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Da Crusha
10-12-2009, 06:54
ok I just played a game and these 2 situations came up: I was WoC and my opponent was Tomb kings. so my unit of knights overun into his casket of souls (on my turn) and then on his turn he magically charges a tomb king and a unit of skellies into the flank of my knight unit, what is the order this combat is supposed to be resolved? we ended up having the knights striking the casket unit first (killing it completely) and a single horse attacking the skellies and then his skelly, tomb king unit attacked second.

on my next turn my remaining three knights turned and faced his unit and attacked first and did 8 wounds wiping out his remaining 8 skellies, his tomb king did 3 wounds back and killed all the knights. now his unit lost the combat by 5 but completely wiped out my unit, does his tomb king crumble? we decided that he wouldn't but I still want to know if that was correct.

10-12-2009, 07:17
1) Initiative between the chargers, if same then D6 it (dont include Great Weapons etc in this)

2) No, he did not lose the combat - if you completely wipe out the enemy you have most definitely won the combat!

Da Crusha
10-12-2009, 23:41
do you have any referneces in the books that supports this (not that I dont believe you but I like to know where it says so)?

10-12-2009, 23:59
1) BRB FAQ part 1 I believe covers this. It is also covered in that the entire fantasy combat system is setup to avoid simultaneous combats...

2) How can you lose a combat against an enemy that doesnt exist any longer? Check the combat resolution section.

Da Crusha
11-12-2009, 00:48
1) I found it, the faq reffered me to page 45 and on the last paragraph it says to resolve by initiative order.

2)brb page 37 2nd paragraph says if one unit is completely wiped out the other side is automatically the winner regardless of the (combat result) rules...

thanks a lot nasferatu1001 you helped me find both the answers.

11-12-2009, 05:09
I'm now confused, how did you turn and get three knights into combat? They were engaged to the side, which means they are only allowed to make a turn maneuver, but this wouldn't get you more knights in (as it's not a reform) it would only give you 3 ranks of 1 file and move your champion in.

11-12-2009, 06:59
Possibly because the OP, like a lot of people, dont realise that you literally turn in place, making files into ranks.

It always looks highly silly to me, much like only being able to expand frontage when you have a misaligned combat, rather than shuffling...