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08-12-2009, 15:47
Hi folks,

Myself and 6 friends are entering an escalation tournament in January where we start with 500 points and add 250 every month. I'm brand new to wargaming and most of my mates haven't played since they were kids.

The first event uses the border patrol rules (1 hero, max 125pts/model, 1+ core units, 2-4 total units, max 1 special or rare unit, no standards, 1 unit with at least 10 models, max 25 models/unit).

I think my army will consist of:

10 x Glade Guards + Musician = 126 points
5 x Glade Riders + Musician = 129 points
10 x Dryads = 120 points

Which leaves 125 points for my General - I've got two possibilities:

Mounted Noble, Great Weapon, Hail of Doom Arrow = 116 points


Branchwraith w/ Cluster of Radients & Annoyance of Nettlings = 115 points

The Mounted Noble would go in with the Glade Riders - everyone raves about the HoDA but some people say it's cheesy for this points level, I'm not up on gaming ettiquette though. I also only have a very vague idea of how it's useful - there's a lot of talk about wiping out units but I guess you have to do some preliminary work first for that to happen.

The Branchwraith would go in with the Dryads and provide some magic defense - the real question here is whether I need magic defense at 500 points? I'll be up against VC and O&G at least once I expect but I have no idea what their lists are like.

Any help is much appreciated! If you want to suggest I try an entirely different army, feel free, I'm quite happy to throw my money at Games Workshop ;)

08-12-2009, 16:12
HoDA I wouldnt say is cheesyat that point level, but it is certainly powerful and it can cripple or destroy (depending on what you roll) a unit (as long they arent too tough). As for heroes I would take the branwraith. Just because it gives you alot of flexibility in the list. Some magic defense with the 3 dd, and a treesinging. as for the list take off 2 dryads and make the branch lvl 1 while dropping the annoyance. noble isnt bad, but i think the hail of doom would be better on a standard alter (alter noble great weapon, light armour, shield, hail of doom arrow, hunt of the helm).

08-12-2009, 16:21
Thanks for the reply.

I see your point about flexibility but unfortunately I can't make the Branchwraith level 1 without losing the spites altogether because of the max 125 points/model rule. So then I guess it's the question of what I need more - treesinging or dispel?

Can't take the Alter as I can only have 1 hero at this level and an Alter can't be my army general but once we get up to more points an Alter Noble is top of my list :D

08-12-2009, 17:26
If I were you I'd drop everything on the branchwraith, and the musicians and with the extra points make two units of dryads of 8, i.e.

10 Glade Guard
5 Glade Riders
2 x 8 dryads

497 points

To be honest your 2 free dispel dice should be enough for anything at this level and the extra unit could really make the difference. Musicians (especially on the Glade riders) can be useful but I'd much prefer an extra unit of dryads (one of the best core units in the game) instead.

12-12-2009, 23:07
I had pretty much decided to go with my original list and the Mounted Noble but after playing a game tonight against my husband I'm thinking of the list suggest above:

Branchwraith = 65 points
10 x Glade Guards = 120 points
5 x Glade Riders = 120 points
8 x Dryads = 96 points
8 x Dryads = 96 points

Total: 497

With a view to the following for the 750 points match (although it's doubles so may have to change a bit):

Branchwraith = 65 points
10 x Glade Guards = 120 points
10 x Glade Guards = 120 points
6 x Wild Riders (ETA: + Musician) = 156 points
8 x Dryads = 96 points
8 x Dryads = 96 points
8 x Dryads = 96 points

Total: 749

Is that going to be too dryad heavy? Too vulnerable to magic? Advice appreciated, thanks!

12-12-2009, 23:22
Very few lists are too dryad heavy - they're one of the best units per points that WE have. In terms of the 750 point list it looks fine, but at this level I might start at looking to improve my general. As a result I'd drop one of the Wild Riders and give either the branchwraith either Annoyance of Nettlings or Cluster of Radients - this really depends on whether your league prefers combat characters or wizards. Annoyance of Nettlings is probably the safer bet (it will always have its use), but the extra DD that cluster of radients brings can be invaluable in certain games.

Personally I would prefer 5 GR to a second unit of GG. There's not an awful lot in it, but I feel that GR would give you greater versatitly plus give you another option to negate rank bonuses.

Finally WR should always come with a musician - it's free so its stupid not to...

04-01-2010, 19:39
Since posting the above I've found out that the border patrol (500 points game) will involve 5 different scenarios and now I'm wondering if I should take a different list. The scenarios are:

1. Hold 3 vantage points. Vantage points cannot be held by: units with less than US5, flyers or skirmishers.
2. Capture the spy (like capture the flag basically)
3. Hold 1 vantage point (rules as for scenario 1)
4. Kill the character in the dark (Night Attack therefore max range 12" for shooting, could become daylight again in Turn 2 if someone can roll a 6)
5. Total annihilation (kill everything and have 1+ model not fleeing left or it's a draw)

Since I was planning on having two units of dryads round 1 poses a problem for me, and to a lesser extent so does 3 and 4 (at 12" I'll be in range of everything I usually stay 30" away from!).

The rules given in my original post still stand so I was thinking about taking the following instead:

Either: Annoyance of Nettlings and Cluster of Radients (to try and keep her alive and therefore contesting with the Dryads)
Or: A Blight of Terrors (same reasons as above but taking a different approach)

10 x Glade Guard
8 x Dryads + Nymph
6 x Wild Riders with musician

Total: 499 points

or, I did wonder about taking Tree Kin since they're tough and 3 of them provide US9 so they should be able to hold something but then the Branchwraith would have to go bare:

Branchwraith - 65
8 x Dryads + Nymph - 108
11 x Glade Guard - 132
3 x Treekin - 195

Total: 500 points

Any thoughts please?

05-01-2010, 08:20
To be honest with you, with these senarios you are going to find WEs tough: MSU, skirmishing, shooting from long range, minor victories is what we do best. Who have designed these senarios either doesn't like Woodies, or just hasn't properly thought the senarios through. Given this though I would suggest a variation of your second list:

10 Glade Guard
5 Glade Riders
3 Treekin
Total 500

In order to capture things fast units are a necessity, hence the GR. Your problems with shooting only occur over one game, and in any case GG are most effective from 15" so are still worth taking. Treekin aren't the best unit, but they are still good, especially at this level where a lot of armies won't have the required tools to deal with them.

I wouldn't give antyhing to your BW, but in terms of character assasination Annoyance of Nettlings, and Pagent of Strikes would be the best.

05-01-2010, 08:28
Thanks for the advice. I tested the wild rider list a couple of times last night, it was decent but not amazing, although I do now see why people like WR so much.

I will playtest Scenario 1, since that's probably the hardest, with the list you suggested, and with my wild rider list too, reckon that will be the decision maker. Either way, I've got some speed painting to do!


05-01-2010, 08:47
Can you upgrade existing characters during the escalation? For example if you field a naked branchwraith now can you later upgrade him to lvl1 at for example 1k?

Hail of doom at 500 points has great potential and also WE shooting is deadly at this point level since you will most likely not meet a lot of high armour knights.

I usually vary my list a bit but my latest versions of 500 point lists are

Noble, HoD 100
5 glade riders 120
8 Dryads 96
15 Glade guards 180

total 496 points. In theory you can use the remaining 4 points for light armour etc but once the noble is in combat he is usually dead anyway.

05-01-2010, 09:44
Yes, I don't think I have to play the same army at all actually but I'm not certain. I can definitely upgrade stuff though.

Originally I was going to take the HoDA but I've playtested it so many times I got slightly bored!

Since one of the scenarios is to kill characters I thought the Branchwraith would have a better chance of surviving than the Noble, especially with Annoyance of Nettlings on her (unless I take Tree Kin in which case she's bare).

05-01-2010, 11:22
Wild riders are great, the problem I think you'll find at this level is that you really need something else to support them (ItP means that they can't flea and so risk becoming isolated). Your only realistic option, given the restrictions, would be a unit of GR. If you do this though would it mean either replacing your BW with a noble, which is more expensive and easier to assasinate, or dropping your GG, which would make your list illegal and in any case are likely to be effective against both VC and O&G.

You could try this, but I don't think it would be as effective:
Noble w/ Hail of Doom Arrow
10 Glade Guard
5 Glade Riders
6 Wild Riders + musician
Total 496

As PeG says you could give your noble a GW, shield (which in this instance would be better than LA), etc. but it's unlikely to make much of a difference.

05-01-2010, 11:42
In the two games I played I used the dryads to support the wild riders against ranked infantry, but for the gunners and pistoliers that I was up against I just reduced them with shooting and then got flank charges in with the WR, wiping both units out. Now that's only against my husband's empire army which I know pretty well so I see I won't always be able to do that.

Are glade riders unit strength 5 or 10? I'm never sure on that. If they're 10 then I'd only need 3 of them alive to hold a vantage point etc. so could well use them (more painting...at least their horses are already done :-D).

Am I right in thinking WR can cope with a frontal charge if they've got something in the flanks to support them?

05-01-2010, 14:33
If WR are charged (even in the front) they will die to almost anything.

If they charge the front at the same time as something else charging the flank they are capable of dealing with weaker enemies but will die against tougher things such as daemons, warriors of chaos, some Lizard units etc. However I prefer to do the other way around ie having trees in the front and WR (if I use them which I normally dont) in the flank.