View Full Version : Soul of stone ignore results 5-6 means what?

09-12-2009, 13:17
How do you interpret the word "ignore"

Does this mean if you roll a 5-6 it never happened so you "re-roll" for another result.

Or does it mean that if you roll a 5-6 you accept it as the miscast result with nothing happening.

09-12-2009, 14:04
Do you mean Cupped Hands? For cupped hands you can't transfer a 5-6 as you would therefore get a "free" casting. I thought Soul of Stone was rerolls, so if it is telling you to ignore 5-6 then you don't get to reroll that result.

09-12-2009, 14:52
Just consider as "nothing happens"

09-12-2009, 20:05
Yea sorry, I meant cupped hands.

Can anyone second the "nothing happens" result or are there any other interpretations?

09-12-2009, 20:45
Well, it tells you that, when you transfer a 5-6 result, it is ignored - in other words they get teh miscast 5-6, however you ignroe the result of 5-6 on the table

You dont get a free spell