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06-12-2009, 21:41
I have a game against my friend coming up. He plays the new Skaven and I'm worried to say the least. I know he's going to be bringing a hell-pit abomination, a doomwheel, and a plague furnace along with the rest of a horde of rats. Haven't played against the new book yet so any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Lord: 324
Arch Lector (324): Altar of Sigmar, Heavy Armor, Shield, VHS, Mace of Helstrum

Heroes: 349
Warrior Priest (98): Greatweapon, Heavy Armor

Warrior Priest (98): Greatweapon, Heavy Armor

Priest (125): Lvl 2, Dispel Scroll

Core: 806
20 Flagellants (200)

24 Swordsmen (169): Full Command
9 Swordsmen (54)
10 Hand Gunners (80)

24 Swordsmen (169): Full Command
9 Swordsmen (54)
10 Hand Gunners (80)

Special: 397
5 Pistoliers (97): Musician

Great Cannon (100)

Great Cannon (100)

Rare: 220
Hellblaster (110)

Hellblaster (110)

Total: 1996

07-12-2009, 02:37
if he's really bringing the hpa AND the wheel AND the furnace....

well, good luck.

use you cannons early and often. blast that *******' stuff before it gets to you. some small, expendable units like detachments could go along way to redirecting that furnace, and your arch lector will be VERY vulnerable to the HPA and Doomwheel.

get some handgunners with a hochland, maybe you coult take out thier characters before they do anything brutal inthe magic phase.

's all i got. watch out for plague censer bearers, as they own everything they touch.

07-12-2009, 04:18
Love the Flagellants great tar pit and if you get the charge they are deadly. If he takes the Storm Banner your shooting will be 50/50 at best, and against that much shooting I'd use it as early as possible and get my HPA across the table. I know that's what Foegnasher would do as well.

Think about cutting the Hand Gunners as detachments and using them as parent units so you can upgrade and get the hochland. I also recommend changing the swordsmen detachments to free company for the extra attacks, against skaven it will be well worth it.

The hellblasters will be awesome, but the rocket batterys dropping pie plates all over the table will be amazing especially against a horde like skaven.

Keep the Lector away from the HPA or he will get eaten and get him into combat, those impact hits and his prayer that does damage in base to base will be helpful.

08-12-2009, 17:12
I wanted ask something before I revise my list. I took the Arch lector in his current format specifically to combat monsters like the HPA. Will he not be able to so?

08-12-2009, 18:53
the hpa does d6 str 6 hits on the charge.

then, he's ehthier going to

a) hot you adn the chariot with a str 6 d3 wound hit
b) pummel th crap out of you archlector, with 3d6 str 6 attacks
or c
make you (and the chariot) take an I test to avoid a str 6 hit, then an AUTOMATIC 2d6 str 6 hits.

you better be rockin' that 4+ ward save, cus if he gets the charge, odds are, you gonna bite it. makesure you cahrge him, and soften him up with that bound magic.

08-12-2009, 19:20
I would swap the volley guns for rockets for the hoards and separate the rifleman into there on unit for the ability to upgrade to long rifles.

I keep the Arch Lector for his help in the magic phase but swap out the swords men detachments for freemen for the extra attacks.

nothing new compared to what every one else stated though!