now slithers down chimbleys to eat children that make nasty jokes about Elves. So shush. Or get a gas fire.

28-01-2006, 18:42
But undead rock...

28-01-2006, 18:50
Yes they do, that's why they're one of the armies I'm trying to decide betwee. Elves and Deddites are two of my favourite armies, that's why it's a struggle. Now shush or wflse'hvui'levuiwerg will come and eat you!

28-01-2006, 18:56
Behold the greatest lord of warhammer!!!! Misses Klause!!!!! Santas wife steps in about 678points (and pounds) she has the following rules:
Cheery smile: gives a 3+ wardsave
Cooking apron: gives her an unmodified 1+ armor save
Santa's wife's bolder holders: causes terror and stupidity
she is unbreakable and unmovable
And finally the paddle of butt smacking: gives her +3 strength and when not in close combat may use it to unleash perky laughter( a spell that immediately forces the opponents to test leadership on 3d6 dice and if they fail......well all of them lose one wound.
Her stats are: M(0) WS(10) S(5) T(7) W(6) I(6) A(3D6)

28-01-2006, 19:07
Presumably you have the model of Mrs Klaus? Painted in three colours and based? If not, skip on down to M & P and ask for advice. And get the hell off my thread! :D

28-01-2006, 19:09
Given the options, I'm voting Wood Elves. It sounds like a cooler (:p) idea.:D

28-01-2006, 19:20
Yes, I have the model all fixed up and it is waiting to be painted! Why do want me to go? are you afraid that the north pole exists in the chaos wastes? you Avatar shows me that you are frightened, hehehehe. Oh by the way what do you think of the stats and rules?

28-01-2006, 20:02
Starting a new army is a massive, life-changing decision, one that can never be reversed... If I make the wrong choice I may regret it for the rest of my life! Well... er... maybe. :p

Pics of this 'ere model please! Is it wysiwyg?

28-01-2006, 20:08
Pics of this 'ere model please! Is it wysiwyg?[/QUOTE]
Huh? what the heck is wysiwyg?:wtf:

28-01-2006, 20:31
One of the things GW uses to make you poor: What You See Is What You Get, meaning that all weapons and such need to be represented in the model.

28-01-2006, 20:32
I really like the sounds of the WE army. Winter stuff always seems to come out looking great, plus the new WE line is fantastic. With no forest spirits (oh how I hate those!), I think it could be a really fun army to play with as well as against.

28-01-2006, 20:57
If your doing unded, what are you doing for the gargoyles?

EDIT: The moral of the story is "When you start a new army, never ask people on the internet about it, or you'll get stupid responses on Santa."

P.S.-I cant believe I started this Santa thing.

28-01-2006, 21:17
Yes, shame on you for starting the Santa thing.

Gargolyle-Ushabti.... Hmmm.... well (as hypothetically as the fact i'll be starting the army at all...) they're pretty much the normal Ushabti models, cos I like them a lot, with Green-stuffed heads if I can't find a suitable skeletal head.... I might use a Chaos Hound head for the wolf one. Otherwise, green stuff is my fwiend.

29-01-2006, 00:00
I see the poles are not helping.... If you want looks and cunning go for the elves, if you like stylish cavalry/chariouts/giant undead constructs then pick TK. I personally would pick Elves. Tomb Kings were made for one reason, making egyptian players/investors happy. would it not be cool if we can get together and make a North pole army? It would have nutcrackers, little kids, christmas tree, and of course santa and his reindeers. Oh and Mrs. Klause!!!

31-01-2006, 23:06
I'm thinking of documenting this army's (whichever it may turn out to be) development in the Project Logs section, along with any specialised terrain (Do you know in 10 years I've never made a tree?). Would anyone be interested in my gibberings about plastic and paintiness? Pics of some of my other stuff so you get an idea of the kind of quality I aim for.

Grand Warlord
31-01-2006, 23:23
Wood Elves ... since i have experience with niether (only starting a tomb kings past weekend) i flipped a coine and got a result of Wood Elves.