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11-12-2009, 15:26
heyy guys... this is my vc army list... i think its pretty sweet... but any ideas for improvments would be much apprieciated.


count manfred with the book af arkhan


vampire with blood drinker, infinite hatred, heavy armour and shield

necromancer with hand of dust


20 skeletons with full command

35 zombies with full command

10 crypt ghouls with crypt ghast

2 units of 5 dire wolves


20 grave guard with full command and banner of the barrows


5 blood knights with full command and royal banner of strigois

manfred will hang out with the skeletons. the vampire will accompany the grave guard which will be in 3 ranks of 7. the zombies will be in 5 ranks of 7. the necromancer will be with the ghouls.

11-12-2009, 16:29
It's an interesting mix by I'm worried that you are trying to do too much rather than sticking to one strength.

If you stuck with either ghouls or skeletons you wouldn't have to worry about taking manfred and could instead create a vampire lord that was a better summoner.

Without carts to give you ASF I wouldn't bother with the banner of barrows on the grave guard and would instead stick with being a combat res machine and taking the war banner.

A vampire with blood drinker would be nice with the blood knights. Move some points to him to change avatar of death to dread knight.

Necromancer will most likely die before he uses the hand of dust. Trade either for some scrolls or maybe give him the book of arkhan and black periapt to be a vanhels machine.

11-12-2009, 16:38
I dont think you have enough fast stuff, and you will struggle with terrain. The wolves need to be near the blood knights and besides that your oppenent will be out manovering you. Drop the big zombie unit down to 20, and get some bats. Mount your second lord, and then take the necro combo that malorian suggests. Also if your keen on keeping manfred then do so, but I find custome lords to be better and cheaper. I also agree with malorian on the GG part, just make them a massive CR bunker dont bother with anything else they will be tough to take down.