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shadow hunter
10-12-2009, 12:02
Ok, I'll be playing my second game with the new Skaven this weekend against Warriors (again). Just after advice. I can create army lists ok - but I haven't played fantasy for so long I consider both me and my opponent as 'green'

My Opponents list first (as best I can guess)

2 units of 15 chaos warriors
2 units of 5 chaos knights
1 unit of warhounds (10)
1 unit of marauders (15 is)
1 unit of marauder horsemen (5)

For Characters he as the options of a foot sorcerer, a few foot champions and a Daemon prince.

He likes the Khorne and fighty style - so will probably mark units/characters with that.

We play for fun - so I dont want a list that will annihialate him, that's not what I am after. I do want a list where we both have a good chance of winning, and will enjoy it. (Our last game I used a vermin lord as I'd never used one before - which was fun, but he didn't know how to deal with it. Despite his tooled up prince being the same cost)

So I am thinking along these lines;

Queek headtaker
Warlock Lvl 2 + condensor
Lvl 1 Priest + 5+ ward and Censor
BSB sacred standard, halberd

20xStormvermin (Queek elite unit) with shields and full command
20xStormvermin full command (no shield)
30 clanrats shield and full command
30 spearrats shield and full command
20 slaves musician
3 Giant Rat packs

3 rat ogres + the special character packmaster
20 plague monks full command


I figure this is around 2250pts. I would like a magic banner in the stormvermin and monk unit - so might remove the sacred standard to make points if required.

Some weapons teams would be nice too. Maybe a WFT and RG for the storm vermin.

I cant increase clanrat, slave, stormvermin or monk units as that is all i have built at the moment.

10-12-2009, 14:13
Well, offhand, I think trying to out "elite" chaos is a bad idea.

So, more slaves to redirect and open up flanks. If you have anything that ignores armor, pwg, pcbs, jezzails... Get some.

And lose the spears. Unless you are fighting the lowest of the low (zombies, skellies, goblins) I don't see them being an advantage.

Nu Fenix
10-12-2009, 15:12
Do you have anything to represent a Master Moulder? If so, what about using one with your Giant Rats [by three packs fo you mean 18 and 3 Packmasters?] to give them some hitting power, and either go for a Great Weapon or Shock Prod, to slice through their armour?
On a related note, Skweel does much better with Giant Rats then Rat Ogres, as the mutations are much more noticeable, and since he has to be at the front [at present, due to being a champion], you may find it hard to get himself and all three Rat Ogres into btb contact.

I would drop the Censer from your Priest. Whilst the enemy will only take two tests at most, unless you are in a corner then five of your own Monks are taking a test, which is almost one dead per turn, assuming average rolls. If you think you may be in combat for more than one turn, and so the strength boost from a Flail wouldn't last,w hat about Warpforged Blade? Four S4 attacks with no save should be noticeable to the Warriors and Knights. However doing so would mean dropping the Foul Pendent, however life is not sacred in a Skaven army ;)

Banner wise, the two that spring to mind is the classic Warrbanner to give you an edge in winning combat, and Shroud of Dripping Death, to deal with their high armour and thin down the enemy at the start of combat.

shadow hunter
10-12-2009, 15:38
Thanks for the reply's, usefull stuff.

The spears I take mostly because the models already have them. I could drop them easily and say they are hand weapons - my mate wouldn't have a problem with that.

I've got about 5 PWG throwers and 6 Jezzails. I used the Jezzails last turn, and just kept missing. I dont think they killed anything before being chased off the board.

I dont have any PCB - although I could use some monks as some (used the flails you get in the kit) but then I would only have 16 monks unit.

I have 2 ratling guns and 1 WFT available.

I have 2 Doomwheels (one old one new) and 1 WLC.

As for the giant rats - yes I was thinking around 18 rats and 3 packmasters. I might have more rats if needed. I've only got the metal ones, so nothing to use as a master moulder with great weapon (although could use an old chieftain)

I really like the image of rat ogres and was hoping for regen from Skweel to help them last. If he's better in with giant rats I'll do that.

I tried the censor last game. I liked it for the fact it kills before any strikes. I do have him on a corner to help with T tests. But I'll try without then. It was one of the only ways the monks were killing any warriors (although they had shroud of dripping death too).

I really like that banner. I wanted it in the storm Vermin if I can to help against any knight charges.

I know storm vermin aren't very good - but I was keen to try a Queek themed list. My opponent isn't very good (im not much better) so I dont need to worry too much about him springing a surprising tactical move on me (like drawing frenzied units etc)

I could swap some of my clan rats into slaves. to save points. I would really like to keep 2 units of storm vermin though. I think it would look good.

Maybe 2 units of 25 clan rats and 2 units of 20 slaves? Instead of 2x 30 and 1x 20?

I also was tempted by an Assassin, just to keep him guessing - but thought better in the end.

I might drop a level on the warlock to save points too.

I also have a couple of rat swarms, 20 night runners, 6 gutter runners, grey seer, screaming bell (but didn't want to go magic heavy) that I could swap in.

I haven't used my new Queek or storm vermin yet - so would love to keep those in most of all, other than that I am open to change it around however you guys suggest.

And that gives me someone to blame to the council should it go wrong...

shadow hunter
10-12-2009, 15:50
Also - am I wasting points giving all units full command? Should i not bother with champions in clan rats etc?

10-12-2009, 16:16
Champions are good to suck out additional attacks that would've killed other rats. Especially when it comes to WoC, their heroes can do obscene amounts of damage, but still have to challenge. This can save a few rats life, as the champ takes all of the overkill.