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11-12-2009, 20:37
After a few games at 1000 ive roughly established whats effective and whats not and created this as a result.

Dreadlord on cold one w/ full mundane Pendant of Khaeleth,Ring of Hotek,Caledors bane
Level 2 Sorceress w/ Darkstar Cloak
Level 2 Sorceress w/ Seal of Ghond and Tome of Furion
Assassin w/ AHW, Manbane and Rending stars

7 Black Guard w/ FC, crimson death and ASF banner
2x10 Crossbowmen w/ shields
25 Warriors w/ shields and FC
5 harpies
5 Cold one Knights with full Command and Banner of slaughter
2x 5 Shades w/ GW
2x Repeater Bolt Throwers

The dreadlord will go with the cold ones to take down the big nasty things. Sorceresses will go in each unit of Crossbowmen, the assassin will go in with a unit of shades. The BG will use the warriors as a screen as they advance which will usually be accompanied by the cold ones to take down any units they are having trouble with. The harpies will go march blocking with the shades assistance if needed after taking down war machines. Also, opinions on changing bolt throwers for hydra?

C&C very welcome, i will be using this in tournament and competetive games. Thanks

Tzeentch Lord X7
12-12-2009, 05:55
2 units of shades dont work that well i would rather have one unit of 6-8 and i would take more blackguard and a hydra no warriors one unit of 20 xbows 2 units of dark riders, drop the assassin i rarely see them in a competitive environment and i like giving one of my wizards sacrificial dagger and put her in the 20 man xbow unit. hope fully this helps

12-12-2009, 06:13
You can't have both the Pendant of Khaeleth and the Ring of Hotek on the same character, they're both talismans.

If you're using it competetive games, you definitely want a hydra. However, don't drop the bolt throwers for one- find another way to take both rare choices.

And I agree with Tzeentch Lord, the warriors are only useful if you take a Sacrificial dagger, drop them. Take a unit of Driders with xbows and a musician.

Drop the great weapons on the shades, I find mine tend to do more damage with shooting. Also, 6-8 is the optimum size.

What I'de recommend is dropping the Dreadlord to a master, give him the pendant and sword of might, then taking a nother master with the ring of hotek and putting him in the black guard unit (which will work really well if you can boost it up to 13 models).

Ghost Warrior
12-12-2009, 08:29
Drop the Black Guard and Bolt Throwers and take 2 Hydras if it's a competitive environent. One unit of Shades as above. Warriors not effective as other units, I'd keep them though but when in need of points trim the warriors. Btw, don't take FC, Standards are VPs thrown away on warriors. Cold One Knights perhaps lose the champion. Dreadlord should take Cold One, HA, Shield, SDC, Halberd if points are avaliabe. <Magic Items> Ring of Hotel is well worth it as long as you stay away from where your sorceresses will bee casting from OR to. Caledor's bane really hard, then I normally dependant on the enemy use shield against high strength and halberd chops hard stuff. A potion of strength is nasty for the one time you need it, strength 10 missile, the Amour of Eternal Servitude is also quite hard and gives your lord some more suvivabilty.
My thoughts, take them as you will

12-12-2009, 11:48
Thanks for all the coments i have taken them into consideration and altered my list as follows:

Heavy Armor
Sea Dragon Cloak
Caledors Bane
Potion of strength
Pendant of khaeleth
Cold one

Level 2
Darkstar Cloak

Level 2
Seal of Ghrond

2x Dark Riders w/ RXB,Musician

3x10 Crossbowmen w/Shields

8 Shades
5 Cold one Knights w/Musician and Standard bearer,Banner of Slaughter
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower

Any thoughts on this new list?

12-12-2009, 12:08
Since this is for a tourney type scene I would be tempted to switch the dreadlord for a lvl 4 on a pegsus and then add a master. Drop a lvl 2 to do this obviously. Something along the lines of lvl 4 on pegi darkstar cloack, scroll, powerstone, PoK or something along those lines. Make the master on a coldone with caledores bane and an enchanted shield or PoK and something. The equipment is up in the air, but with the lvl 4 and lvl 2 you can have a much better magic phase. Plus your dreadlord isnt doing anything but be really strong, while a master is cheaper and can hit just as hard. Also I would drop some crossbowman if you need the points.

The list you are trying to make is good but it needs to be more avoidancey. Like if I were to do a dark elf avoidance list it would be lvl 4 on pegsus, lvl 2 on horse, dreadlord on CoK (magic equipment dont know). 3x5 DR with musc and shields, 2x5 harpies 2x8 shades, 5 CoK with banner of slaughter or hydra banner (if you have points take the latter obviously), Hydra, RBTs if points allow. That is what I would do, much faster and much harder to catch. Your list is good but IMO it can be much better. Heavy magic and fast units are what a dark elf avoidance list can do best.

12-12-2009, 12:20
3x5 DR with musc and shields

I'd disagree with the shields... I like giving them xbows and keeping them as fast cav. Personal preference though I suppose...

If it's an avoidance army you're after, take 3 units of Driders and drop the Xbowmen. Use the points on shades, they're better at shooting and are a pain in the **** for an opponent.

I do agree with Warhawk in that I find that for a DE magic phase to be really effective, it needs to be maxed out instead of just a half measure 2 lvs (note- when I'm playing a balanced, friendly game, I take 2 lv 2s, when I'm playing WAAC it's a level 4 on a peg with black staff and pendant, level 2 on dark steed with tome and seal of ghrond and a scroll caddy)

Ghost Warrior
12-12-2009, 12:49
I'd still say drop 1 unit of crossbows for an assassin and something else would pay for his equipment, the ability to 1-hit chariots is amazing

12-12-2009, 12:56
if im doing that should i drop the cold ones and master?

12-12-2009, 14:52
I'd disagree with the shields... I like giving them xbows and keeping them as fast cav. Personal preference though I suppose...

Ya I dont know why I gave them shields forgot they lost fast cav.


The master can really add a punch to the unit. It goes from a good hammer, to one that can face most units on their own especially with hydra banner. The amount attacks is just nasty especially at such high S. On the other hand the assassin is probably one of the best characters in the game for his points, and adds alot to the army. I would playtest both and see which works for you.

12-12-2009, 15:17
ok ill make another thread on monday after the playtest tomorrow but generally people at my club are used to assassins with shades. Ill try both anyway thanks for all the advice