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Red Beard
10-12-2009, 04:58
I am about to start my first chaos army. I have chosen the World Eaters. Forge World has produced some very nice conversion models for the World Eaters and I am drawn to their CC greatness.

I want to keep with the fluff but I have a few questions and concerns.

Would vindicators fit the fluff?

Would a Land Raider rush work with them?

Do I need to take a squad of 8? I want 10 man squads.

Is Kharn a good HQ choice? I want to use him but I have noticed that alot of people take a Demon Prince with wings and MoK.

If I chose not to go with transports would footslogging Bezerkers (maybe 60!) survive running across the battle field if supported by either 3 vindis, 3 defilers or obliterators?

Sorry for all the questions. I have alot of thoughts and ideas right now and after many years in the hobby I am excited about starting my first chaos army.

10-12-2009, 05:29
Vindicators do fit the fluff, if you want them to. What you have to understand is that fluff is constantly changing. Back in the old days, World Eaters still had heavy weapon squads, and all the other stuff that a normal army would have. At some point later, they started shifting more towards a simple HTH army. But for a long time, Khorne had all sorts of cool seige engines and long-range firepower. He is the god of battle, after all.

Land Raiders do work with them. It keeps you protected until you get there.

No need to take squads of 8. Some people think you must take multiples of 8 because that is Khorne's favored number. But you are no more forced to take that than you are forced to make your squads cost some multiple of 8. Just say all your squads were originally 16 guys, but 6 got killed in the last battle. :)

Kharne is nice, but he's not a game winner for you. Don't expect him to kill an army by himself.

60 Berzerkers can be done with 6 troops choices. There's no reason you couldn't still put them in 6 Rhinos. Remember, a Rhino is cheap. 6 of them are only 210 points. You could ditch a bit of support fire, and that allows your Berzerkers to last longer while they get to combat. You'll get an extra 6" of movement each turn until the transport blows up. Two berzerkers are more expensive than a Rhino. So, if the transport helps you get to HTH a turn early, do you think the enemy would have killed two Berzerkers in shooting by then?

10-12-2009, 05:55
Let me see if I can help you out with this.

Let's see, first question: Vindicators work quite well with World Eaters, both in game terms and in the fluff. Vindis were a popular tank back in the Heresy, and I can definitely see some World Eaters factions still holding onto them.

Second: Land Raiders would work quite well, being as they have the advantages of 14 armor all around and having the ability to assault out of it while still being close topped. The problem with these, though, is they're expensive, both in game and on your wallet. Technically, you CAN run 6 Land Raiders in a Chaos army, that means you'll need a bare minimum of 9 Terminators as well. Best left for high point games.

Third. You don't NEED squads of 8, but I take them. I'm a fluff whore, I'll admit it. Also, 8 'Zerkers will put out more attacks then most opponents double their squad size. I myself also prefer Power Weapon Champs, but then again I don't need a Power Fist for Tank Busting, I also use Tactical and Havoc Squads as well (I use the old fluff or count them as Heresy-Era World Eaters).

Kharn pretty good, but he needs to be protected. If he's not sitting in a transport, accompanied by a squad of 'Zerkers... He WILL die. He may be a beast in CC, but ranged attacks kill him just as easily as anyone else (discounting psychic attacks, of course). I myself find Khorne Daemon Princes subpar. Yeah, the extra attack is nice, but it has NOTHING else. One of the many glaring issues with the Chaos codex. I prefer a Terminator Lord w/ Combi-Melta and Daemon Weapon, accompanied by a squad of Terminators w/ Twin Lightning Claws.

If you foot slog 60 Berserkers up the field, it doesn't matter what you have covering them. They will become to primary target, as anyone who knows their 40K knows how nasty 'Zerkers are in CC. Some armies may not be able to down the tanks anyhow (Orks) and will probably just slam into your ranks anyhow. In the case of the Orks, that's another bad situation in your case, since they'll probably outnumber you 2:1 (at least) even with 60 'Zerkers. Best bet with Berserkers is mechanized, otherwise artillery, mass firepower, and swarms will drag you down.

A good tactic I use is load all of your 'Zerkers in Rhinos (or Land Raiders if you wish), move them 12" first turn and pop smoke. Next turn, roll to your enemy's line (if playing short edge) and unload into the middle of this little semi-circle you make with the Rhinos. This gives you a cover save, will prevent most enemies from assaulting you, and if anything your Rhinos take the brunt of the attack, but who cares, they've served their purpose. Next turn, charge into the enemy and watch the hilarity ensue! I pull this on Guard a lot, depending on their build.

10-12-2009, 05:57
I have been using 8 Bezerkers (inc. a skull champ with pf) mounted in a landraider. Very effective so far.

10-12-2009, 06:06
Put your zerkers in LR*s and Rhinos, and make sure all your Skull Champions have PF.
Your biggest problem if playing a fluffy WE army is anti-tank, but there are some things you could do to have fluffy anti-tank. Deepstriking khornate termies with chainfists, Greater Deamon, a Daemon prince is also a good choice, defilers are usually not that effective, battlecannon is not a typical anti-tank weapon, and although they are good in CC, they will usually be destroyed before they reach CC due to their low AV12.

I had a tri-lascannon predator in my world eaters force, dont know how fluffy it was, but it served its purpose and was nigh indestructible with the old 3.5 codex(mutated hull and possession).