View Full Version : Plague Monks, Clanrats, or Stormvermin???

11-12-2009, 13:27
As i build my skaven force i have come to the pivotal question of putting more points into clanrats, stormvermin, or plague monks.

I would like to first clarify my questions. Firstly, my army already includes 2 units of 25 clanrats with weapon teams. Therefore i have left 470 points to put into my 2 main blocks of troops.

Currently, I am using a unit of 30 plague monks and a unit of 24 plague monks, both with full command and one with the storm banner.

Everyone give your feedback and let us know how you would use the 470 points.

11-12-2009, 13:57
I think stormvermin would be a nice adittion. Consider their armour and they are really good holding charges on their own ( depends on wich unit charges you ). I like them, i use one 30 man unit of stomvermin and another 30 unit of monks. Good combo.

Nu Fenix
11-12-2009, 16:01
Since you already have two blocks of Clanrats and two blocks of Plague Monks, I won't vote for any, without knowing how many points you are aiming for in total.

Instead, what about Giant Rats or Plague Censer Bearers? Both would add alot to the army, albeit in very different ways.

The Giant Rats would give your army even more speed, allowing you to harass flanks, warmachines and small units, or can be used en-masse to act as a cheap block of troops. Sure you have no armour, but against Handguns, Crossbows or even Dark Elf Repeater Crossbows, armour will do little to nothing anyway, so may as well pay less per model for it.
They also allow you to block LOS for your Frenzied units, ensuring they only see what you want them to see, and nothing else. Having a unit tempt you into charging when you wouldn't want to can be very frustrating.

The PCBs give you extra hitting power, and if you can keep them near the Plague Monks then if things should go wrong, at least you have a better leadership from which to test on.

What about making a couple of lists in the Army Lists section, and link to it here? What way we can say which we prefer, or even a combination of two or more.

11-12-2009, 16:22
Can I pick option 4?

More slaves!!!

11-12-2009, 16:24
I agree with malorian, I voted for clan rats, but slaves would have been my first pick. (followed closely by giant rats) Slaves are IMO the best unit for their points because they can do so much, and at 2 points each they are dirt cheap. If I ever play skaven first thing I would write on my list is 5x20 slaves.

11-12-2009, 16:51
Yep... I voted clanrats, but you clearly need slavens and giant rats... And I would lessen the numbers of the big unit of plaguemonks... with 6 plaguemonks less you can nearly afford a unit of slaves :D

11-12-2009, 17:58
I will give you guys a brief idea of what my list looks like. But really i want to know which unit is better given the point allowance.

Grey Seer
Plague Priest on Furnace

21 Slaves
21 Slaves
25 Giant Rats
25 Giant Rats
25 Clanrats w/ Ratling Gun
25 Clanrats w/ Ratling Gun
Hellpit Abom.

This leaves me 470 Points. In your reponse, forget about the plague furnace because i can easily change it for the bell so plague monks are not necessary.

Currently, in the list i have a unit of 30 Plague monks w/ storm banner and another unit of 24 plague monks.

11-12-2009, 18:07
slaves, at least 3 more units. You need more bodies in this army and slaves are the best way to do it. Also get some plague censors they are nasty in combat (2 units of 8 is nice). That along with the plague monks looks like a good list IMO. Also change one ratling gun to a warpflame thrower, much better. I wouldnt use two big units of monks as that is alot of frenzy, maybe rat orgers? or gutterrunners? more clan rats? lots of options, but that would be alot of frenzy that can go amuck and mess up your lines.

11-12-2009, 18:46
Some plague censer bearers would give you even more hitting power :)

11-12-2009, 19:33
i third the PCB movement. with six choices; are special slots are like gold. Use them! I think 5 units of slaves @ 2K is excessive; might get to the point of clogging your battle line depending on terrain.

I generally take SV w/o shields to carry the storm banner; so monks can carry pestilens banner

11-12-2009, 19:46
SV should have shields in my opinion, as it is rather cheap yet improves their effectiveness in CC pretty well.

17-12-2009, 09:32
need to know points for match really.

I would say get a unit of stormvermin and 3 more slave units

17-12-2009, 15:58
470 points ?

2 x 25 clanrats, mu banner is 249 points
2 x doomflayer is 110 points
3 x 20 slaves is 120 points.

That's 479.

19-12-2009, 12:34

Screw hand weapons, where's your skaven honour?


Failing that, mix units, thin your giant rats down to 10-15 man units (they're Dog Equivelant) throw in a healthy mix of Monks/ Vermin and Clanrats (with lots 'o slaves) and then pile in the Fun.

Jezzails and skirmishers (both varieties)

20-12-2009, 15:09
PCB is bad because nothing in his army can hold and he doesn't have enough Slaves.
Drop the Furnace, get some more slaves, than a unit of Plague monks, than PCB.

Battleline matters not because that's what your slaves are for.